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Remarry, No Way! by Fiore5552
Remarry, No Way!by Fiore5552
Married for four years, there was no love in the life of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu. They were forced to marry because of Su Ran's pregnancy. Ting Yu thought Su Ran was a f...
50 Shades of Ackerman {Modern Levi x Reader} by heichouthot
50 Shades of Ackerman {Modern Konan's Wife
50 shades of Gray, but with you and Levi Ackerman.
Five big shots kneel in front of me and call me mom by secretyooo
Five big shots kneel in front of secretyooo
25 years ago, Gu Yuan who had a terminal disease was found to possess one kind of kind rare powerful gene. In order to allow the gene to pass through the generation, she...
The one he never claimed. (Complete) by DineoNeonkie
The one he never claimed. ( Dineo Neonkie
When Alex loves, she loves hard. So much so that she loses and depletes herself. She's madly in love with newly drafted football star Ezra, who loves her but won't tell...
There is room for an orphan in the rebirth era   by roseslily084
There is room for an orphan in roses lily
After the death of her grandfather, Lu Xiaoxiao, a girl who lived in the twenty-third century, her parents lived alone in the villa left to her by her grandfather regard...
This Marriage, I've Given It Away (MTL) [COMPLETED]  by Asseylum5
This Marriage, I've Given It Assey lum
*WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 这婚我离定了 Author : 维客 (Wiki) Status : Completed (149 chapters) Copywriter...
A Vicious Female Raising Her Bun by secretyooo
A Vicious Female Raising Her Bunby secretyooo
Cheng Huan woke up and had transmigrated as the villainess female supporting character in a novel. The female supporting character was very money-loving and used her own...
Mrs Huo Is A Crybaby by CherryChim234
Mrs Huo Is A Crybabyby Diamond
Disclaimer: Neither the picture, translation and the content belong to me. They are uploaded here not for any purpose but for entertainment only. ...
How We Met: A Tinder Story (Larry Stylinson)✅ by larry_love_ED
How We Met: A Tinder Story ( larry_love_ED
Harry and Louis are college students who live in different states but meet over Tinder. Given the distance, it seems impossible that they will ever meet in person. But w...
Grey Matter | ✓ by moonraess
Grey Matter | ✓by 𝔱𝔞𝔶𝔩𝔬𝔯
Kennedy McAlister knew she had to go home eventually. After graduating from UCLA and unable to find a job in California, she's forced to return to her small Alaska homet...
Someone To Watch Over You by Ruechari
Someone To Watch Over Youby Ruechari
It's finally here the story you've been waiting for. Only there is a bit of a twist as this story will be from Alex's point of view instead of following Cat's so you're...
Love Delivery (Jamilton) by HardRockLikeLancelot
Love Delivery (Jamilton)by Lancelot of the Revolutionary...
Alexander is a student attending his senior year who has a double job and lives at his friend's basement. Since his parents died he's always struggled for everything, bu...
Running Away Hand In Hand With The Second Female Lead (MTL)  by ButterflySoup13
Running Away Hand In Hand With Permanent hiatus
Qin Juran finds herself transmigrated into an old-fashioned campus romance novel one day. The original character was a typical pretty but feeble "white lotus."...
When We Fall by SpotTheAuthor
When We Fallby ★megs★
Leigh Marlow has an issue - two issues. The first, her uncanny ability to never forget and never forgive. The second, her overly-protective neighbor Henry. After the hor...
Brightness  by Julia_kk14
Brightness by Julia
An average girl, Savanna. Living in Covington, Louisiana with her sister Julie and her two best friends, Morgan and Addy. That's all she has ever needed since her mom le...
Can I Not Get  Married ?( 可不可以不嫁人 ) [ MM Translation ]  by gegeily
Can I Not Get Married ?( 可不可以不嫁人 哥哥我爱你
Title: ( 可不可以不嫁人)webnovel Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo Author: Yi Jin (忆锦) Status in COO : 65 chapters + epilogue ( 3 side stories ) Start date - 8.11.2020...
The Butler by Ms1133
The Butlerby Shweta Singh
Her Butler just wants to help. Heila, a girl-heir of The Kingsom Estate, suddenly loses her childhood butler Sipta and is devastated. It feels like he has vanished into...
ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴋs by ilov3gushers
ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴋsby gingerbae
Marisol is a normal teen cheerleader who uses Art as a form of escaping from the real world. She could draw and paint like no other, her dream was to become a worldwide...
Love and Deceit: Fire on Ice by Alabi_Honey
Love and Deceit: Fire on Iceby ╫Ⓡⓔⓑⓞⓡⓝ╫
#1 in the 'fire on ice' series What would you do if your fiancee leaves just on the day of your anniversary? More so, he's left nothing but an empty note telling you not...
Recovery Road | Completed by sandy_rhea
Recovery Road | Completedby ♡ s α n d ч ♡
After a tragic event drives her out of little Hillsborough, NC, 19-year-old Meghan Greene finds herself living in a Manhattan apartment with her best friend Chelsea Matt...