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punishment one-shot by Iflovefai
punishment one-shotby Jess adam
BxB extreme oneshot  by snigdhasingh358
BxB extreme oneshot by snigdhasingh358
it's a boyxboy oneshot , those who are homophobic don't read, it also have some boyxgirl oneshot but not as much it's dark and extreme, those can't handle it please do...
I'm A Boy's Toy by MaxPine3
I'm A Boy's Toyby Max Pine
She knows nothing other than to follow his orders. He doesn't care if she screams or cries, but he won't ever cut, stab, or whip her because he hates blood. That's why h...
sex dolu imamhatip günleri by seksi_sarisin
sex dolu imamhatip günleriby seksi_sarisin
süleymaniye eski imamhatibinden ayrılması gerektiği icin yeni bir imamhatipte 12. sınıfa başlıyor... onu bekleyen maceralar hepinizi çok şaşırtacak
Flower Of Autumn (NCT JAEHYUN) ✔✔ by _aurra_dwell_
Flower Of Autumn (NCT JAEHYUN) ✔✔by Aurra Dwell
"Would you please tell us how all this started?..Everyone here wants to know your story!...Do you regret anything that happened!?". The whole studio drops dea...
The Abduction by katielovesxo
The Abductionby katie
Arielle North is walking home when everything goes dark... She wakes up somewhere out of her worst nightmares.
Renegade of the dead (High School Of the Dead) by SaeuKano
Renegade of the dead (High School...by Adiel Sedigo
Hi my name is Saeu Kano, and this particular story is a fan made novel as well as a tribute to High school of the dead (HOTD) and references to its characters in the ori...
Jeff hardy love story by Bella_babygirl
Jeff hardy love storyby Bella_babygirl
Your a wrestler and then you get stuck in a storyline with Jeff Hardy... see what happens next
UNTIL THEN by -amitola
UNTIL THENby ✨ Kunds ✨
They said she will return when her children are lost but she will live a human life until she turns 27. This is a story of the 'Styles-Colorado-Mikealson' family I don...
"Ice Bear is Sad." by cannibal2
"Ice Bear is Sad."by Cannibal
Little angst story about Ice Bear... I'm sorry for every single thing I write... I'm a little extra... might get a little crazy bros... I dunno I'm gonna regret this w...
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Tsuna, The Vongola Decimo [ COMPLETE ] by KoMiyuRen
Tsuna, The Vongola Decimo [ COMPLE...by Ren
Since the Tenth generation had took over the Vongola, it slowly changed little by little. However, one day, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Tenth boss suddenly acted weird. H...
Abusive Futa Kale X Trans Goku story by SonofLightandDark
Abusive Futa Kale X Trans Goku sto...by Malachi Peterson
Warning this story does involve abuse, depression, rape and sadness, if these disturb you please don't read it.
Bodies In The Water by SquadLeaderHange
Bodies In The Waterby SquadLeaderHange
Insanity isn't a disease, its a gift, and Michael Bobenko happens to be extremely gifted.
The Traitors [HP6] *EDITING* by Beatrice622
The Traitors [HP6] *EDITING*by 𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕖
||COMPLETED|| 💬Never trust the ones who told you to trust them. This is a fanfic of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. WARNING: EXTREME PLOT TWIST Not you so call...
Sometimes humans can hunts gods too. by TeaDrag
Sometimes humans can hunts gods to...by TeaDrag
For has long has he can remember, Sato has been a cripple. All he has ever had was his sister. One day he and his class meet god. God gave them the chance to achieve g...
Project (F.I.L.I.) (On hold) by Crossover42
Project (F.I.L.I.) (On hold)by Crossover42
An innocent boy's life turns upside down when he discovers that he has the power of Telekinesis. But instead of supporting him, his parents decide to lock him up in the...
The Heir Of Cresenta by NandhikaVardhini
The Heir Of Cresentaby Nandhika Vardhini
"I am weird, am I not? I loved you so much that I never knew I was capable of. I don't think I can ever stop loving you. Funny how I realised I loved you when my he...
Clash of Hearts 💕{ Ongoing } by Yashitaxcreationz
Clash of Hearts 💕{ Ongoing }by Yashita Gupta
Anika Raizada, the eldest daughter of the famous Raizada's , ran away from her home to complete her education and took her sisters as well. Hiding her identity , she fin...
Sonic the Hedgehog - Ridin' to the Extreme by SonicStar42
Sonic the Hedgehog - Ridin' to the...by SonicHedgehog1991
Date of Creation: March 15, 2022 This book is based on the Sonic Riders games. WARNING: Some of the pages contains mild language. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG characters © SEGA, S...