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Dirty Little Secret (18+)✔ by emjaywrites
Dirty Little Secret (18+)✔by Em Jay
COMPLETED Secrets, secrets, secrets.
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King Of The Jungle by veechiedza
King Of The Jungleby veechiedza
Zenith Thompson knows to steer clear of men like King Carter. Yes, he's incredibly good-looking and he's often in her café, but he's also the leader of one of the bigges...
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Emotion (BWWM) by goldmelanin17
Emotion (BWWM)by goldmelanin17
"Theodore?" He snaps his head back to me and gives me a small smile. "Where have you come from?" I repeat myself. "Bad people." He mumbles...
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Palace of Bones by emjaywrites
Palace of Bonesby Em Jay
Coming Soon
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Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize)by no_one_u_know
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
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Hot Coffee (The Hollens Book 1) by MavelineBelle
Hot Coffee (The Hollens Book 1)by Maveline Pascal
When plain simple nerdy Emma Cole goes to Hollen Tower for an interview she quickly realizes she is out of her league. The women of Hollen Tower are gorgeous, and their...
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His Baby-momma  by Klareena
His Baby-momma by Clarina
Elena Parke finally gets a break in her life when she manages to secure a job as the personal assistant of the CEO of Parker&Co. Even though she is happy about getting a...
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Lost In You (COMPLETED) by AdaWinters
Lost In You (COMPLETED)by Ada Winters
"Are you okay?" I asked, pulling her close to me, cupping her face. "Did he hurt you?" "I'm fine, Tristan." She tried pulling away, but I w...
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Wilds (BWWM) Complete by IcyandOtherEmotions
Wilds (BWWM) Completeby IcyandOtherEmotions
Teens are kidnapped by a couple who cannot have or adopt children . They are forced to have sex with one another and breed like animals.
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Something New |Tom Holland. by trillest_lvhh
Something New |Tom .🦋
Y/N is a entrepreneur, huge business woman dominating the make up industry, known for her modeling and also longtime childhood friends of singer actress model Zendaya Co...
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My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM) by yell0wbando
My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM)by Blah
This is a HOOD story. Karma Brismé. 19 years old. 5 foot 7 brick house for damn sure. Ass to tittie ratio on point. A face so beautiful you could say it was carved from...
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Peach Kisses✔ by Cr4vinz
Peach Kisses✔by Cr4vinz™ || I Chose God 🌬
"Don't Play Games With Me." He Whispers As He Pulls Me Onto His Lap. "I'm Not." I Bite My Lip. "Then Tell Me, Who You've Been Texting All Day.&q...
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Your Side of the Bed by emjaywrites
Your Side of the Bedby Em Jay
Coming soon
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My life's meaning  by titi_hendrix
My life's meaning by Titi🐼♥️
A Stephen James book!(BWWM) "What the hell? No, get your ass in that house and beat Elijah's ass" she pulls me up "do you want to be with him?" "...
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Belonging To You by bxixaxnxcxax
Belonging To Youby bxixaxnxcxax
Captured by a phsycopath. Sabrina is determind to get free but the devil seems to always win. Will she ever get free? Or Will she accept the fact that this was her new...
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My New Boss by Mahogany_Rain
My New Bossby Mahogany_Rain
Zara has always been headstrong and determined to do exactly what she wants. What happens when she meets a man just as determined to get what he wants, when what he want...
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Mistress's Good Boy (BWWM) by Lovelshadows
Mistress's Good Boy (BWWM)by Jasmine T.
Where one's status is based on their Dominant or Submissive alleles, Ama'Rose always felt a deep reluctance to take part in societies grouping. She couldn't see herself...
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Bittersweet Karma by Inglorio
Bittersweet Karmaby G L O
Nice to meet you, I'm sorry I'm just here to do my job Nice to meet you, so sudden Please don't fear me, I'm just Karma Summer Walker - Karma When Mina Rayne moves to th...
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Hopeless Honey  by greenbitch18
Hopeless Honey by greenbitch18
A girl learns the difference between being happy and being rich and is taught by an unhappy rich boy.
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Chasing Fate  (Sentinel & Guide) by MEWills
Chasing Fate (Sentinel & Guide)by Erin Wills
Lafayette "Fate" Robinson is a rejected guide just trying to live out her exile in quiet solitude. She's got everything she could ever want: a house, a dog, an...
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