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Unwanted by marcie_lou
Unwantedby Marcie Lou
Both were born unwanted by their birth parents and were placed into the foster system. Fortunately, they were placed into the same foster home and together, Avery and I...
  • foster
  • broke
  • waitress
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The Alpha's Scarred Mate  by juiceboxbrat159
The Alpha's Scarred Mate by The Kidd
#2 in Literary #320 in Werewolf Nominated- Best Werewolf and Overall Story #literaryawards2017 "Now you listen here ALPHA!" I hissed. "First thing you ne...
  • alpha
  • fear
  • romance
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The Mafia Leaders Brother  by _Los_Rose
The Mafia Leaders Brother by Toilose Tuatonga
Book #2 of The Mafia Leaders Girl *SLOW UPDATES* "Do you know who I am?" He asks, his tone flat and cold as he towered above me. My back was pressed against th...
  • teenlove
  • foster
  • love
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Loving Trouble by KateAnnee
Loving Troubleby Kate
Ryder Lynch is Trouble, the notorious gang leader and the unbeaten street fighter, but nobody knows this. So, when Ryder lays his eyes on innocent Amelia Davis, he think...
  • badgirl
  • new
  • fosterfamily
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Famille by raventhorns
Familleby ∆
In which a girl realizes family isn't by blood but by bond.
  • saveblackcharacters
  • wattys2018
  • youngadult
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Yours Truly, Ramona by _nicolemiller
Yours Truly, Ramonaby Nicole Miller
Life doesn't abide by the rules of a child. Sixteen-year-old Ramona knows this. She's seen it throughout her entire life, from the way she was treated by her parents to...
  • sad
  • recovery
  • teen
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Being The Victim (AmBw)  by princessali2413
Being The Victim (AmBw) by princessali2413
°Any songs in here are not mine originally° "You've been able to speak this whole time?" He asks, seemingly aggravated. I nod my head knowing he's right. "...
  • ambw
  • bully
  • bwam
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Blue-eyed Bad Boy by LouderThanABomb
Blue-eyed Bad Boyby LouderThanABomb
Kamryn Ash, the foster girl. Theo Brooks, the blue-eyed bad boy. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO PUT BUT IM WORKING ON IT
  • football
  • love
  • abuse
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Stay Close✔️ by elysemason
Stay Close✔️by elyse mason♥️
COMPLETED "I think you're hiding something," he said accusingly, his voice low and dangerous. "I think you're crazy," I retorted. My heart was be...
  • foster
  • love
  • auburn
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With Crayons and Love (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
With Crayons and Love (Romantic Jasmine Greene
Tessa O'Brien is a twenty-three year old woman with a dark past. Her only experience with love took a dark turn for the worst, and she has not yet fully recovered from t...
  • sexy
  • love
  • humor
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The Ex-wife of the Billionaire by ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the Billionaireby ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the billionaire- Sounds pretty cool, isn't it? But living life after that is not as cool. Bridget was another girl from the female population of the world...
  • ex-husband
  • yourstoryindia
  • billionaire
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KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshots by sherlockiantacokeefe
KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshotsby Elizabeth
One shots that you tell me to write. There are "plots" you can choose from to let me know what to write.
  • fitz
  • foster
  • fitzphie
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The Foster Girl || Harry Styles by SmileForNiallx
The Foster Girl || Harry Stylesby Lauren
(IN EDITING) Hi. I'm Nicole Miller and I've been in foster care since I was born seventeen years ago. I've moved around a lot to say the least. Over the years I've been...
  • foster
  • horan
  • girl
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hooked ↣ joshler by nicosniners
hooked ↣ joshlerby c-daddy
Josh Dun lives in a foster home with his little brother, Patrick. His foster parents aren't the best people, only taking them in for extra money to spend on cigarettes a...
  • family
  • twenty
  • tylerjoseph
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Forever with His Edith by AbbyDi23ner
Forever with His Edithby Abby
A collection of one-shots of my characters from I was a Mistake. Take a closer look at Eden, Noah, and other's lives. This is not a stand alone book, but I would love f...
  • noah
  • life
  • abused
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Sang and the Sorensons by Peridotty2003
Sang and the Sorensonsby Komila
  • foster
  • academy
  • abuse
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Hurting; D.V  by gucciwhores
Hurting; D.V by gucci💋✨
Valentina meets Daniel, but is she ready for all the problems he comes with?
  • foster
  • thebombdigz
  • kevinalston
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The  King's Bloodhound by bookworm_forlife
The King's Bloodhoundby Miss Perfect
- C o m p l e t e d - A normal human turned into a being of unknown origins, of unknown objectives of unknown everything. A beast was sworn to protect Seven Kingdoms whe...
  • lgbt
  • fiction
  • violence
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Baby On My Doorstep by Redwriter3
Baby On My Doorstepby Savanna Leigh
Sydney Carson has grown up in the system, shuffled from one set of foster parents to the next, until she was granted emancipation. Now she's living on her own, going to...
  • teen
  • red
  • mom
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Loki's Apprentice: A Tale Retold by Ohsnapitsemily
Loki's Apprentice: A Tale Retoldby Emily Mae
"It's ironic how you speak of cowardice and fear when you hide in the shadows for that very same reason." "Then tell me, little one." He said in a l...
  • fairytale
  • love
  • odinson
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