My Brother's Bestfriend (BoyxBoy) Book 1 by TheForeverKindaLove
My Brother's Bestfriend (BoyxBoy) Tayah
Ash is confused when his brother's best friend Jace, kisses him out of nowhere at the club. He didn't sense anything romantic coming from him before and Jace won't give...
  • twins
  • badboy
  • rebel
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Wronged  by _Mendes_Veteran_
Wronged by KC
When you're born, you are born with an engraving tattooed upon your skin. It is given to you, to determine what man or woman should be your lover. Who should be with you...
  • sad
  • streetfighter
  • fostercare
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The Brains and the Bad Boy <Editing> by SpoonsAndDoggos
The Brains and the Bad Boy by SpoonsAndDoggos
Alice was a gentle, shy girl with a bright future ahead. She was brilliantly smart from all the studying she did to keep away from her alcohol and drug-addicted father...
  • wattys2016
  • abusivefather
  • brokenhome
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His Last Hope | ✓ by ClassicImagination
His Last Hope | ✓by Luisa
Highest Ranking: #14 in Teen Fiction Final exams are only months away when Calista Hale is told news that no senior in high school wants to hear; she's being held back f...
  • trailblazers
  • thetroubledyouthseries
  • rebel
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Rogue King's Mate [BoyxBoy] by imtotallynotokay
Rogue King's Mate [BoyxBoy]by アシュトン
Iris is a shy guy with a broken home. He sits in the corner in class and keeps to himself. Always trying to be hidden from the world. What happens when his mate, who hap...
  • werewolves
  • mxm
  • shy
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From The Front Porch [Joshler] | COMPLETE by Abby-Kate
From The Front Porch [Joshler] | Abby-Kate
"Where'd you get the bruises, Josh?" "I never wanted to get you involved in this." "Why not?" "Despite everything, I don't hurt the on...
  • writing
  • depression
  • dialogue
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I Fall For You by Sydverse_
I Fall For Youby Sydney
Everyone has fears. There's the normal ones, like spiders or heights. There's the weird ones, like the fear of numbers or writing in public. Delilah Orman had a differ...
  • brokenhome
  • love
  • romance
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suram by 454kopiko
suramby RIRIS
cerita ini diambil dari kisah nyata. yg saya tidak ingin sebutkan kisah siapa ini... crta ini brcrta tntang kehidupan seorang RISKY AMELIA PUTRI yg ortunya sudah brpis...
  • cinta
  • sengsara
  • amelia
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unstable by lostpeonies
unstableby a
their love was unstable. like a house of cards being built on the foundation of hope and misfortune, awaiting the collapse. can they avoid the inescapable?
  • tyandlia
  • love
  • teenfiction
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the angel of millions secret by arumi_niar
the angel of millions secretby arumi_niar
kisah ini menceritakan tentang "DIA" seorang lelaki yang tuhan kirimkan untukku, seorang lelaki pemilik senyum yang tak mampu ku definisikan, dan ialah seseora...
  • brokenhome
  • romance
  • misteri
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Journal Of Alone by RBMosher
Journal Of Aloneby Richard Butler Mosher
oh, you know.
  • brokenhome
  • liberate
  • dropout
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Dear Ashton by DolanTwins5sos
Dear Ashtonby miss calum hood
Ashton's little sister Sophia, has a hard life at home when Ashton leaves for tour. She writes letter to cope, but she doesn't send them. One day she decided to try and...
  • clifford
  • 5soswdw
  • whydontwe
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Fly~ by meylanidinda
Fly~by Dinda Meylani
Tahukah kamu bagian terindah dari hidupku adalah terbang setinggi angkasa dan terjun untuk melampiaskan amarahku
  • brokenhome
  • meylanidinda
  • kecewa
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Promises by belvana_
Promisesby Tisha belvana
Prolog - Hari ini adalah hari pertama Agatha alfauzi menginjak SMA . ya, hari ini adalah hari pertama MOS di SMA 76253 (ngasal hehe) . Semenja ibunya menghilang tanpa je...
  • cerbung
  • thirdperson
  • humor
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No One Knows About The Sumatran Bigfoot in My Closet by abykusdinar
No One Knows About The Sumatran Aby Kusdinar
INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY: "Kakakku bilang, ada sebuah tempat di bagian timur Indonesia, sebuah tempat dimana langit bisa menenggelamkan kita." Pada penghujung...
  • fantasi
  • boyhood
  • ceritasedih
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Innocent Love | ✓ by daylightemi
Innocent Love | ✓by noemi
Where two messed up lives collide. ** Book was posted completed, so don't let the amount of reads deceive you from reading :) Posted: June 23rd, 2017
  • love
  • taken
  • messedup
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LOVE SCENARIO by AndreeanaMarreta
LOVE SCENARIOby Andreeana Marreta
Jihan seorang gadis cantik adalah remaja yang cuek. Jihan selalu diganggu oleh laki-laki yang bernama Farid. Jihan sangat membenci Farid. namun lama-kelamaan rasa aneh t...
  • musuhjadicinta
  • romantis
  • jihan
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Insane Minds (Goro Akechi X OC) by QueenVanofCamelot
Insane Minds (Goro Akechi X OC)by van
In a world that was unfair to him at birth, there was one day that Goro Akechi made a deal with the girl that could make all the difference in a game rigged against him...
  • fluff
  • romance
  • brokenhome
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The Girl On The Motorbike   // C.H by NostalgicPig23
The Girl On The Motorbike // C.Hby BrokenD
"I'm fucked up Calum, I'll never not be fucked up." I said breathlessly, "You can either accept me for who I am, or this can be the last time you ever sp...
  • motorcycle
  • broken
  • brokenfamily
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Show Me Who You Really Are by AllTimeLowCierra
Show Me Who You Really Areby *Cierra*
In a world when your soulmate is chosen long before your time, Bentley and Alexanderia will go through hell and back to save each other from their worst nightmares. He w...
  • drama
  • mature
  • action
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