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The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord. by Fallen_Wings8Tears
The Streetfighter and the Gang Lor...by Dina Lee
The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord. One would expect the guy was the gang lord while the girl was the feisty streetfighter right? Oh how are you so wrong. ...
  • fight
  • underground
  • guns
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The Marx Brothers  by _kellygalea
The Marx Brothers by Kelly Galea
Eden hasn't ever paid a whole lot of attention to her neighbors, but when two brothers - Phoenix and Jett - continuously show up seeking her help, she begins to take a c...
  • underground
  • angst
  • blood
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Street Queen by youngbloodgirlbae
Street Queenby M.Goddard
Highest Ranking: #2 in underground Hailey Parker would seem like your average girl but once you really get to know her you start to see she's far from normal. With her s...
  • boys
  • brother
  • sister
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The UnderGround Streets (HOLD ON) by _Loveless_22
The UnderGround Streets (HOLD ON)by HeArTLesS Fu-ker
*Second Book to The Secret Street Racer* There's been a huge change to the streets, more cops, more blood, more secrets. You can't leave the Streets once you enter them...
  • lossmemories
  • racer
  • dancer
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inSANSity by MagesticalRose
inSANSityby MagesticalRose
Warning: Contains dark and sensitive topics such as: Suicide, insanity, mental illness, death, and so on. Also may have a bit of gore, so don't read if you have a weak s...
  • suicide
  • fanfiction
  • tori
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'Sick At Heart' - Flowey x Reader by TheSerratedThorn
'Sick At Heart' - Flowey x Readerby Yes Oh-So Evil
Hey, all! Since my first x reader went great, and had to end; I decided that I should start another one. For those of you who read my previous book: 'Seeds Of Love', and...
  • undertale
  • twistedtricks
  • flowey
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Scar (GxG) by findinglove9499
Scar (GxG)by Amanda
Veronica 'Scar' Carusone has a secret. A secret she has been keeping ever since her father was murdered in the accident that gave her her nickname. Now a student at New...
  • scar
  • teen
  • fiction
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Forbidden Love (GirlxGirl) (TeacherXStudent) by themoonlightdemon
Forbidden Love (GirlxGirl) (Teache...by JD
What will you do when your new replacement teacher looks more like a gangster than a educator?
  • gay
  • gangster
  • girls
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Trouble by boxer4life
Troubleby boxer4life
When 17 year old Taylor's life suddenly goes south she is forced to put on her big girl panties in order to balance the responsibilities of being a student, an older sis...
  • highschool
  • secret
  • fight
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ARC10 by LLMontez
ARC10by LL Montez
**Winner of the 2017 Watty Storysmith award** The President created an underground safe-haven for the survivors of the alien invasion. He built it to save them all from...
  • romance
  • aliens
  • strong-woman
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My Dearest Sister [UNDER EDITING] by Darlingkitty
My Dearest Sister [UNDER EDITING]by KittenWithGuns
Louisa Ackerman, a girl who lost her brother who was captured by the Survey Corps. By then she was left alone and was raised with the former gang of her brother. She sur...
  • jean
  • underground
  • wattys2017
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Male reader x UNDERTALE by Simon-san
Male reader x UNDERTALEby Simon
With no memory of your past, you find yourself in the underground. Your path to regain memory will be as eventful as it comes but try not to dive in the abiss...
  • friendship
  • friends
  • underground
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Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader by dacatnxtdoor
Unexpected Love | Sans x Readerby mallory
You climbed the famous Mt. Ebott to prove to a group of your friends that humans don't disappear when they go up the mountain. While walking around the peak, you trip ov...
  • souls
  • asgore
  • sans
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Fighter | j.j.k  by fairyiskth
Fighter | j.j.k by dru ¡
Y/N is a person who despises violence. But under the force of her best friend she is dragged away to watch an underground fight. Somehow she stumbles into a secret that...
  • yoongi
  • bts
  • btswritersawards
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Behind Concrete by barolicious
Behind Concreteby anais baromeo
Known as First Love. Samantha Regina never had a choice or a voice in her life, what her father says goes. Behind concrete walls, nannied by her loyal best friend who a...
  • love
  • sister
  • blackpanther
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Hidden Life (in editing) by charlie_reads22
Hidden Life (in editing)by Charlie_reads
Highest Ranking - #1 in Action #1 in gang leader #2 in badass IN EDITING NOW ♥️Cover by - @mermaidsxmacaroons (what a great job!) Maddison Claire has two different per...
  • action
  • crime
  • nerd
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You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader) by HayumiJuno
You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader)by Hayumi Juno
Sans X reader! Of course every sans is there but you need to wait for them! Enjoy!
  • fanfiction
  • ink
  • love
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Your fight ( levi x reader ) by Kaimeishimasu
Your fight ( levi x reader )by Rad cat
(Y/n) lived in the underground for most of what she can remember. Few scars reminded her of her tainted past and the monster she was. In the reputation she earned she w...
  • scouts
  • underground
  • snk
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The Gangster Feline Princess  [ON-GOING/SLOW UPDATE] by IM_DA_CUTE
The Gangster Feline Princess [ON...by MyOne&OnlyBaByBabe
A girl who's full of secrets with the name starts with the letter Z, do you know who is she? A 'special' gangster that can show no emotions nor fear. But will she show h...
  • illegal
  • warning
  • underground
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Holding Hands in Hell // Male!Chara x reader by RandomFangirl2017
Holding Hands in Hell // Male!Char...by :3
You fall down into a forbidden area that connects to villages. You were collecting flowers for you ill parents, but found some pretty yellow ones that led you with a red...
  • malexfem
  • undertale
  • malechara
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