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𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 ★   ; Tom Kaulitz by luv3zz
𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 ★ ; Tom Kauli...by 𖤐 
Back when you were in elementary and middle school you used to be very close friends with the band Tokio Hotel before fame. You and Tom have once dated back in the summe...
Lust For Both by tomandbillswifee
Lust For Bothby Kaulitz
This is a story about Tom and Bill Kaulitz. You are Bills best friend and you guys are inseperable and always hanging out. You arent close with his brother Tom, but one...
Poisonous love// tom Kaulitz  by tomKaulitzzz756
Poisonous love// tom Kaulitz by tomKaulitzzz756
19 year old Lilly moves to New York with her best friend Mia. Trying to escape her fathers abuse but she meets the world famous Tom kaulitz. A man she will trust but one...
Tom Kaulitz X Y/n ☆☆ by slvtfortomkaulitzz
Tom Kaulitz X Y/n ☆☆by Kaylee <33
I'm trying to write 1-2 story's a day so keep checking 💓💓 Y/n = your name Y/bf/n = your best friend's name All of these parts are linked btw so start from the beginnin...
take my hand, give it a chance by stxarrzz
take my hand, give it a chanceby stxarrzz
"GUSTAV RUN!" bill yells, you were standing on the bridge about to let everything go. The boys are still running to you. Nothing that they seem to do help you...
Reunited by monika_lee
Reunitedby Moni
Angela used to live in Germany, lucky enough to live next door to her best friends the Kaultiz twins. But when she is six she follows her family to Australia to start a...
Lea Kaulitz  by t0kioh0tel1
Lea Kaulitz by t0kioh0tel1
Leah Kaulitz is the younger sister of two twin brothers, Tom and Bill Kaulitz. Tom and Bill loved their sister from the moment they saw her. This story will be in engli...
Bill Kaulitz Smuts 🔞 by KaulitzxLiprings
Bill Kaulitz Smuts 🔞by Kaulitz Fantasy xx
This is my #2 book, filled with Bill onehsot smuts ♡
The hate wont stop us  by editqzx_me
The hate wont stop us by editqzx_me
Its about two gangs. The Tokio hotel gang witch is owner by Tom kaulitz and Bill Kaulitz dad and the Vanderson gang witch is led by Amiras dad. The two gangs are rivals...
Tokio Hotel imagines by loverr12208
Tokio Hotel imaginesby loverr12208
Little stories with the amazing band Tokio Hotel
1. Who are you now? (Tokio Hotel -Tom Kaulitz fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
1. Who are you now? (Tokio Hotel...by Lou B.
Josefine had a crappy situation at hand; what if you fall in love with your best friend? what if he loves you back? But if you're both too scared to give it a go...? Wha...
2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Hotel/Tom Kaulitz Fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Hote...by Lou B.
Tom and Jo have been best friends for so long it seems like a lifetime, but how can you turn friends into lovers? Maybe Tom is ready for the commitment, but what if now...
A New Start || BILL KAULITZ by tokiohoetel
A New Start || BILL KAULITZby tokiohoetel
(this is set in like 2023) Daniela Adler is a 15 year old girl. Daniela's family wanted to move to somewhere completely new, a fresh start. At her old school/town she di...
In Love With a Rockstar | Tom Kaulitz ☆ by tomkaulitz111
In Love With a Rockstar | Tom Kaul...by tomkaulitz111
Y/N attends a Tokio Hotel concert and the unthinkable happens. WARNING: Smut. New chapters out now!
Nightmare Of My Dreams | Tom and Bill Kaulitz | by no_one_ig
Nightmare Of My Dreams | Tom and B...by no_one_ig
Read before you start.‼️ based on the story ( My living nightmare by winternightz ) I don not claim the original story. ⚠️trigger warnings ⚠️ • Death and violence • ch...
Amor Menor by miwa_371
Amor Menorby Daina Gonzalez
Talvez seas una Niña Pero Eso no importa
Underneath His Breath by Starrynightz__
Underneath His Breathby Starrynightz__
a 21 girl named Anne willams Needs a new apartment but when she gets there her life turns into a messed up one.
Stuck On You  by visove
Stuck On You by visove
You are young and reckless with bad parents, you want to run away and never come back.. or even end it.. and then you find a brighter opportunity... You meet your childh...
how long will we live? by readeljo
how long will we live?by readeljo
Have you ever fallen in love with your enemy? no? Angel never thought about it either until she met Tom.
All I Wanted - Tokio Hotel by zzxyq266
All I Wanted - Tokio Hotelby nikola maresova
"No, don't talk to me, I'm scared someone might think we're friends." _______________________________________ the two guitarists Georg Listing and Tom Kaulitz ...