Mérida ||Denver|| by SamanthaLizz
Mérida ||Denver||by Samantha Lizz
El Profesor nos había indicado tres simples normas: nada de nombres, ni preguntas personales, y mucho menos, relaciones personales. No se quien haya inventado la frase d...
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  • oslo
  • papel
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1. Who are you now? (Tokio Hotel -Tom Kaulitz fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
1. Who are you now? (Tokio Lou B.
Josefine had a crappy situation at hand; what if you fall in love with your best friend? what if he loves you back? But if you're both too scared to give it a go...? Wha...
  • drama
  • tokiohotel
  • tokiohotelfanfic
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HOUSE OF GOLD II La casa de papel by just_another_crush
HOUSE OF GOLD II La casa de papelby Crush
New plan. New heist. New people. The professor got some business left in Spain, so he reforms the group of hijackers to perform another heist. Joined by some new members...
  • helsinki
  • stockholm
  • heist
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Memorias (Tom Kaulitz Fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
Memorias (Tom Kaulitz Fanfiction)by Lou B.
Anna Kościuszko era una chica joven recién egresada de la universidad cuando consiguió su trabajo de ensueño como comentarista deportivo en Las Vegas y conoció al campeó...
  • tokio
  • tokiohotel
  • hotel
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la casa de papel 3 parte by ezequielgerona
la casa de papel 3 parteby Ezequielgerona567
el mayor atraco de la historia sigue...
  • murillo
  • nairobi
  • lacasadepapel
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Bajo El Mismo Cerezo(運ッァヸ) by ShizuMili78A
Bajo El Mismo Cerezo(運ッァヸ)by ShizuMili
- Tras haberte mudado por tercera vez tras problemas familiares, decides establecerte en la ciudad de Tokio junto a tu familia, donde tu vida cambia por completo al cono...
  • familia
  • instituto
  • amor
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My Angel || Bill Kaulitz x Reader by Cranbrry
My Angel || Bill Kaulitz x Readerby Cranbrry
Melanie has never been anything special, not the prettiest, relatively shy and overall living a boring life. But everything changes one afternoon where she would meet he...
  • billkaulitz
  • hotel
  • tokio
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2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Hotel/Tom Kaulitz Fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Lou B.
Tom and Jo have been best friends for so long it seems like a lifetime, but how can you turn friends into lovers? Maybe Tom is ready for the commitment, but what if now...
  • georg
  • romance
  • tokiohotel
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Love 'n' Hate by DanneKris
Love 'n' Hateby DanneKris
  • geheim
  • tokio
  • kaulitz
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I'll Sing You One Last Song and then I'm Gone (Tokio Hotel Fan-Fic) by KrazyKenzie
I'll Sing You One Last Song and Kenzie B.
For all of her messed-up life, Ashley has lived in her dream world. It's proved to be her one and only tried-and-true method of escape from the real one. Her dreams, one...
  • hotel
  • tokio
More Than Best Friends by Mikan_Kurenai
More Than Best Friendsby Mikan💘Kurenai Angle Cupid
This is going to have my story life and some Shalt as well. This would explain both Valt and Shu's life. Emotional and blood are here in this story so yea^-^
  • mahiru
  • ibuki
  • lumine
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perdida en Tokio   (loon x ___ ) by Shiro22XD
perdida en Tokio (loon x ___ )by Shiro22XD
holis es ta es un bonita historia mas en wattpad de loon x la sensual sepzi rayita ( tu ) en TOKIO (perdon por mis faltas de ortografias ) Se aseptan adaptaciones
  • holi
  • romance
  • aventura
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Tokio ghoul DXD by user07388139
Tokio ghoul DXDby ghoul parasito z
Issei hiodou hermano mayor de maya hiodou y yami hiodou un día por un suceso provoca que el y sus hermanas fueran a tokio tras pasar un tiempo una chica provoca que se c...
  • ccg
  • ghoul
  • issei
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Forever Now (Tom Kaulitz One Shot) by Psycho-Penelope
Forever Now (Tom Kaulitz One Shot)by Penelope Cobain
Your love for him; unbearable... His love for you; still unknown... How can you be sure he loves you?
  • kaulitz
  • hotel
  • tom
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One For The Road (Tom K./Tokio Hotel Oneshot) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
One For The Road (Tom K./Tokio Lou B.
A Christmas especial with Tom and Jo. Günther's 9, Lena is a little over 3, and Jan has turned 1; the band is away on tour and time won't stop for this little family...n...
  • family
  • romance
  • hotel
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World Behind My Wall (Bill & Tom Kaulitz's Little Sister) by BloodSapphire
World Behind My Wall (Bill & Tom Sapphire Von Asters
Bill and Tom return home, but what is revealed of their sister, Klara, will shock them. But will Klara be the one end up being shocked?
  • tom
  • tokio
  • kaulitz
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