The Potter Twins // Draco x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by GuiltyAsFuck
The Potter Twins // Draco x Reader...by GuiltyAsFuck
Harry Potter's twin, Y/N Potter, is basically the complete opposite of Harry. She can sing and play the guitar. He can't. She has style. He doesn't. She's popular. He's...
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  • ronweasley
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Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black  by Emma0n3
Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black by manny ;)
❝I think-I think I'm in love. I know it sounds crazy, but I really think she's the one.❞ | Naomi Serdeys was about as unique as anyone could get. Despite her "popul...
  • naomiserdeys
  • weasley
  • lilyevans
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Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione) by MarryPotterDA
Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione)by Marry Potter
The war hero, Hermione Granger, breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Ron Weasley after learning that he cheated on her after a long night of drinking. Hermione grew t...
  • afterthewar
  • harrypotter
  • lunaandtheo
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R O S E S  // Harry Potter by fudgecakesa
R O S E S // Harry Potterby fudgecakesa
'IF I COULD HAVE ANYONE IN THE WORLD IT WOULD STILL BE YOU ROSE BLACK " EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE »»----- ★ -----«« Disclaimer I own nothing but my original charac...
  • potter
  • harry
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True Love by Uni1718
True Loveby Uni1718
Draco finds out he's an Alpha and Harry is his Omega, he is then determined to protect Harry and love him always.
  • romance
  • fluff
  • ron-bashing
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Waking Up In Green Sheets - Dramione [COMPLETE] by AphroditeofSlytherin
Waking Up In Green Sheets - Dramio...by AphroditeofSlytherin
Hermione is married to Ron, an alcoholic and an abuser. Every day, her love for him is questioned. Until, fate takes it's turn, and she wakes up in green sheets.
  • wattpride
  • dracomalfoy
  • wattys2017
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CAECUS [1] ⚡ h.p by sweetwines
CAECUS [1] ⚡ h.pby - ̗̀𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫 ̖́-
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The Rebellious Gryffindor // Draco x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by GuiltyAsFuck
The Rebellious Gryffindor // Draco...by GuiltyAsFuck
Y/N Gryffindor is Godric Gryffindor's heir. Also known as the Gryffindor Princess all over the wizarding world. All throughout her family, the heirs have married Pure-bl...
  • gryffindor
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Shelter • wolfstar au  by sarsasstic
Shelter • wolfstar au by just lisa
❝Somtimes I think you are a human hiding in a dog's body.❞ ❇❇❇ With his best friends dead, Sirius Black feels that he truly has nowhere to go. Lonely and abandoned, he b...
  • remuslupin
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  • sirius
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Harry Potter's Forgotten Sister by gracieb733
Harry Potter's Forgotten Sisterby gracieb733
Once, Rose Potter had a happy life, living with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. But all too soon it changed, Rose Potter turned from Darling Rose, to Freak. Harry Potter's...
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • sister
  • harrypotter
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Split Your Soul (Drarry) (Boyxboy) by WhisperingDeath
Split Your Soul (Drarry) (Boyxboy)by Ryaki
Often times in life, many of us get screwed over, by life itself, unfortunately. Constant drama between two boys who cannot help but love each other. A relationship fil...
  • love
  • hogwarts
  • dark
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Salem Academy of Sorcery (Harry Potter) by Slytherinwitch13
Salem Academy of Sorcery (Harry Po...by Mrs. Malfoy ♛
"Few people can say they have managed to escape death once, but not many can say they have escaped death twice. After a potions mishap and muggle car accident, I so...
  • witch
  • hogwarts
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Never Alone ~ A Snamione Fanfic by betheduchess
Never Alone ~ A Snamione Fanficby betheduchess
The Marriage Law took most of the wizarding world by surprise. But for people like Hermione and Severus, it was a chance to not be alone anymore.
  • snanger
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Harry Potter One Shots by SnufflesHufflepuff
Harry Potter One Shotsby Elisa Jane Malfoy Lovegood
SMUT AND LEMON AND FLUFF ALL HARRY POTTER. Comment and tell me who you ship. i will make one for you❤ REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW THANK YOU😊
  • lunaxginny
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Birth of Hell || Riddle by merakifreedom
Birth of Hell || Riddleby Just a Potato ツ
"She was disgustingly humble; an oddity in Tom's arrogant mind." I am terrible at making summaries so I say just give it a read? Who doesn't like surprises?! ...
  • teenfiction
  • lordvoldemort
  • romance
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Harry Potter One Shots by Zoie1929
Harry Potter One Shotsby Zoie1929
Harry Potter characters x Readers!
  • ronweasley
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • oneshots
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Harry Potter and  a Collection of Oneshots by SolmarieMorales
Harry Potter and a Collection of...by Solmarie Morales
A collection of Harry Potter oneshots that will contain ships like Drarry, Deamus, and (mostly!) Wolfstar. Most of the chapters will be my own ideas, but I'm open for an...
  • jamessiriuspotterxteddylupin
  • drarry
  • oneshots
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Draco x Reader Natural Born Enemies by KirraWillich
Draco x Reader Natural Born Enemiesby Kirra Willich
Draco x reader ----------- starts off in 4th year; the goblet of fire
  • potter
  • wattys2017
  • love
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If I told you I loved you by annemaliene
If I told you I loved youby Anne
~~Harry Potter fan fiction DRARRY~~ ~8th year Hogwarts~ Boyxboy, smut, violence, explicit language Don't like it? Don't read it. simple, This story isn't as serious as...
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • fanfiction
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Clueless {Scorose} by mrsgrangerweasley
Clueless {Scorose}by Christie
This is the story of Rose Weasley's life starting from her sixth year at Hogwarts. Through frienemies and villains, and friends and family, Rose learns many things about...
  • 19yearslater
  • malfoy
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