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The Potter Twins // Draco x Reader (once in a while updates) by GuiltyAsFuck
The Potter Twins // Draco x Reader...by GuiltyAsFuck
Harry Potter's twin, Y/N Potter, is basically the complete opposite of Harry. She can sing and play the guitar. He can't. She has style. He doesn't. She's popular. He's...
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Harry Potter's Forgotten Sister by gracieb733
Harry Potter's Forgotten Sisterby gracieb733
Once, Rose Potter had a happy life, living with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. But all too soon it changed, Rose Potter turned from Darling Rose, to Freak. Harry Potter's...
  • harrypotter
  • harrypottersforgottensister
  • granger
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Phoenix|| A Harry Potter Love Story by Mrs-Harry-Potter
Phoenix|| A Harry Potter Love Storyby Mrs-Harry-Potter
Phoenix: A person or thing uniquely remarkable. Rosie Lupin is the daughter of the famous Remus Lupin, the newly discovered werewolf that was caught teaching at Hogwart...
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  • gobletoffire
  • seamusfinneganromance
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The Night of Godric's Hallow by jkrowling-queen
The Night of Godric's Hallowby Hufflepuffle
On October 31, Harry Potter watched his parents die. Journey farther into this night with Harry, as he not only experienced his own confusing pain, but also watched the...
  • snape
  • siriusblack
  • severussnape
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Hogwarts: A New World by fvckitall_
Hogwarts: A New Worldby Palak
Meet Rose Weasley, daughter of Hermione and Ron Weasley. Meet Albus Severus and James Sirius Potter, sons of Harry and Ginny Potter. Meet an all new world of Hogwarts...
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • hogwarts
  • hermione
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Harry Potter Fanfiction by LilySophiaM
Harry Potter Fanfictionby Lily Sophia M.
Harry has recurring dreams of a mysterious girl. Timeline: The events of this story occur a couple of months after Harry Potter had finally defeated Voldemort with the E...
  • adventure
  • harrypotter
  • harrypotterfanfiction
HP Fanfiction - A Slytherbitch's Guide by snwhit02
HP Fanfiction - A Slytherbitch's G...by Nicole! <3
There are so many of these but I don't care I'm opinionated and want to jump onto this bandwagon.
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The truth about Draco Malfoy  by TooManyFanficsHelp
The truth about Draco Malfoy by Ya boi
(I really want to delete this, but sometimes I just love to look back and regret all my past decisions. FYI I still love Draco and Scorpius) This is a dramatic fanfic ab...
  • isdracoawerewolf
  • dracomalfoy
  • scorpiusfanfic
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Living on the Edge (Harry Potter FanFiction by LooneyLovegood_13
Living on the Edge (Harry Potter F...by Darya
After the death of her mother, a woman who let life pass her by without making the most of it, Marcy Fitzgerald is determined to have not only the best year of her life...
  • siriusblack
  • remuslupin
  • marauders
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Desperate times lead to desperate measures. by Ruby321xx
Desperate times lead to desperate...by Ruby321xx
(I am well aware that the time era's don't mach up, but this is for my own imagination. I am also well aware that Harry Potter fans ad Twilight fans are not the best of...
  • hermioneweasley
  • edwardcullen
  • cedricdiggory
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Tide and Surf (HP - pre-Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Tide and Surf (HP - pre-Drarry)by Whimsical Dragonette
Harry and Ginny travel to the Pacific Northwest to try and salvage their relationship, after the end of the war, and find the strength to let go, and a quiet peace. NEW...
  • fanfiction
  • aquietpeace
  • pre-drarry
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Snow Angels- A Harry Potter Fic- Fred x OC by unextraordinarygirlx
Snow Angels- A Harry Potter Fic- F...by Alexandra Ainsley
The Weasley twins have entered their fifth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first Hogsmead trip of the winter they literally bump into Addison Dev...
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • fred
  • harry
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The Girl and Draco (A Draco Malfoy Love Story) by Monkeys199
The Girl and Draco (A Draco Malfoy...by Courtney
Draco Malfoy thinks there is not a life for him any more. Lila Jones thinks the same thing, but will something happen?
  • harrypotter
  • lila
  • lovestory
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To Be a Weasley [A Hugo Weasley Centric Fanfiction] by Real_Teddy_Lupin
To Be a Weasley [A Hugo Weasley Ce...by Real_Teddy_Lupin
Hugo had never been just Hugo. He was always Hugo Weasley. He was always a Weasley first, his own person second. Being a Weasley was the only thing that had ever mattere...
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Join Me in Death by RozaHerondale
Join Me in Deathby Roza Herondale
  • doratonks
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • remuslupin
Harry potter imagines and one shots by radfandoms
Harry potter imagines and one shotsby radfandoms
  • harrypotter
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • harrypotterimagine
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VEGA//SIRIUS BLACK [SLOW UPDATES] by prettyinpink500
It all started when a shy and quiet Ravenclaw girl by the name of Lyra Vega attempts to get back at the famous Hogwarts player- Sirius Black- for the prank he pulled on...
  • lilypotter
  • siriusblacklovestory
  • lilyevans
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The Adventures of Cecil and Misty *Book 1* by Gender404NotFound
The Adventures of Cecil and Misty...by Benjamin
Cecilia Emerald Heart aka Cecil and Melinda Sapphire Star aka Misty are two girls who were raised in our world, a world without magic. But they were born somewhere else...
  • themarauder
  • iamcrazier
  • remuslupinstory
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Secrets of Me | s. black by brylalovee
Secrets of Me | s. blackby Bryla
Brielle Anderson had always been a happy-go-lucky child, full of questions and a never-ending pit of things to say. But on the evening of August seventeenth, just days a...
  • jamespotter
  • marauders
  • maraudersfanfiction
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