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Last Chance For Redemption (Chara x Male Reader) by alguemimportante100
Last Chance For Redemption ( alguemimportante100
After commencing the neutral genocide path, "(Y/N) (L/N)" regrets slaying all the monsters and decides to start again, with a new objective in mind: Free all m...
Sans x Reader | Empire by rottenentity
Sans x Reader | Empireby 𝙻𝚊𝚣𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚜
Sometimes life gets to the point where you feel like you're a paper airplane. One minute you're soaring, feeling as if nothing could ever get you down. But then the next...
Bromance Romance ~ sansby fanfiction. by its_jay_
Bromance Romance ~ sansby Howdy I'm Jay
One last reset, Frisk promised. One that will fix everything. But they made Sans promise something in return for getting everyone on the surface. ~ This is a story that...
Just SING | Sans X Reader by artsyTrashpile
Just SING | Sans X Readerby -
--Long ago, two races ruled over Earth-- --HUMANS and MONSTERS-- --One day, war broke out between the two races-- --After a long battle, the Humans were victorious-- --T...
senseless | l.h by boxerluke
senseless | l.hby witch mom
"Oh, baby, senseless is a relative term." ⋆ in which a girl who ironically hates change, meets a boy who ironically endures pain to deal with a...
Male reader x UNDERTALE [FINISHED] by Simon-san
Male reader x UNDERTALE [FINISHED]by Simon
With no memory of your past, you find yourself in the underground. Your path to regain memory will be as eventful as it comes but try not to dive in the abiss...
Cyan Eye [Fontcest] by xXCyanEyeXx
Cyan Eye [Fontcest]by xXCyanEyeXx
After a painful run, Frisk Reset. Ever since they did, Sans had only been getting Nightmares every night. Papyrus tried to help as best as he could, but Sans never allow...
Can I Stay? (Underswap!Sans × Reader) by Fruityyloopz
Can I Stay? (Underswap!Sans × Justmonika
[Prolong] My name is (Y/N). I have experienced many resets, so many I have lost count. The only people who remember are Sans, Flowey, and me. The monsters down here are...
Turn Me On [Mettaton X Reader] by Levirne
Turn Me On [Mettaton X Reader]by Levirne
COMPLETE These feelings were just a bug. A bug Alphys couldn't figure out. That's all that Mettaton knew, because after all, he was a robot and you were a human. He ran...
a Pacifist In Gensokyo (Old) by jdjdgdjsjsy
a Pacifist In Gensokyo (Old)by scaramouche
(story is mine) [Y/N] is just doing his pacifist route and suddenly when he press reset he was transported to a forest instead of the underground see what happen in this...
My Anomaly (An Error Sans X Reader)  by nightmare597
My Anomaly (An Error Sans X Nightmare
When your sibling Chara goes missing you fear the worst, but life takes a surprising turn for the better when they release the monsters trapped underground. Living this...
Divided [ Sans X Reader ] by morrow-
Divided [ Sans X Reader ]by space sloth
Almost four years marking the anniversary of monster kind reaching the surface, the human ambassador Frisk goes missing. Severing the link between the two species, an al...
Sudden Changes (Undertale Sans x reader) by kannalikescats
Sudden Changes (Undertale Sans x kanna
You were a normal human living on the surface until one day, monsters appear from the underground due to the barrier being broken by a small human child called Frisk. T...
Sorry (Chara x Sans) //On Hold// by imundertaletrash-
Sorry (Chara x Sans) //On Hold//by Undertale Trash
It had been ten years since they all got to the surface. Frisk shared a soul with Asriel and Chara, due to Frisk, went pacifist. They all lived happily in Ebott Village...
UNDERTALE: The Game's Script by LizzySinistera
UNDERTALE: The Game's Scriptby L i z z y - S i n i s t e r a
I have taken the liberty of writing the entire script of UNDERTALE. Written in British English. I have looked around and I can only find certain sections but I am writi...
Charisk shots by huntress777
Charisk shotsby Eight
this is a collection of charisk one shots. please make many request to keep it going
Frisk: God of the World by HeroicSpectre
Frisk: God of the Worldby HeroicSpectre
It has been one year since Frisk freed the monsters. Asriel is still missing, and dear Chara is still trapped inside his head. Meanwhile, Sans confronts Frisk about his...
A Step Outside the Door by thatonefangirltho
A Step Outside the Doorby ThatOneFangirlTho
The sequel to A Knocking at the Door! Like the actual one this time! If you haven't read A Knocking at the Door yet, I would really advise you to read it now... You woul...
Mr. Nice Guy by TheReturnOfTurtle
Mr. Nice Guyby TheReturnOfTurtle
Finally, after all these resets, it appears they finally got their "happy" ending. However, not all of them feel the same way. Flowey and Sans are the two l...
Saving Them Sans x Reader by CozzyTuxKitty
Saving Them Sans x Readerby SpaceKitty >:3
The three powerful humans in control... Frisk- pacifist. Can reset. Chara- genocide. Can reset. Y/n- Neutral, though they haven't ever killed anyone. Can't reset. Y/n f...