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Future Mrs. Robertson  by Thethelamii
Future Mrs. Robertson by Thethelamii
At sixteen Emma's mother died of cancer and from there she was put in the system where she was bounced from one foster care home to another , By the time she reached eig...
All shades of You by Nafisa_perfectly_
All shades of Youby Perfectly__N
Hameed, grieving the loss of his wife, his first true love and struggling to raise their son, Starts working as lecturer. There he meets his student who reminds him that...
Sangue Dolce ✔️ by Formidable_Writer
Sangue Dolce ✔️by BOSS
Ang pagibig ay walang pinipili, mortal ka man o imortal, dadating ang tamang oras para maging tayo sa huli
 [COMPLETED] Stupid | Rosé X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Stupid | Rosé X Male...by Jenjen
[COMPLETED] I gave you signal. But you didnt notice. A friend ? Are you kidding me?
Dia...  Cik Luar Biasa! by syaz_sufiy
Dia... Cik Luar Biasa!by syaz_sufiy
Kisah epik zaman sekolah Azad Hakeem dan Naina Mikayla yang langsung tak boleh bertemu. Bagai anjing dengan kucing. Ada sahaja mahu diusik oleh si bad boy genius, Azad...
Who Is That Handsome Nerd? by DoterLis74
Who Is That Handsome Nerd?by DoterLis74
When a crazy student acted impulsively because of a handsome nerdy man she met in the library, what do you think will happen to them?
Is this love? by tonguetechnology00
Is this love?by kimYoonie@김윤이
min yoongi, a lecturer got married to Lisa one of his students, at such a young age. The so called ' happy ever after ' is what they have been telling to everyone around...
Clandestine Affair by Angelique_Esmeralda
Clandestine Affairby Angela Okoduwa
Being in a loveless marriage that she had to beg for sex, love and attention and also tolerate her husband's act of rubbing his infidelity in her face, Yvonne Suleiman...
I AM NOT A BOY BUT UR MAN by hottestbyheart
I AM NOT A BOY BUT UR MANby hottestbyheart
She had never ever dreamed to have a man in her life. One fine day she meet a boy who made his entry into her life. She thought he was just young boy messing with her b...
Do Love Lasts? by spilltheteas_
Do Love Lasts?by sam
"Do Love Lasts?" is about reigniting a love that got away. The love that never had the chance to blossom. Now that their love finally got the second chance, wi...
6 Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You by ChandanDeshmukh
6 Secrets Smart Students Don't Tel...by Chandan Deshmukh
On an average, eleven hours a day for the rest of your life, you'll either be working or travelling to your workplace. Now imagine being stuck in the wrong job! A study...
Another Kind of Hell by Donaldprince
Another Kind of Hellby Donald Uzoka
What seemed to be an escape for Muna when she goes off to the university quickly turns to an unending nightmare she never expected. Regardless of her father's disapprov...
God Of The Night [Vampire]  by THE-WOLVERINE
God Of The Night [Vampire] by THE-WOLVERINE
'You are a jigsaw puzzle, Grace' 'Trying to arrange my pieces, are you?' 'No. your puzzle is like a confetti, it'll be beautiful no matter what' she stroked my cheeks, l...
7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Them by ChandanDeshmukh
7 Dream Jobs and How to Find Themby Chandan Deshmukh
On an average, eleven hours a day for the rest of your life, you'll either be working or travelling to your workplace. Now imagine being stuck in the wrong job! A study...
from Apprentice to CEO by LouisSailer
from Apprentice to CEOby Louis Sailer
For all young people that begin or are in the midst of a career in hotel & restaurant management. All aspiring luxury hotel professionals can use an extra career tip onc...
I Love You, Stupid! by elliee758
I Love You, Stupid!by elliee758
Haylee is 2 years older than Dylan. She developed feelings for Dylan since she was 3, and he was 1 year old at the time. Years past, both of them met again when Haylee w...
Crazy on You by Fleenators
Crazy on Youby Fleenators
Sonya Amelie Reinhardt adalah seorang gadis pintar dan agresif yang memiliki masa lalu kelam. Memasuki dunia perkuliahan, kehidupannya sedikit demi sedikit mulai berubah...
The Secret by babybanana
The Secretby babybanana
His heavy body pressed against my shivering body, made my skin feel like on fire. This is it. Our secret, secret that can destroy me and him. Alani Tyler has finally gai...
lecturer for mafia🕸🌸 by SitiAzzahra933
lecturer for mafia🕸🌸by Tashaputriazzahra_13
"I have to get that girl" a lecturer who turns a ruthless mobster into a gentleman and is infatuated with that girl
Something In The Sky by wndyagstna
Something In The Skyby wndyagstna
Reyhan adalah teman masa kecil shania yang sudah berpisah sejak usia mereka 7 tahun dan bertemu lagi ketika Reyhan yang sudah menjadi seorang dokter menjemput adik sepu...