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 [COMPLETED] Stupid | Rosé X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Stupid | Rosé X Male...by Jenjen
[COMPLETED] I gave you signal. But you didnt notice. A friend ? Are you kidding me?
All shades of You by Nafisa_perfectly_
All shades of Youby Nafisa Mohammed
Let's just say some relationships have bizzare beginnings just like theirs. And in some of them realise that we can have as many beginnings as possible. A happy life an...
Before Matric  by Donaldprince
Before Matric by Donald Uzoka
There's something going on in the University of Ibadan and first year student, Muna is caught right in the middle of it. When students of the University of Ibadan start...
Is this love? by tonguetechnology00
Is this love?by kimYoonie@김윤이
min yoongi, a lecturer got married to Lisa one of his students, at such a young age. The so called ' happy ever after ' is what they have been telling to everyone around...
Awakening Abigail by niccah
Awakening Abigailby niccah
Andrew Cash knew that Abi was his the day he caught her coin. The fiesty dark haired beauty took his breath away, but as he got to know his 24 year old student, he quic...
my kampret lecturer by kindays18_
my kampret lecturerby pandays
Nala novinta, yang suka sama dosenya yang nyebelin!
God Of The Night [Vampire]  by THE-WOLVERINE
God Of The Night [Vampire] by THE-WOLVERINE
'You are a jigsaw puzzle, Grace' 'Trying to arrange my pieces, are you?' 'No. your puzzle is like a confetti, it'll be beautiful no matter what' she stroked my cheeks, l...
Lecturer by Raisanonasari
Lecturerby Raisanonasari
Nadina - Pov Kami bertemu kembali setelah 10 tahun berpisah. Di kafe tempat dia meninggalkanku dulu dan membiarkan aku menghadapinya sendiri. Rasa cintaku lebih besar da...
I Love You, Stupid! by elliee758
I Love You, Stupid!by elliee758
Haylee is 2 years older than Dylan. She developed feelings for Dylan since she was 3, and he was 1 year old at the time. Years past, both of them met again when Haylee w...
Bitch by AdamCadavar
Bitchby AdamCadavar
University isn't for everyone. Unfortunately some people find out the hard way and the consequences of that can be deadly. This young person certainly finds that out.
from Apprentice to CEO by LouisSailer
from Apprentice to CEOby Louis Sailer
For all young people that begin or are in the midst of a career in hotel & restaurant management. All aspiring luxury hotel professionals can use an extra career tip onc...
The Secret by babybanana
The Secretby babybanana
His heavy body pressed against my shivering body, made my skin feel like on fire. This is it. Our secret, secret that can destroy me and him. Alani Tyler has finally gai...
The Letter by SujithNair267
The Letterby Sujith Nair
Salty tears never rolled. The words out of soul never shred. It never wanted to be true but here I'm writing this letter with a pen in my left and curses in my right.
Course of Love (Hiatus)  by The_divergent_reader
Course of Love (Hiatus) by Abhaya Raghavi
Avani gets betrayed by her cousin Ayushi and her marriage is broken. But life awaits to give her double the happiness that was taken from her. Let us see who is the reas...
You Are My Life (AbhiGya) by ThandekaDhlamini
You Are My Life (AbhiGya)by {I'MCrazyAbhigya}
She's A Lecturer.. His A RockStar... They Were Best Friends But Lost Connect After Abhi Left The Country To America...Follow Me For Private chapters THIS BOOK IS COPYRIG...
SSC Coaching in Udaipur Vijaypath Classes by vijaypathc
SSC Coaching in Udaipur Vijaypath...by Vijaypath Classes
The staff members of Vijaypath Classes clear all the doubts in the easier way and they guide the aspirants how to practice and gain more marks in SSC exam. The staff mem...
A Subtle Flame by Amy_Lockhart
A Subtle Flameby Amy_Lockhart
Research student Cressida Phillips prides herself on her maturity and self-control – until she falls for teacher! Dr Thorndon-Davis is exciting, irresistible and … unat...
Crazy on You by Fleenators
Crazy on Youby Fleenators
Sonya Amelie Reinhardt adalah seorang gadis pintar dan agresif yang memiliki masa lalu kelam. Memasuki dunia perkuliahan, kehidupannya sedikit demi sedikit mulai berubah...