Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For

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Calob Zero By AliasToBi Completed

For the vampire princess who has wondered the earth looking for a purpose, she most definitely did not expect to find it within a three year boy.

Since the day she met him, she was aware he was her Beloved.

She stayed in the shadows, silently watching over him. Ensuring he was kept safe. She waiting until it was the time to reveal herself. What she didn't expect and had to stay and watch, was this boy turning into a distant, quiet husk of his former self.

He became the school's nerd, yet that didn't phase Ashlynn. She has waited centuries for Malachi, and what she knows now, is that it is always worth the wait.


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Nozrac Nozrac Apr 27
The language so captures the setting and emotions that I can so put myself in her shoes.
                              Well done!