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New Earth: Flash by Lauriver1fanboy
New Earth: Flashby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Barry Allen. After watching the multiverse collapse, I awoke on this new world to find many things have changed and I have been given a second chance to save...
A Second Chance - Superflash by qxebtynjumk
A Second Chance - Superflashby qxebtynjumk
During the batttle of Infantino Street, instead of Savitar killing Iris , Barry does the unthinkable and saves Iris' life but at what cost?
Keep It Undercover || Barry Allen by Fandom-broke-my-life
Keep It Undercover || Barry Allenby Fandom's broke my life
"Are you sure you can handle keeping that big of a secret cause I mean that can be a lot of pressure. I mean it just eats you up inside and destroys you... For some...
impossible | barry allen by concupiscentz
impossible | barry allenby ♡
[on hold] I thought the unimaginable only existed in fairy tales, and stupid redundant television shows. I never knew how wrong I was.
Adorkable - Barry Allen by ketkat_23
Adorkable - Barry Allenby ketkat_23
"You're just so freakin' adorkable Barry Allen." Join Winnifred and the rest of Team Flash as they embark on a quest to help save Central City. They will explo...
GOODBYES | Caitlin Snow ✔ by KallistaLove
GOODBYES | Caitlin Snow ✔by ✰ KAL & SYD ✰
"I only drink a highly mediocre amount." "Yeah, per hour." [ the 'necromancer' series | book one ] the flash, season two cover by pinkehart caitlin...
Harrison's Daughter [1]  by kawaii-is-real
Harrison's Daughter [1] by Kelissa
♡ Season 1 of The Flash ♡ ⚠ I do not own The flash or any character except my Oc Varity all credit goes to CW⚠ A Barry Allen fanfiction Highest Ranks: #1 in Diggy #1 in...
ROMANTICS | caitlin snow  [1] by paladin_of_marvel
ROMANTICS | caitlin snow [1]by 𝕊𝕐𝔻
"Don't get frosty." "One more pun out of you, I swear to god!" ~~~ "In another life, I would be your girl; We'd keep all our promises, be us aga...
The Hybrid Son by Cait_spade
The Hybrid Sonby Cait_spade
With Nora beginning to adjust to her new life here in 2018 things couldn't be better, until a new speedster show up to hunt her down. Who is this mysterious new speedste...
Who is Barry Allen? (Glee and Flash FF) by AlyceSeafire
Who is Barry Allen? (Glee and Alyce
Sequel to "Who is Sebastian Smythe?" Barry Allen has had a rather complicated life so far. but what happens when old high school friends and acquaintances make...
My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Allen x Reader) by Pukaii
My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Queen Ashley
Barry meets (y/n) in the third grade. She has been with him through everything as well with Iris. After the particle accelerator explosion occurred, Barry lost all his m...
Reborn| Barry Allen [4] by civilwar12
Reborn| Barry Allen [4]by Black Wolf
Barry has been stuck in the Speed Force for six months and during those six months Ashley has taken charge of Team Flash while they try to get Barry back. But when they...
Stray (The Flash) by ItsChrissii05
Stray (The Flash)by ItsChrissii05
When she was only six months old, Kat's mother was murdered. Her 11 year old brother had seen it all. He was taken in by his best friend's father while she was sent into...
Winter| Barry Allen [2] by civilwar12
Winter| Barry Allen [2]by Black Wolf
Continue the story from book 1. Ashley and Barry finally come out about being together to the gang. The flash runs circles around metahumans intent of wreaking havoc i...
Forbidden Love (Under Editing) by Janet_Agron
Forbidden Love (Under Editing)by Janet Agron
FKA Banshee Flash & Captain Cold Hazel Nora Allen is Barry Allen's little sister and she's a detective in the CCPD. She joined because of what happened to her mother als...
Roses  ||  Percy Jackson DC Crossover by SPOOKY_JANELLE
Roses || Percy Jackson DC 𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐘
❝ Delaying death is one of my favourite hobbies.❞ After years of beging single Percy Jackson decided it's about time she signed up for a dating app. She surprisingly hit...
Struck By More Than Love by UniversalShipper122
Struck By More Than Loveby Aunt May
COMPLETED STORY Iris West and Barry Allen have been together for 3 years. Barry has been preparing a night that Iris would never forget. But will the night's events go...
Batboys preferences by Thea_the_serie_nerd_
Batboys preferencesby Thea_the_serie_nerd_
I don't own the pictures It's going to be wonderbat in this. Raven/Rachel Roth is in this and is adopted by Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince. Rachel is the only sister to t...
THE MOTHER by Maleficent282
THE MOTHERby Maleficent
Alanea Targaryen. Mother of the most powerful children. A goddess herself. She lost her first family. Now millenniums later she is reunited with her older children. Her...
Watching the life of Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe.  by RaNd0m_N0B0Dy
Watching the life of Barry Allen/ RaNd0m_N0B0Dy
Will be continued on other account @MarvelFan4Eternity What the title suggests. I'm no good with writing any kinda romance, so no ships in this. Sorry. I don't own any...