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Uncle Bruce by CearraRH
Uncle Bruceby CearraRH
Percy Jackson left Camp Halfblood after the Second Giant War killed the Seven, and many other campers, all of which she knew the names of. She returned home to find her...
Our Secrets by Skyalent
Our Secretsby Skyalent
Batfam x Batsis Reader Harry Potter AU "You've got your secrets, I've got mine. The only difference is that.. yours isn't a secret from me anymore..." Y/n had...
A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) x reader) by LadyAlexa98
A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) Lady Alexa
You're a doctor from one of the small hospitals in Gotham. You have a gift called eidetic memory (means you remember everything from what you see to what you read) and...
Miraculous Beyond (A Batman Beyond x Miraculous Ladybug fanfic) by Pheonix678
Miraculous Beyond (A Batman Phoenix to be
Marinette has finally had enough the bullying, the lies, and of false friends. So she moves to Neo Gotham with the permission of her parents, who at first were reluctant...
The Dragon and The Phoenix by CheesySandwich305
The Dragon and The Phoenixby cheesysandwich305
All his life Damian Wayne had been told he was the sole heir to the Al Ghul and Wayne throne. But things quickly change when he and his unfamiliar twin sister are reunit...
Broken sister (discounted) by marymary-diva17
Broken sister (discounted)by Mary
Y/n Wayne is the youngest daughter of Bruce Wayne and the baby sister to Dick, Tim, Jason, and Damien. Y/n had a closer relationship with her brother Jason, and she enjo...
Bathound - Paws Of Justice by HoopFireX07
Bathound - Paws Of Justiceby HoopFireX07
Since he was taken in as a stray pup, Ace the Bathound has always stood as one of Batman's most trusted allies. From his uncanny ability to sniff out weapons, to his unw...
I'll be good by Sunset536
I'll be goodby El ♛✯
Damian Al Ghul has been sent on a mission by his mother, Talia Al Ghul in order to prove his worth to her and his grandfather as a suitable heir to their family. Damian...
Wayne's Angel by SashaSolo28
Wayne's Angelby SashaSolo28
"Yes Mr. Wayne has me doing task ranging from doing the financials to taking out the morning trash." -Azrael Cannan Azrael Cannan has been the personal assista...
The Villain Wrangler by lilhawkeye3
The Villain Wranglerby lilhawkeye3
When a sick child asks to meet a villain (instead of a celebrity or superhero like with most wishes), someone's got to have the guts to track these wanted individuals do...
Sons of Batman by Atlas_Vane17
Sons of Batmanby Atlas Vane
Richard Al Guhl ran away from the League of Shadows at the age of 13, leaving behind his three year old brother, Damian and his inheritance, the League of Shadows itself...
Daughter of Gotham by SashaSolo28
Daughter of Gothamby SashaSolo28
What if the first blood child of Bruce Wayne wasn't Damian Wayne, but a girl named Zandra Wayne. From the moment Zandra was born, Bruce knew he loved her. After all she...
Gotham's Mother Nature by WinterStorm_Luv
Gotham's Mother Natureby WinterStorm_Luv
Your name is Y/N M/N Isley, the younger sister of Poison Ivy. Though your sister may control the plant life, you control all nature; the birds, animals, the fish, the sk...
ᴛʜᴇ ᴡɪʟᴅ ᴄᴀʀᴅ : ʙᴀᴛꜰᴀᴍɪʟʏ by NightshadeVenom
ᴛʜᴇ ᴡɪʟᴅ ᴄᴀʀᴅ : ʙᴀᴛꜰᴀᴍɪʟʏby NightshadeVenom
How Mari Vera; a mischievous foster kid turns into a hero, and in the process gains a family. After her parents left her, Mari Vera has always distanced her self from pe...
If You Could Turn Back Time by McBrube
If You Could Turn Back Timeby McBrube
Robin was by far the most secretive of the teen titans, but despite not being open with his team, he cared for them... When fighting against someone with unknown magical...
Batjokes by Taboo_writer
Batjokesby Taboo_writer
Batman x joker oneshots A lot of smut Kinky bdsm
Saving Grace: a Batman fanfiction by jacelynsilver
Saving Grace: a Batman fanfictionby jacelynsilver
Dick was used to having three little brothers. And since Damian hadn't died or separated himself from Bruce yet, (Bruce had created somewhat of a predictable algorithm b...
Stuck In DC (Damian Wayne Fanfiction) by Fanfic_Mafia
Stuck In DC (Damian Wayne Fanfic_Mafia
Capes? Fist fights? Kidnapping? Being chased by the authorities? Sounds like a good way to spend a Friday night ! Cordelia Hopper was getting chased by security like an...
Nightwing x Reader (Lemon) :: Roommates with Benefits :: Reupload by dementedAesthetics
Nightwing x Reader (Lemon) :: dementedAesthetics
A villain and Bludhaven's hottest crimefighting crusader-living under one roof? That can't be good.
The Demon's Assassin by SashaSolo28
The Demon's Assassinby SashaSolo28
"Cassandra was born Lucky. I was lucky to be born." Shula sighed. "All my life I have had to prove myself to someone. I had to prove myself to my mother...