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My Arabian Husband by RirinPutriAbdullah
My Arabian Husbandby Ririn Putri Abdullah
"Daripada menikah dengan lelaki pezina, lebih baik aku menjadi istri ke empat bandot tua!" teriakan Farah memenuhi kamarnya disusul dengan tangisan meraung yan...
Life as Shania by oreomilkmustache
Life as Shaniaby oreomilkmustache
Shania and her brother, Christopher, have a 17 years age gap. Her parents call her the "accident child". She lives with Christopher in Singapore where she stud...
Summoning Indonesia Empire by boya-kun
Summoning Indonesia Empireby boya-kun
Without Japan's intervention, Louria Kingdom successfully conquers Qua-Toyne Principality and Quila Kingdom. The surviving civilians of both nations evacuate to islands...
ASEAN Online by trailsofstars
ASEAN Onlineby 𝕝𝕒𝕕𝕪
Singapore starts a new chatroom with the rest of the Asean for political reasons. Then everyone else decided to throw the politics out the window.
A mistake [A Countryhumans Chat-fic] by UserExeNotFound
A mistake [A Countryhumans like it matters
In which: America adds the countrys into a group chat. Shenanigans ensue. -------------------------------------------------------- !Warnings! for; - Mentions of histori...
(Bukan Nihonkoku Shoukan) Prototipe 8 Negara Dipindahkan Ke Dunia Lain by Bocester
(Bukan Nihonkoku Shoukan) Bocester
Selamat datang di 8 Negara Dipindahkan Ke Dunia Lain Suatu ketika tiba-tiba 8 negara, yaitu Indonesia, Vietnam, Filipina, Brunei, Timor Leste, Singapura, Papua Nugini, M...
Benevolent.  by MarvelManiac_
Benevolent. by unaperra
Science says the kindest people are always the loneliest. The countries hate their jobs. Oh no, they loathe it. It's so bleak, so bland, so sad, so full of misery. And...
TAKAT | Ongoing by MyDearAuthor
TAKAT | Ongoingby ProQueen
[Women empowerment for all my ladies] "What are you doing!?" My mouth had dried and my heart beat was fast. "Abu -" I was about to scream for my brot...
Philippines, a boy who is a disappointment in his father's eyes. He always got's expelled in every school he attend until his father had enough and enroll him to a schoo...
The Opportunist and Other Collections (English Version) by aridfeirefiz
The Opportunist and Other Arid Muhammad Ridwan
In the shadowy realm of a 17th-century Dutch East Indies village, Raden Wira Kusuma reigns with a chilling grip, transforming a once-prosperous community into a nightmar...
3 Le Petites Cats by Jjieeb
3 Le Petites Catsby Jjieeb
meraungi lautan lampu kota, di temani dingin yang menyiksa, diriku lupa dengan hangatnya perasaan yang dulu ku rasa, "Dimanakah aku? Dimanakah majikanku? Dimanakah...
Never Have I Ever  by DiDiL2000
Never Have I Ever by DiDiL2000
How could she have survived? Six years ago. Imagine her pain. Losing the only people who loved her. And now she finds them one by one. Kacy Addams: 15 turning 16 in Sep...
ELEMENT by ikeuikeunaurr
ELEMENTby ikeuikeunaurr
Dewa menciptakan 4 kekuatan inti bumi. Api, Air, Angin dan Tanah Jeremy menemukan fakta bahwa dirinya anak yang berbeda. Oma kesayangannya memberitahu sesuatu hal pentin...
COUNTRYHUMANS STUFF ( East and Southeast Asian edition) by pisangandpenyu
COUNTRYHUMANS STUFF ( East and pisangandpenyu
This book will be focusing on EAs and SEAs and most likely have the darkest past in their life. As usually, headcanons, designs, oneshots probably and more.
LIFE IN ONE PAGE by AmdzTora_123
LIFE IN ONE PAGEby Amanda Tora
This is a collection of flash fiction stories that "The Weekend Write In" organizes for each week. This story tells about daily life in an Indonesian country. ...
I Found Love In The Loneliest City On Earth by yondarinestu
I Found Love In The Loneliest Yonda
___ Sebuah perintah dari sang atasan memaksa Anulika untuk melakukan tugasnya sebagai penulis naskah program televisi Ragam Nusantara di sebuah kota kecil di Kabupaten B...
Fat And Fabulous  by yusufalvaro00
Fat And Fabulous by Arestyana
Patah hati dan menjadi gendut adalah cerita yang klise, namun itulah yang dialami oleh Fenita Dianingrum, 30 tahun yang baru saja ditinggal oleh mantan kekasihnya yang t...
Dark Entity [Countryhumans x Reader]{Countryhumans Fanfiction} by EerieSmile
Dark Entity [Countryhumans x Eerie
[This book has been published on Wattpad by the author, and pirated in Novel HD, don't read it there, you might get a virus] [The story is finished and is being edited] ...
Ruins of Our Love #wattys2015 by MissEllaJ27
Ruins of Our Love #wattys2015by Ella J
Daniel Carter and Alexa Miller found each other over a Scrabble board. They found love along the way. Or so they thought when Daniel left Alexa's life for good. Never to...
Erotema [Short Stories] | Completed by Yourwhitedaisy
Erotema [Short Stories] | Completedby A's
[Started on October 15, 2020, and ended on December 19, 2020] Vital Note: A derivative story from It Takes Two To Tango, It will contain short stories - People said love...