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Ask or Dare Philippines~! by Hetalia-Philippines
Ask or Dare Philippines~!by feelippines
Ask me anything! ^3^ ~Piri-tan
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Randomness with Mindanao, Admin, and Other Countries and Cities by -Hetalia_Mindanao-
Randomness with Mindanao, Admin, a...by Joaquin Sultano
Admin: As you can see It's just Random stuff and all! You can also ASK or DARE: me or Mindanao and we will do it! Yeah.....got nothing left to say....so please read Mind...
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Ask or Dare Philippines! (Book 3) by Hetalia-Philippines
Ask or Dare Philippines! (Book 3)by feelippines
Damn, third book already, I know. But that still doesn't stop me, Maria Clara de la Cruz, from doing dares and answering questions! You can dare me to do whatever you wa...
  • dare
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  • powers
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The Pearl and the World (ON HOLD) by Urlandaf
The Pearl and the World (ON HOLD)by Ellimac
(Photos are not mine) Philippines goes to her first world meeting making her life crazier than it already was.
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She Will Be Loved (A Hetalia Philippines AU Fanfiction) by Hetalia-Philippines
She Will Be Loved (A Hetalia Phili...by feelippines
Maria Clara dela Cruz-Carriedo is the lovelorn wife of Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, a wealthy but abusive man. Eventually, she meets Alfred F. Jones, who comes with an in...
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Maria in Wonderland (Hetalia Philippines Fanfic) by Hetalia-Philippines
Maria in Wonderland (Hetalia Phili...by feelippines
Maria (The Philippines, OC) falls down a mysterious hole and finds herself in a world they call 'Wonderland'. She meets new friends, new enemies, and even falls in love...
  • wonderland
  • philippines
  • axispowers
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Mein Fabulous Hetalia Pics BOOK 2 (By: Hetalia Philippines~) by Hetalia-Philippines
Mein Fabulous Hetalia Pics BOOK 2...by feelippines
Here's book 2 of my 'fabulous' Hetalia pics~ Some of these are OCs (mostly Philippines) tho P.S. I can take requests! And please be noted that I do NOT own any of these...
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Dreamcatcher by EllieBrookePie
Dreamcatcherby EllieBrooke
Basically theories, facts, updates, one-shots and just random things to do with Dreamcatcher.
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  • dreamcatcher
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A Bedtime Story (England x Philippines) by xSecretPersonLOLx
A Bedtime Story (England x Philipp...by SecretLoL
Not my Story! I just wanted to put it here in wattpad! The Original Author is @DamageCtrl. All credit goes to him/her. Enjoy the Story :)
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mangoes [3rd s/mb] by Hetalia-Philippines
mangoes [3rd s/mb]by feelippines
smh stands for "stupid minded humans"
  • piri
  • hetalia
  • thoughts
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Piri's relationship with others by Philippines_Hetalia
Piri's relationship with othersby Maria & Emilio
Have you wondered what is the relationship of Piri with other countries? yes? well this is the answer!
  • facts
  • hetaliiiaaaaa
  • england
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Ask or Dare 2P! Philippines by 2P_Philippines
Ask or Dare 2P! Philippinesby 2P! Piri
Yes, it is I, the hot and fabulous Clara Maria dela Cruz of the 2Ptalia world. I hated doing sh!t like this but I had no choice because I was bored.... and I needed to w...
  • 2ptalia
  • hetalia
  • aph
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dyosa » s/mb 4 by Hetalia-Philippines
dyosa » s/mb 4by feelippines
ayo ayo
  • axispowers
  • aph
  • piri
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Facts about Me! by Philippines_Hetalia
Facts about Me!by Maria & Emilio
"I swear to god Admin! If you tell them everything we're going to eat all the ice cream in the ref!!" "Teehee~"
  • hetalia
  • facts
  • piri
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Ask or dare Philippines! by MadRinnian
Ask or dare Philippines!by \\Mira//\\Dandy//
Me: Kamusta! This may not be such a fun fanfic but hey! give it a try! Philippines: ASk or dare me anything ate reader! ...
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  • hetalia
  • piri
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WALANG FOREVER, GA. (King Maria's Red Bull Induced Hugot [sad] Quotes) by hxtalia-philippinxs
WALANG FOREVER, GA. (King Maria's...by ♛ Maria Clara Francisco Dela...
Yo, mga madlang people, King Maria here. ey *dabs* Yas hoe, its King not Kween. Kweens r mainstream. Tonite I'm king and Imma slay lyfe with a sling. eYYY LOLOLOLOL So...
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  • sobra
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APH Piri Reacts by Hetalia-Philippines
APH Piri Reactsby feelippines
Philippines reacts to videos, photos, fanfictions, articles, etc. You guys can show me stuff to react to; anything! Videos or whatever. If it's a photo or article, make...
  • philippines
  • reaction
  • react
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Just Go ― JaePil ❀ OS by jaeee-
Just Go ― JaePil ❀ OSby ♡
Donde Jae termina a WonPil. ❀Idea mía. ❀Basada en la canción de iKON "Just Go".
  • piri
  • chicken
  • brian
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Switched (A Hetalia Philippines Fanfiction) by 2P_Philippines
Switched (A Hetalia Philippines Fa...by 2P! Piri
1P! Philippines (Maria) and 2P! Philippines (Clara) switches worlds, due to some kind of accident with one of Singapore's experiments (England tried to add one magical t...
  • maria
  • clara
  • piri
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A scary night ( Piri x Alfred Fanfic) by MadRinnian
A scary night ( Piri x Alfred Fanf...by \\Mira//\\Dandy//
Piri is at her room sleeping peacefully but then a thunderous roar came from out side. She held her head close to her pillow trying to sleep but her fear of thunder was...
  • piri
  • alfred
  • fanfic
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