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30 Days by its_whateverr
30 Daysby its_whateverr
Taken from her home in East London by a secret organisation, she has 30 days to find freedom. Unknown as to why inner city kids have been targeted she seeks to find out...
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Inside Out - UsUk Lemon Oneshot (boyxboy) by HetaliaFujoshi50
Inside Out - UsUk Lemon Oneshot ( HetaliaFujoshi50
Forgive me, I can't stop myself, or rather, my fujoshi part of me. The video is in the link in my profile, but I'll post the video in the story too. Blame my creative an...
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Hold On Tight (Brooklyn Beckham) by MichelleThurman
Hold On Tight (Brooklyn Beckham)by MichelleThurman
"Every now and then I see a part of you I've never seen. Every now and then I try to tell you how I feel. One of these days you'll realize what you mean to me. Well...
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Strands of the chrysalis woods  by moodlymoo
Strands of the chrysalis woods by Matthew Warrick
A spiral tree is the mystical trigger for the two characters, father and son, to be catapulted into a romp throughout history. It deals with time travel, the sense of lo...
Empty Spaces by WritingSomething11
Empty Spacesby Lou
Love is like a cigarette. You take what you need from it until there is hardly anything left, then you throw it away. A short story on how a young adult, Hope Gray, cra...
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Secretly Popular by xo_cookie_life_xo
Secretly Popularby H
Meet Hayley Green. She is a typical sixteen years old who hates school and wants to be a French teacher in the future. And no. She isn't a werewolf. She doesn't have pow...
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Always been you by _Jake_Greenaway
Always been youby Jake Greenaway
Duncan Hutcherson and Luke Nottingham are child hood best friends, but when tragic events happen in Duncan's life he has to move away, which eventually tears apart their...
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A M N E S I A by saaintmarie
A M N E S I Aby Marie
2 years ago, Neveah-Rose was hit by a passing car while she was trying to break up a fight. Her parents moved her away to Birmingham for 2 years but now she's back in No...
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The Blurt of Richard Davies Reading Guide by johncurzonauthor
The Blurt of Richard Davies John Curzon
There are some books Wattpad doesn't want you to know about. My dystopian novel The Blurt Of Richard Davies, completed in 2014, is one of them. Find out more about the s...
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Bea And The Boys ~Complete~ by Elfinrose525
Bea And The Boys ~Complete~by B. Clayton
When Henry and his team are sent in to investigate Stephen Richards they never anticipated meeting Bea. Abused and kept prisoner since the death of her grandmother seven...
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Scotland ?!?!?! by scottishgirl21x
Scotland ?!?!?!by scottishgirl21x
Read this coz you guys need to get some shit straight okay!!!!
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Pacifier by AushaileneRagin
Pacifierby Aushailene Ragin
On this side of Birmingham UK, the reckless and rich Corey Barrick of the feared and closely nit Barrick family never saw any good in anyone. That's why the poor record...
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Hannibal's Hotdogs by Rujonel
Hannibal's Hotdogsby Rujonel Cariaga
Police Officer Duardo investigates the disappearance of Mabinay's Super Girl. Will he find her? Or will be the next?
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Love On The Block by SabrinaTeenagedB
Love On The Blockby Sabrina ❤️
Talia had been with Pest for years, she was his faithful girlfriend. What once was a well maintained relationship has overtime deteriorated, leaving both to wonder if it...
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Daniel. by nyctophile_
#15 Tanya
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." For seventeen-year-old Jade Brown, everything in life was unfair. So unfair, she'd lost her smile. He...
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Raura - Our Little Secret by rauralover29
Raura - Our Little Secretby rauralover29
Laura is your straight A student and has one thing that no-one else knows (apart from her parents, she's dating a rockstar).
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My Arranged Marriage - Chris Kendall by crappykat
My Arranged Marriage - Chris Katrine
*warning mature story* This is a story about 19 year old Rachel Mcclair. She is just a normal teen who just finished high school and had her whole life planned, until h...
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Poems by the_creative_dragon
Poemsby Random Teen
Just a random poetry book.
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The British are coming! by madisonremy
The British are coming!by Madlovexx
Remy signed up for a program in college that helps accommodate British kids when they visit her campus in the states. She has her heart set on studying in London and thi...
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Both Sides of the Lovely London by annmoseley56
Both Sides of the Lovely Londonby Ann
In the London elite not everything is like it seems. Two best friends are going to travel to London where they are going to live what it may seem like a love story but e...
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