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The Golden System by potato_gab
The Golden Systemby gabby
(ONGOING) •• Welcome to a world where people are labeled and justified by their outer appearances. A world where your outer looks determine your place in the future. Sch...
  • society
  • uglyduckling
  • heart
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • revelation
  • bank
  • lonely
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The Billionaires Unknown Heiress: His Billion Dollar Mistake (COMPLETED) by dihannakl
The Billionaires Unknown Dihannakl
Copyright © November 2014 All Rights Reserved She thought it would be a terrific idea to tell him the news as a wedding surprise. That morning at The Plaza, her mom's ad...
  • hismistake
  • tragedy
  • thefuture
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Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! by XxJerellaxX
Quick Transmigration: Heroine Jerella
For offline purposes only** All credit goes to Authors and Translator. This is Book 2, if you haven't read book 1 I recommend you to read it first. Authors Su-hand Brok...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • loveinterest
  • travel
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My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha ( Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
  • mike
  • puppy
  • chapter
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Sorely Missed | revamped by jyangg
Sorely Missed | revampedby ☁️✨
❝he graced my life with his presence, and he who single-handledly degraded my worth to filth.❞
  • nickolas
  • love
  • teenagers
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101 Simple Beauty Tips [✓]  by Skipper_019
101 Simple Beauty Tips [✓] by Skipper_019
Highest Ranking - #95 in Non-Fiction & #2 in #appearance Want to look good and feel good? Want to appear confident and happy? Or simply wanting to get that best look...
  • smile
  • happy
  • confident
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Chronicles of the primodial wars (I) by codegeasslelouch
Chronicles of the primodial wars ( codegeasslelouch
Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Slice of Life Supernatural Tags [ ] Age Regression Ancient Times Appearance Different from...
  • regression
  • beast
  • actual
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How to read Body Language? by Sassy_Brassy
How to read Body Language?by Karishma
They say curiosity killed the cat. But why kill the cat when you can read body language? Is he angry? Is she happy? Is he sad? Is she excited? Is he jealous? While...
  • bodylanguage
  • read
  • personalspace
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LIP & HIP✘ FACE CLAIMS by seoulsisters
LIP & HIP✘ FACE CLAIMSby seoulsisters
in which dai and her friends share their favourite face claims
  • faceclaims
  • aesthetic
  • appearance
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undertale.....powertale rp by NightHunter200
undertale.....powertale rpby NightHunter200
  • characters
  • old
  • undertale
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Lonely Thoughts by GunsXbullets_
Lonely Thoughtsby L̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶o̶r̶p̶s̶e̶
Contains realistic suicidal thoughts and poems, & basically just upsetting events/thoughts. I basically talk shit about life in here. Haha. Hope y'all enjoy & relate to...
  • low
  • realbeauty
  • fears
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Hair Spray by BewilderedThoughts
Hair Sprayby Julia A. R. Morgan
Do you pull your hair out? Wanting to learn about something new? TRICHOTILLOMANIA: Program this word into your brain. It exists, you're not just crazy. If you have...
  • uncommon
  • dermatillomania
  • crazy
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The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked #WNTDWYS by RocketDiver
The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked #WNTDWYSby I.AM.KIRA
Georgia Lumios is just your average, (though probably stupider than most teenage girls) loser, ugly, fourteen year old girl who, like all of you losers, wishes for somet...
  • really
  • teenagers
  • stereotypes
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Different in the moonlight by fallen_______angel
Different in the moonlightby ☆ Cierra Eckley ☆
What happens when you get in a life changing car accident and you lose a part of your dignity and skill? You decide to move across the country with your family and you m...
  • appearance
  • newgirl
  • badboy
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Character Bios by ZoeGabany
Character Biosby Zoe Gabany
This is the bio of all my characters in my story. Hope you find it interesting!
  • abilities
  • facts
  • appearance
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Where Am I Standing? by tomstanleyholland_
Where Am I Standing?by Thomas ♡
'nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the people who you thought would never hurt you'
  • believeinyourself
  • love
  • alone
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Rolling Dice [sample] by Reekles
Rolling Dice [sample]by Beth Reeks
[This book will be published by Random House in September 2013 in paperback and ebook format. This is a sample of the first fifteen unedited chapters.] They say that the...
  • party
  • teacher
  • day
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Writing 101 (with rotXinXpieces) by rotXinXpieces
Writing 101 (with rotXinXpieces)by Rotty
Writing is awesome. No doubt about that, but sometimes it can be super hard. How do you know you're doing something right? What if my plot isn't solid? Your characters a...
  • writing
  • physical
  • set
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Trying To Walk Away by LenaFairies02
Trying To Walk Awayby LenaFairies02
When Lisanna comes back from Edolas everyone starts to ignore Lucy as if she doesn't exist. The only people that pay Lucy any attention is Wendy, Juvia, and Gajeel. The...
  • natsu
  • gray
  • appearance
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