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Bangtan Forestry Center : Beast, Blood, and Soul by WendilynnKerezman
Bangtan Forestry Center : Beast, Wendilynn
BTS X Reader AU You've just scored your dream job at the local forestry center. The Bangtan Group who manages the local forests is very picky and has some strange rules...
Single Mother Of Bangtan by lj_barra
Single Mother Of Bangtanby 𝐵𝑖 𝑀𝑒𝑠𝑠
Abandoned in a box, Ahn Soohyun finds them and becomes BTS's adopted mother. Did I mention they're hybrids? Started: 06/17/18 Ended: 01/27/20
[1] Code: RED || KTH by riseofsuga
[1] Code: RED || KTHby fae
[Book one of the "Code:" trilogy] [Book two, Code:RIOT, is out] In a world where Hybrids are mistreated and classified as mutations, a girl seeks to equalise t...
Her Euphoria by RandomGirl300
Her Euphoriaby 𝑹𝒂𝒄𝒉
One girl Seven hybrids What could go wrong? Also thank you for the book cover! Credits to @taegularities- ©2019Randomgirl300
Inheritance - PJM ✓ by CrystalNight136
Inheritance - PJM ✓by CrystalNight136
What happens when you gain ownership of not just your brother's house..but also his hybrid. Hybrid AU Jimin ff Started 3-16-2020 Completed 10-7-2020 #1 btshybrid 11-12...
Claws (BTS Hybrid x Female Reader) Complete  by LaurasLilly
Claws (BTS Hybrid x Female Reader) LaurasLilly
Y/n is going through a break up so she goes one walk to clear her mind not only what she find in the box is full of cuddles but love. A love she will always treasure. Sh...
The Hunt by TheKimberWolf
The Huntby The Kimber Wolf
Y/n is abducted by a pack of hybrids, however, she's not as helpless as they initially assumed. Hybrid BTS, Jimin x Hybrid Reader. Started Sept. 5, 2019.
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New Family - BTS Hybrid by catarina-catycaty
New Family - BTS Hybridby Catarina
After receiving a promotion at work Y/N realizes that she has more free time so she decides to use this time usefully and ends up volunteering in an organization that re...
𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐡𝐲𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐝 || KTH by feelintae
𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐡𝐲𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐝 || KTHby feelintae
❝mommy doesn't suit you anymore, babygirl sounds better❞
Storms of Fate by SumiSG7
Storms of Fateby
Circumstances led Anya to a high class Auction of Hybrids who are Exotic, Dangerous, Seductive, above all Utterly Obedient being sold not only as pets but as highly trai...
Unexpected | BTS Hybrids x reader (COMPLETED) by itsNVxoxo
Unexpected | BTS Hybrids x N.V😛
(currently editing the smut out) Yeah... I'm pretty lonely. I was done studying lone long ago, and now I have a good job that I like that pays me a fortune. But at the e...
you're my person || pjm (hybrid) by taehyungie-pabo
you're my person || pjm (hybrid)by Mia
y/n works at a hybrid clinic. a new, shy, hybrid ends up at the clinic and finds y/n is the only one that has earned his trust. when they take a particular liking to e...
STRAY // JJK x HYBRID (bunny)✔️ Re-Writing by M3llowB1h
STRAY // JJK x HYBRID (bunny)✔️ Gnoll
Bo-young has never had a problem with being a stray, until one rainy night, she bumps into Jungkook. Suddenly, having a home doesn't seem so bad anymore. (Minimal drama...
my seven mythical hybrid mates > BTS ✔ by ayoontae
my seven mythical hybrid mates > yoontannie
you wanted a pet so you walked into a store that also sold hybrids but little did you know was that you would end up leaving with seven mythical hybrids that claim to be...
The Scent of Strawberries | Hybrid BTS x Reader by melodiousviolet
The Scent of Strawberries | melodiousviolet
| BTS Hybrid AU | Humans and Hybrids live together peacefully...or so that's what society would like you to believe. Although Hybrids are able to have their own jobs, cr...
Save Me  by spicejun
Save Me by spicy
Because you're going to school to become a veterinarian, you thought it would be a good idea to volunteer at the local hybrid center. Unfortunately, you soon came to rea...
🄾🅄🅁 🄷🄾🄼🄴 by Floragal354
🄾🅄🅁 🄷🄾🄼🄴by starlight
Juilet's father owns a very special hybrid centre. It consists of normal hybrids and mystical hybrids. It's rare to find even one mystical hybrid but her dad eventually...
Stubborn Hugs by Eternal-Mikrokosmos
Stubborn Hugsby Peach Bun
After helping out a koala and bunny hybrid, you bring them home with your other hybrids to adjust. But a certain koala doesn't seem to get the concept of being cared for...
-Not A Bunny- // Hybrid Jungkook Fanfic // BTS Fanfic by awkwardpotato04
-Not A Bunny- // Hybrid Jungkook AwkwardPotato04
Jin and Namjoon were having a rather quiet conversation about what might be wrong with Jungkook, when Jin yelped in pain. The members quickly turned to the oldest and as...
New home by charlie2333
New homeby charlie2333
y/n is a tiger hybrid who is protective over Jungkook, a bunny hybrid . They have been strays for months now and no longer trust humans. But what happens when the rest o...