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A Trial of Time- India/US Transference. by DannyTheWeeb
A Trial of Time- India/US Neko~san
"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." Co-Authored with Marine325, Author of "War of the World", Ying...
Thieves' Music (Bratva #1) ✓ by 12amwriting
Thieves' Music (Bratva #1) ✓by Grace
✨UPDATES TWO TO FOUR TIMES A WEEK✨ "We are the vermin your dear parents worked so hard to shield you from. We are messy, vengeful, drunks who often get violent. We...
Code Geass the rise of communism  by TheGreatSummoner
Code Geass the rise of communism by TheGreatSummoner
Stalin and mao and he other communist leaders the war against the axis but with a portal that the soviet instead teleported them to another dimension. As they teleport t...
World War Two Facts by RachelNightSpace
World War Two Factsby Rachelle
Facts about World War Two, the Holocaust, and other events during this horrific time.
Dora Vs Stalin by LaCroixKing
Dora Vs Stalinby FlatTopFury
The epic battle between the childhood character Dora, and the evil tyrant Stalin.
Valkyria Chronicles the Eastern front of the Soviet Union ocXreila by TheGreatSummoner
Valkyria Chronicles the Eastern TheGreatSummoner
The imperial alliance now want to open to the front of Russia. The imperials hate how many darcsens and communist lived. With the surprise attack on the Soviet Union. St...
Hitler x Stalin an enemies to lovers story by okaydokay12345
Hitler x Stalin an enemies to okaydokay12345
Takes place during ww2 Hitler is bored of this war and wants to end it but to do so he must cooperate with Stalin TW extremely flawed plot I blame my history teacher for...
heehee by AverageFuckBoi
heeheeby Chicken Nugget Fan Club
Love gets complicated when everyone's hOrnY. So follow these... Interesting guys and watch their feelings for each other get tangled up in a few 'bad' choices. {Any comm...
StalinxHitler and maybe Mussolini  by Duolingofan
StalinxHitler and maybe Mussolini by Duolingofan
Hitler just wants to fuck Stalin and possibly Mussolini.
Hitler And Stalin..... by EnteisBacon
Hitler And EnteisBacon
I got bored so I decided to create this wonderful story. I got influenced to do this by one of my friends. Enjoy this weirdly romantic story of two leaders you love....
Hitler x Stalin. Smut Fanfiction  by DemonLenin
Hitler x Stalin. Smut Fanfiction by Lenin
I wrote this last year and just recently rediscovered it after I thought it was deleted. There was originally much more to the story, but this is all that remains. Sucks...
senshadou was a sport played with live ammunition, it was a sport that schools turned into armies and young students into battle-worn soldiers, it was such a horrifying...
Stalin x reader by GiantChadMussolini
Stalin x readerby Benito Mussolini
Stalin X Hitler by blue_dominos
Stalin X Hitlerby Dombass
Two unlikely lovers meet in an unlikely situation. Hitler and Stalin are two powerhouses with large... mindstets! No one can stop them when they are together! Find out h...
Historical Figure preference And Imagine by RolfyChuikov
Historical Figure preference And RolfyChuikov
Ever think about dating a historical figure? Fear not for I have created this book request any historical figure you want!.
The full Camillagate tapes by Van_Zijl
The full Camillagate tapesby van Zijl
Full Embarrassing Transcript of a telephone conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowels.
|| Monsters Can Love Too || Stalin X Reader by -_Miss_Erin_-
|| Monsters Can Love Too || Naku Stibnite
"You monster! You disgusting creature! Why would I fall in love with a murderous, genocidal dictator like y-" "Shhh... Be quiet Y/N, don't be so mad. You...