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Pen Your Pride


Music Shifter by zodiacaries
Music Shifterby Aries Star
You are a secret killer for a few years, nobody can ever track you. You gain powers are from music Example: you hear the song unravel from Tokyo Ghoul, you became a gho...
  • powers
  • murders
  • music
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The Girl who changed a lot.(Creepypasta x reader Fanfiction) (Editing) by Lady_Grell
The Girl who changed a lot.( Lady AntiSepticEye
There is a small town where the people rely on no one but them selves. Why? Because this town used to be a city. But most of the city was long gone. Why? Death. Why? Pai...
  • thefunnycreepypastas
  • laughingjack
  • janethekiller
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CreepyPasta x Reader  by kasumi-Okazaki
CreepyPasta x Reader by kasumi-Okazaki
  • creepypasta
  • scary
  • fanfic
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Dear Sister of Mine... (Creepypasta x Reader) by -Kiwi_Kat-
Dear Sister of Mine... ( -Kiwi_Kat-
As a young girl, Y/N always had a knack for any sort of device. She found interest in hacking and gaming, as well as short stories known as Creepypasta. Yet, what if the...
  • creepypasta
  • laughingjack
  • slenderman
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(Creepypasta x Reader) Insanity's Little Game  [ON HIATUS] by MultiFandomTrashx900
(Creepypasta x Reader) Insanity' Exhausted Pigeon
You've seen the title, no description needed ----------WARNING---------- In this story there will be • Somewhat graphic content • Language (cursing/cussing) • Some refer...
  • hoodiexreader
  • ticcitoby
  • trenderman
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Cell 91  {Eyeless Jack x Reader} by xbirdyx_
Cell 91 {Eyeless Jack x Reader}by ❤️❣匚尺口ちち卄丹匕匚卄❣❤️
"(F/n)," Jack said, looking down at me, "Don't leave me alone."
  • creepypasta
  • creepypastaxreader
  • creepypastareader
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Creepypasta boys X Psychic!Sensitive!Reader by 1ssa-Otaku-Mayu
Creepypasta boys X Psychic! Alpha_Bear
The edits were done by me. The original photos belongs to its rightful owner(s). --- (Y/N) has psychic powers and is sensitive-judging by her temper. Later on proxies so...
  • creepypastaxreader
  • laughingjack
  • jasonthetoymaker
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Rivalry For Love     [Creepypasta X Ghoul! Reader] -UNDER EDIT/HIATUS- by 51423vs
Rivalry For Love [ Six-Weirdpotatoes
WARNING: Contains Foul Language, Disturbing Content, Potential Violence, And Typo's, Auto-Correct, AND Slight Grammatical Errors. The Famous One-Eyed Queen Leaving Tokyo...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • reverseharem
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Silent Scream (Creepypasta x Reader) by Melody_Tune
Silent Scream (Creepypasta x Melody_Tune _Remix
Once upon a.. WAIT!! No, no, no! That's a wrong story :P There was a girl name (Y/n). (Y/n) has been upset with her parent for a while. Of course like normal paren...
  • sonic
  • masky
  • bendrowned
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Creepypasta Yandere Boyfriend Scenarios by DarkThornBloodyLove
Creepypasta Yandere Boyfriend Rose Marie
Lol hi
  • imlazy
  • creepypasta
  • xreader
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A Killer Life( Creepypasta x Reader) by Melodys_Wings
A Killer Life( Creepypasta x Melodys_Wings
Y/n is just a average girl with loving parents and a great life, so what happens when one little event changes her whole life.
  • creepypasta
  • readerxcreepypasta
  • fanfiction
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Rumors, Natural born killers. (Creepypasta x reader) (Rewritten) by xXSparkle-masterXx
Rumors, Natural born killers. ( Your Guardian Angel <3
(If the part doesn't say "rewrite" then it's not part of the rewritten section...) "I should've known better. You never cared for me ever, did you?"...
  • bloodypainter
  • jeffthekiller
  • trenderman
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Forgotten  (creepypastaXreader) by THEkittkat
Forgotten (creepypastaXreader)by THEkittkat
You are slendermans child. You have been left as a baby and long forgotten. So now that your older you have been on this journey to find your father. Well you found him...
  • jeffthekiller
  • laughingjack
  • killer
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A Stranger Is Watching. (Creepypasta X Reader) by _Kid_Creepypasta_
A Stranger Is Watching. ( The Painted Jackal
She was just a normal girl. Had a normal life. There is a key word there, HAD. Her whole world flipped after IT came. IT took her famialy away. IT even wants her. IT wan...
  • spooky
  • fanfict
  • creepypasta
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Creepypasta x Killer!Reader by AlfredoJones
Creepypasta x Killer!Readerby ⭐United States⭐
(Y/n) (L/n), a beautiful dudette, but other jerks hated her. When she gets 'em outta the picture, what will she do next?
  • ded
  • amurica
  • creepypastaxreader
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Their Puppet...Creepypasta X Reader by naluyoutuber1
Their Puppet...Creepypasta X Readerby Proxy Ash
(Y/n) (L/n) The girl with two eye colors. She does everything anyone told her to. She got bullied cause of it, abused, made fun of and beaten yet she still does whatever...
  • jeffthekiller
  • creepypastaxreader
  • creepypasta
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Yandere! Masky X Reader by Scarlet_Vixen_Angel
Yandere! Masky X Readerby Scarlet_Angel
So I was browsing among some little stories and found one that had an odd plot.. It just annoyed me because it was terribly written, things were spelled wrong, grammar w...
  • creepy
  • creepypastaboyfriendscenarios
  • jeffthekiller
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Bloody Painter X Reader by DeadBlackBlood
Bloody Painter X Readerby ★Ollie is an Idiot★
"Don't you dare forgot the sun love." "Cold white walls, keep you from your panic place, you just want to stab again." "You can dig so deep fo...
  • horror
  • creepypastaxreader
  • horrorfiction
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Carved happiness ( Jeff the Killer x reader ) by officalemotrashcan
Carved happiness ( Jeff the Cringe with fringe
This is by no means a story of which a girl falls in love with this amazing, hot serial killer who is so protective of her in the slender mansion. This is twisted story...
  • heartbreak
  • creepy
  • eyelessjack
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Bloody Mess🔪 |Creepypastas X  !Wolf! Reader COMPLETED by TemmiToons
Bloody Mess🔪 |Creepypastas X ! Rip X?‼️
New description: your name is (y/n), you've been bullied and abused for most of your life. But one night you decided that you have had enough and killed your parents. Fo...
  • laughingjack
  • idkwhatelsetotag
  • fanfic
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