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Do I Know You? by xXHeriotzaXx
Do I Know You?by Noodles
"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Killua said. Gon blinked in confusion. "Yes? it's me? Gon? your best friend?" Killua squinted a little, then shrugged. &q...
The What Ifs (A KotLC Fanfiction) by -Shadowflux-Rose-
The What Ifs (A KotLC Fanfiction)by -Shadowflux-Rose-
What if Sophie never made it to the Lost Cities? What if she was hit by the streetlight instead of using her powers? What if the Neverseen kidnapped her from the human w...
Bittersweet Memories by SianHTTYDfan
Bittersweet Memoriesby SianHTTYDfan
Hiccup has retrograde amnesia. Retrograde amnesia is the inability to access memories of previous events before the injury and can include self-identity loss. It is poss...
The Bunker by dieHero
The Bunkerby USS Missouri BB-63
Exploring an old WW1 Bunker, I get blocked in from a cave in. Read as I continue exploring while dealing with monsters, a civilization, and a stalker. Amnesia: The Bunke...
To The Memories I'll Lose... by ReaLFah
To The Memories I'll ReaLFah
To suffer from memory loss, is a cruel fate.
I Cant Remember by EPIXGURLLL
I Cant Rememberby Courtney
Lost and afraid, she must find her way back to her home. Whenever she remembers it anyways
The Forest by KaleidoscopeWasTaken
The Forestby K4l3idosc0pe
An amnesiac wakes in a magical forest full of elves.
I Will Never Forget You // Jacob Sartorius  by HipsLikeKatt
I Will Never Forget You // Jacob >••<
Picture this, you just got home from a dance that was super fun. You got changed into your super comfortable pjs, and undo your hair, leaving out every single bobby pin...
We'll Meet Again  by johnnyboy_blue27
We'll Meet Again by Owen427
Lium and Noah first meet at a summer camp when they were both kids. They became friends pretty fast and soon enough they were inseparable. As the summer came to an end t...
Laurna (a Laurance and Luna ff) *A love story* ❤ by lovethatgirl100
Laurna (a Laurance and Luna ff) * lovethatgirl100
This story starts in 2016 on Augest 25 Luna's birthday. she didn't know that her love or lover would be waiting for her in school?!?!? Hey guys please check my YouTube...
From a Far off Land by JanusDiAngelo
From a Far off Landby Janus di Angelo
A boy with no memory of his past wakes up in a fantasy world full of wonder as he discovers the truth of his life before.
Immortal but not Invincible by writersblockismybane
Immortal but not Invincibleby writersblockismybane
Um I have a hard time with writers block hence my username
I'm In Love With The Cute Little # 1 Gangster by NhypsieHasan
I'm In Love With The Cute Little Nhypsie Hasan
Hahahahahahahahahahahahhshahahahshshshshsh B-A-S-A-H-I-N N-I-Y-O...
Lost and Found | Dan x reader by Summerlester
Lost and Found | Dan x readerby Summerlester
[COMPLETED] Dan X reader fan fiction You received a call in the middle of the night telling you that Dan Howell is injured and you are his emergency contact... 2019 #1 a...
When Nowhere Was Found(boyxboy) by MarieHaynes3
When Nowhere Was Found(boyxboy)by Marie Haynes
I do not own the photo above. ×××××× A young man lost, he is lost in every way. His memory his, home, even his own name. Gone simply gone. so he us left to wander the ea...
Memories by honeycutt1228
Memoriesby Ever Honeycutt
*insert amazingly awesome description*