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The Group Chat (Marauders AU) by reject_20
The Group Chat (Marauders AU)by 𝒦
The five Marauders have a group chat. This should be fun, right?
Stella The Mafia Boss by freenkybecca___
Stella The Mafia Bossby freenkybecca___
Naging mafia boss si Stella at pinag hanap siya ng assistant ng kaniyang Ate na si Elizabeth then one day lang need niya para makahanap ng assistant then naisipan ni sca...
Izuku... Why? Suicide!Deku AU (Midoriya Siblings) by Timeless_95
Izuku... Why? Suicide!Deku AU ( Just Another Fanfic Writer
Izuku is dead. The boy who always wanted to be a hero.... is dead. Who is left? Only his triplet siblings, Izuki and Izuka Midoriya. Izuki's quirk is Psychic. Izuka's q...
True Love Kiss by Arolla_Pine
True Love Kissby Lena Klimka
What would happen if Ladybug didn't leave Cat Noir after the fight with Dark Cupid? What would happen if Cat Noir confessed his feelings anyway on the Valentine's Day? W...
What Are We? Romanogers  by Srittam14
What Are We? Romanogers by fic-world
Have you ever been in a dilemma? Where you can't figure out, wheather you love them instead of hate, or you hate them instead of love? Complicated, right? Well, life it...
Through The Galaxy | A Cal Kestis Story by maverickscopilot
Through The Galaxy | A Cal DonutMaster07
Cal Kestis is a Jedi, a former Padawan who survived Order 66 after the death of his Master, Jaro Tapal. After escaping the Second Sister, and meeting the crew on the Man...
Arranged Marriage  by untouchpen
Arranged Marriage by marang
In business, marriage with love is not that necessary. Jay wants to be seen and heard by his own family because he is the business heir of the family. He genuinely gave...
Fake Dating by Arolla_Pine
Fake Datingby Lena Klimka
That plan - although perfect in theory - couldn't be successful. It involved him - a popular model, and her - a rising star of pop music in the craziest project of their...
≪ ° Creation [Jay's RQ and SL AU book] ° ≫ by JayWritezForFun
≪ ° Creation [Jay's RQ and SL AU ☆: Jay Writez :☆
A book for my Rainbow Quest and Steve Legend's AUS This book is mainly going to have some AUs I made in the past months. Some are random but have good stories and lore f...
Zor-Allen Love Story by Sydneys2003
Zor-Allen Love Storyby SydneyElizabeth
One night out can change someone's life. Lucky for Barry Allen, that change goes by the name Kara Danvers. Kara and Barry meet at a bar and from there, their relationsh...
LET ME GO PREQUEL by authorsimerl
The chapters in this story are fillers or gaps from the previous Season One of Let Me Go AU. There will be throwbacks, added points of views of other characters.
Unexpected - Bada Lee AU Story by jstbadalee_
Unexpected - Bada Lee AU Storyby wave
It was planned for Unexpected to be a One Shot story, but many of you asked for another part. This was originally posted on TikTok, but I decided to put it here for some...
"My Tall Boy"- A Dunkleman X Stig book by ThatRaspberry
"My Tall Boy"- A Dunkleman X JackxStig4Lifers🤪
Dunkleman spent his whole life chasing after who he thought was the perfect girl for him, but what occurs when a newer, blonder, taller, Swedish man comes in and takes h...
No room to swing a Cat? by Arolla_Pine
No room to swing a Cat?by Lena Klimka
A few years have passed since Marinette fell in love with Adrien. Now, both are adult, at the university, and some unforeseen circumstances make Marinette live under the...
I found you by your_bi0tch
I found youby Y0ur_bi0tch
some weird shit mafia, leaving and stuff i guess. I DO NOT OWN HAIKYUU AND I AM JUST USING THEM AS CHARACTERS IN THE STORY. OMIHINA?
Hell Hath No Fury by mybugheadheart
Hell Hath No Furyby mybugheadheart
"I hate her." "I hate him." Betty and Jughead hate each other, but then suddenly, like the fires of hell burning up in their stomach, they snap. What...
 One Chicago oneshots  by serpentbugheadxv
One Chicago oneshots by serpentbugheadxv
Hi! This is one of my old projects that I am not currently writing anymore on. So I don't take any requests, but I don't mind reserving them:) All updates on this book...
Riverdale - When Life Goes Wrong... by mybugheadheart
Riverdale - When Life Goes mybugheadheart
In the town of Riverdale, just across Sweetwater River from Greendale, new girl Betty Cooper has just joined Riverdale High, the only school in the town, including the l...
I discovered the truth behind your lies. by jstbadalee_
I discovered the truth behind wave
A ONE SHOT BADA LEE AU STORY. - This story is inspired by my friend's experience.
POV: MAY JOWA KANG BAD BOY (AU Story) by _alleaneed
This is an Au story, you can read it both from tiktok or wattpad💗 -leaxljr Published: November 11, 2023 Completed: November 14, 2023