My Naughty Ghost by CanaleYukine
My Naughty Ghostby yukine
What will happen when you just move away to the new place, but some ghost suddenly appear before you and don't want to leave you alone. I don't own the characters. I jus...
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HIERARCHY - SOTUS Fanfiction by xavierree
HIERARCHY - SOTUS Fanfictionby xavierree
[Omegaverse] Arthit pushed him, "You! Your skin keep sending heat. It burns!" Kongpob blinked, "Is that so?" // Kongpob, the popular male Alpha among...
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The Bright Book Awards  [OPEN] by thebrightbookawards
The Bright Book Awards [OPEN]by Bright Book Awards
(Highest Rank - 10 in Random) OPEN [ ✔️] JUDGING [ ] CLOSED [ ] Unable to get more reads? Or unsure about how good your book is? Enter into the Bright Book Award...
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Romancing You (Completed) by CanaleYukine
Romancing You (Completed)by yukine
Arthit is one of famous writer under name Krist. While Kongpop is a computer engineer and website desinger. So what will happen when they meet each other? I don't own th...
  • aim
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Kongpop had never been attracted to another man before, and yet he fell in love with his senior Arthit. This is the story of two young men falling in love, the story wil...
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BRIGHT - Books 1 & 2 by ELatimer
BRIGHT - Books 1 & 2by Erin Latimer
What happens when the new guy at school makes you glow? Literally. When Olivia Peterson meets Daniel Blake on the first day back to school, she is completely unimpress...
  • mythology
  • nanowrimo13
  • erin
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Taking The Plunge (The Puppy Honey Series) by innerempireeee
Taking The Plunge (The Puppy innerempire
Pick has always identified himself as a straight man.What's there not to like about girls? Until Rome throws him completely off balance with just one kiss,showing that a...
  • gunattaphan
  • rome
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Married by Accident (Completed) by CanaleYukine
Married by Accident (Completed)by yukine
Kongpop already confess to Arthit about his feeling, but Arthit still not answer him. Someday, Bright invite them to his and Rome's Birthday party. Then, something happe...
  • knott
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Facing Fear by SouthernBelles19
Facing Fearby SouthernBelles19
"What's a pretty little girl like you doing in here?" "Wow baby, you looking fine." "You need some help over there, beautiful? I got something t...
  • instinct
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Wanderlust | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Wanderlust | ✎by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ
  • poems
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The Boy Who Never Smiled by thefallingfangirl
The Boy Who Never Smiledby evelyn ♡
➽ Book 1 of The Boy Series When a cheerful girl named Ariana Allo moves to a new town far away from her original one, things start plummeting downhill for her. Until sh...
  • mysterious
  • dark
  • ariana
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The Black and Bright Moon [ONGOING] by suntubie
The Black and Bright Moon [ONGOING]by suntubie
Bakit ta'yo naiinis sa isang tao!? Baka kase ginawan nila ta'yo ng masama. Bakit mas pinipili nating ayawan ang isang tao!? Baka may ayaw ta'yo sa ugali nila. Bakit kayl...
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SOTUS: The Forgetful Boyfriend (And Other Oneshots) by innerempireeee
SOTUS: The Forgetful Boyfriend ( innerempire
In which Arthit thinks he might have lost the gear Kongpob gifted to him, and cuteness (and lots of playful bickering) ensues. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in...
  • singto
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[Fine shade] Fine hãy tha thứ cho anh by AsunaKirito837
[Fine shade] Fine hãy tha thứ Sami-Army
Cô yêu anh bằng cả trái tim của mình như anh lại yêu chị của cô.rồi diễn biến gì sẽ xảy ra
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~The Sweet Voice~ by _AngryAngel12_
~The Sweet Voice~by ~innocent trashy Potato~
This is going to be cringe because that is what I write and this story is going 'okay'? I don't know CX Emo boy x a sunshine boy. -Little Bit Of The Story- "Don't...
  • school
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what we got by yolo17girls
what we gotby true fruits
°philosophy stuff° ~C PS: Also on WHI
  • poesie
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One Can Dream Blue by LivSweet18
One Can Dream Blueby LivSweet18
Aubrey was never a very confident girl, until she changed schools. A few years pass and she's now an high school senior and meets Collin, who looks to good to be true...
  • adult
  • wattys2018
  • funny
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My Poem Compilation by RedwolfDee
My Poem Compilationby Sweet Peach
A bundle of poems, just for you!
  • selfharm
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  • beauty
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Kriesha Chu by HappyDreamer12
Kriesha Chuby Railey Velle Tiu~
Let us get to know our first Filipina K-poper! She's a true legend in history of K Pop~ Know about: -Kriesha Chu's real name -Age -Height -Likes -Agency -Family and etc...
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Cô gái xã hội đen ( Shine 18- ) by Samymaily
Cô gái xã hội đen ( Shine 18- )by 💜 シェードとファイン ❤️
Một cô gái tóc đỏ đang định đi đánh hội đồng nhóm kia thì thằng cầm đầu bỗng bước ra . Nhưng không thể ngờ được thằng là người mà cô đã bảo vệ hồi còn rất nhỏ :v và thằg...
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