The Autumn Awards 2018 (OPEN) by AutumnAwards2018
The Autumn Awards 2018 (OPEN)by The Autumn Awards 2018
Looking for an award? Think your story has what it takes? Want more reads? If you answered yes to any of those, then step right up and enter the 2018 Autumn Awards! Cove...
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Masks Are Illegal by csouthard1s
Masks Are Illegalby csouthard1s
In Silver City, there are no such things as superheroes. Masks are illegal because they're deemed unnecessary and would only be used to hide a criminal. Why? Because...
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Family Forever [1]  by Briana_Hamato
Family Forever [1] by Briana Hamato
Based on a TMNT FanFiction called Family Forever. Briana is the adopted 6 year old sister of Raphael Hamato. She loves her big brother and his best friends who are like...
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Strangge: Because of Her by StranggeMC
Strangge: Because of Herby Strangge MC
Everything starts with a promise of a boy name Onmyami Strangge, the only son of Darkness King (leader (Katachiiki) of Sakura region) and Mother of the lighteners (leade...
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Hunter X Hunter --The Ninja Highblood-- by Tigersanime
Hunter X Hunter --The Ninja Tigersanime
Read along as we follow the Hunter X Hunter storyline but this time including a Ninja. No not the baldy! This Ninja, Aliz is my OC. Aliz starts our story at the Hunte...
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The Four Elemental Heroes  by Rexobrine
The Four Elemental Heroes by Rexobrine
In all the world of Elements, the four elected elements; Fire/Light, Earth/Nature, Ice and Water share a same story in one, even though some of them are opposite and par...
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Soul Land I by cheekyjiminlover
Soul Land Iby cheekyjiminlover
Tang San was born in a world called Soul Land, where every person has a spirit of their own, and those with powerful spirits can practice their spirit power and rise up...
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Daily life in Gensokyo by Duke-sama1211
Daily life in Gensokyoby Ark Duke
Y/N died and was rewarded with a system and an ability to control element's and will be able to go to the world he like to go can he get along with the locals? Author:...
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The Assassin and the Girl by RoyalorReabl
The Assassin and the Girlby Cookie Lover
" You don't need a weapon when your born one " A boy running from his past becoming an assassin meets an average looking girl. Little did he know she was so mu...
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Moon notes by CRRB101
Moon notesby CRRB101
"Just notes, moon notes that I make for myself and the moon but maybe for someone else. I know weird that someone makes moon notes but that inspires me to make not...
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Breaking Boundaries by derannie_jones
Breaking Boundariesby Derannie L. Jones
Ever wondered what's it like to go on a trip with your closest friends? Meet Danielle Johnson, Willow Gray, Tammie Fletcher and Izzy Grant who are on their way for an ad...
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Otherworldly by MC_Dakki
Otherworldlyby MC_Dakki
Sebastian is a male nurse that has seen it all - from powerful, elite-tiered political patients to broken, forgotten scraps of humanity. When his last area of exposure g...
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Magic Highschool [Remake!] [Group Roleplay] by Http-Pxince
Magic Highschool [Remake!] [ Commander Hisu
Creatures of darkness roam the world so a School was made to teach Young Boys and Girls to learn how to fight and hone their skills in combat to defeat darkness. These s...
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Sunflower Reviews // CLOSED by ccallis0246
Sunflower Reviews // CLOSEDby Cassie
CLOSED FOR CATCHUP Welcome to Sunflower Reviews! If you need a review, step inside! Cover made by @shethetigress
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Red skin, Two Horns by n0tJosie
Red skin, Two Hornsby HypeBeastJosie
He's half monster and sick of being judged by everyone that sees him, so his mom sends him to a school in a different dimension (literally), UnderAcademy.
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Elite by DragonSwirl
Eliteby Drooms
The Elite: A group evolved from humans to have deadly and/or unnatural powers. For your own safety, do not engage. Report all sightings to the ESGI immediately. Started...
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Oh Brother (Big Sister! Reader X Hamada Brothers) by TinyyyPandaa
Oh Brother (Big Sister! Reader X Tiny
Living the life of a middle child is hard, says everyone that's one. Well not for me! Here's my life story with these two nerds, Tadashi and Hiro, and the sweetest (pun...
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The Curse Called 'Beauty' by Tea_Tea_Treat
The Curse Called 'Beauty'by Teaz
Lena was always a peculiar girl. When she was born she had been blessed with unimaginable beauty. Though that was never seen as a blessing to her. Because of traumatic e...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • magic
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HOPE by wingsonfire101
Gwen was a girl who had problems at home.She has no friends and hate her school. One day her father went to far and hit her.She runs into the forest. As she runs she tri...
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