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Restrained Desire by thenumba1spaz
Restrained Desireby thenumba1spaz
"To love one such as her is a crime unimaginable for the likes of you." In this tale, a young woman known to this world as a fox-like creature called a vulpine...
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Apotelesma: The Voyager, The Anchor, and The Sound by Hollandia_is_here
Apotelesma: The Voyager, The E.M. Hollandia
Once the sun shatters, the world is left dark and crumbling. Glass like shards of the sun fall to the earth, plunging themselves into the crust like daggers. Once the du...
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An Uncertain Present by pokemonshadowhunter
An Uncertain Presentby Anna Shadowhunter
Alec Lightwood-Bane thought after becoming the archangel Remiel that life would settle back into normalcy. For a few months, he was not wrong. Magnus, his family (both o...
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My Second Go In Life at Another World by Laplacer
My Second Go In Life at Another Laplacer
Yuuto Fujimura, a young boy lived a short life in Japan after being hit by a truck trying to save an old lady. Given another chance in life by God, now he travels anothe...
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Thurmond  by lil_panda_bear
Thurmond by Abby Iannucci
In this spin off of the end of in the Afterlight, if things had been different... This is a take on the end of In the Afterlight. All characters belong to Bracken. WARN...
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Cassandra Price loved stories. Especially ones about gods and monsters. With a first name originating from the stories of the Trojan War, Cassia couldn't help but feel c...
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Darkscape  by violetvix36
Darkscape by Violetvix366
Takes place in the same universe as ask the shadows but its in the third person point of view (now in first person) It also switches to a story before and a story now. ...
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summer camp by alessiosheart
summer campby ⛈ zotto ⛈
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Hinterland by Retroflier
Hinterlandby Retroflier
Simon sincerely believed he was saving Morgan's life when he pushed her off the second-story roof of her family farmhouse. To be fair, his mother was burning it to the g...
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The First Encounter by BriLambert24
The First Encounterby Brianna Lambert
Emily Adams is just a normal teenage girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and doesn't have any friends...because she doesn't need them when she has her dad. Emily...
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The Crown of the Monsters by i_think_shes_asian
The Crown of the Monstersby 【I.V.】
It all started with a spark. It's the three hundred ninety-fourth star cycle, and tensions are rising again between the tropical, southern kingdom of Corra and the icy...
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By Heaven's Grace by AshlynnIsMyLife
By Heaven's Graceby November Clove
After living in a orphanage all her life, Kayleigh Avery is finally getting her fairytale moment. She is finally getting adopted but that doesn't mean that her happily e...
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Her unexpected life by 03lilly
Her unexpected lifeby 03lilly
Aurora, a kind ,pretty and smart senior in her school. She planed her life perfectly ,to be a famous actress and to be known as a kind person to everyone who meets her b...
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1968 Chevrolet Chevelle by MollyHarris416
1968 Chevrolet Chevelleby Molly Harris
Devin Porter is a foster child and on her second year of college. She lives off campus with her best friend Jordan Beers. It was going pretty well, then she met Theo Axe...
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The Keeper of the Keys  by WindWriter14
The Keeper of the Keys by Hadassa Echosong
What would you do if you thought it was the end - only to find out you had another minute to spare? The limits of time have no rival in an age where men stop at nothing...
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The Breaker of Chains (Tragedy & Triumph #1) by ClaytonAllenBell
The Breaker of Chains (Tragedy & Clayton A. Bell
Hero is an Innkeeper, until one day her life is uprooted by her discovery of magic. She is caught using this power and the consequences are grave. The punishment for mag...
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Elnea Kingdom AU: Fallen Petals by _Truth_Behold_
Elnea Kingdom AU: Fallen Petalsby SugarCookia
This was inspired by a mobile game called "Elnea Kingdom". I love this game wholesomely and highly recommend to those who just want to play a chill game a want...
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The Stuff of Legends by AmirBadass007
The Stuff of Legendsby Tatsumaki
Zoro sacrifices himself for Luffy, giving his life for him at Thriller Bark. The distraught Straw hats struggle to decide to what to do next, then Robin reveals a Legen...
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The Miracles by DerpyNerd_4Life
The Miraclesby DerpyNerd_4Life
Imagine this: You are a group of fresh out of college girls, you've lasted so many things together and stuck by each other's sides through it all. But then one day, your...
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all of it? by ritxjones
all of it?by ritxjones
Megan Martin, is one of the most ordinary girls you could ever encounter. During her final days before becoming an adult she begins having some sorts of difficulties dur...
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