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The Spark of Balance: The Realm of Mianite by Ladyclaire300
The Spark of Balance: The Realm Ladyclaire300
Captain Sparkles huh? The land of Mianite is thought to not be a real place, but what if it was. Claire was just a normal college girl with a normal life until one day s...
  • sparkanite
  • balance
  • romance
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Hero's Tale  by Zoura65
Hero's Tale by Zoura65
The world of pokemon. For hundreds of years the kingdom of Lato has been in peace....till one day the death of the king brought the kingdom into an up war and the kingdo...
  • videogames
  • pokemon
  • fanfiction
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Safe Haven by -wanhxda
Safe Havenby sam
Serena Jacobs survived the apocalypse by sheer luck. When thinking of Serena Jacobs, most would think she'd be the first to die in a crisis. Since their safe haven fell...
  • zombieapocalypse
  • love
  • adventure
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Miracle's Adventure (ON-GOING) by xpinkyswearx
Miracle's Adventure (ON-GOING)by Kate❤
Introduction: By the vows of the winds, winds like an air, air that makes a whisper, whisper through my ears and I can't get over with it. Cold as a winter, Winter sea...
  • adventure
  • dark
  • ycarus
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Soul connections  by UltimateAuthor2324
Soul connections by Snowfall
16 year old Paige has gone through many trials and error through her life. First she looses her twin Mack in the military then she looses the only friend who was ever th...
  • swearing
  • action
  • humor
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Starrlings by ellekirks
Starrlingsby elle kirkpatrick
LUMIKO TSUKASAI is the fire princess, born in the dying embers of the Fire Wars. With her parents perished in the flames, all Lumi has is her twin brother, Tai, and her...
  • adventure
  • ya-fantasy
  • dragon
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Friendships Change the Digital World by DarkSeige1
Friendships Change the Digital The Demonic Angel
This story is in dedication to the friends that I've gotten to talk and know them for a long time. Their characters will be based off ones that they came up with when we...
  • action
  • adventure
  • freestyle
The Girl With Extraodinary Powers: The Valiant Quest by Alytheauror
The Girl With Extraodinary Operative Seven
Alicia Keith Wellington is a teenager girl who seeks for adventure. But what if it came to her instead. The first day of school was when she turned of age. What does th...
  • villian
  • superpower
  • magic
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The hell you've created by AnneMMbuyi
The hell you've createdby Anne D
In search for her father who had gone missing Aie finds herself in a world like never before. A world filled with destructions and ruins, where none can be trusted. How...
  • scifi
  • mutants
  • action
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Against the Train by user37980715
Against the Trainby
A young boy who has no belief in anything gets his whole world changed when his teacher Miss Rosalie, assigns him on a research project with two other classmates. They g...
  • death
  • adventure
  • anime
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Of Prudence by AnastasiaxGriffith
Of Prudenceby AnastasiaxGriffith
You decide....The stories what you make of it...
  • thoughts
  • future
  • random
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"What Does It Mean To Be A Hunter" by umbrevor
"What Does It Mean To Be A Hunter"by shrewdhoot
"Oh Dear, Oh Dear," "What A Mess This World Has Gone Into." "Monsters Everywhere On Sight, Each And Every Single One Of Them With It's Own Might...
  • worldbuilding
  • creatures
  • fantasy
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The Deep Sea by Pugness05
The Deep Seaby Pugness05
When Lilith celebrates the last day of school for the year, her mum has some news for her and her little sister Marcy. Lilith's best friend Kinsley has the best news tha...
  • adventure
  • family
  • friends
Targeted by Soccerkid07
Targetedby Jade Zemlock
She's an international spy/assassin and he is a troubled high schooler. What happens when their two worlds collide and he is the next target? Will she carry out her miss...
  • martial-arts
  • powers
  • romance
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Rivarly Lovers by FqTheWritter
Rivarly Loversby FqTheWritter
Two Lovers That First Are Rival
  • fanfiction
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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Two Worlds, One Goal by KeyRex
Two Worlds, One Goalby KeyRex
Disclaimer: Terraria belongs to 505 games, so please support the official release. Also many of the pictures seen in this book does not belong to me. This book is based...
  • zombies
  • guns
  • dragons
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Chains Made of Stars by Liz_Lane
Chains Made of Starsby Liz Lane
In what can only be described as a moment of pure, unadulterated stupidity, Mith agrees to help a trigger-happy, thieving, scheming, possibly-demented fifteen year old s...
  • adventure
  • originalstory
  • fantasy
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A Flower in the Smog by vilest
A Flower in the Smogby Nikita Iuon
Hailing from wealth, but ostracized for his lack of blessing, Kai Fen resigned himself to his lonely, secret life at his uncle's summer estate. That changed when the Bly...
  • secretidentity
  • war
  • historicalfantasy
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Specially UnAverage by Kastalinara
Specially UnAverageby Kastalinara
College is supposed to be about reinventing yourself. My life didn't get the memo.
  • askabby
  • adventure
  • collegestories
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The New Boy by imnotyourpartyfavour
The New Boyby imnotyourpartyfavour
Ellie is a normal teenage girl who finds life miserable but interesting. She then meets the new boy everyone has been talking about. Ellie gets forced to help him out fo...
  • mystrey
  • reading
  • secrects
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