The Princess Who Carries the Blood of the Goddess by TheLoudGuy
The Princess Who Carries the The Loud Guy
Zelda awakens in the chamber of resurrection, not remembering who she is or why she is there. She must set out into Hyrule, righting the wrongs of the past and seeking r...
  • featured
  • daruk
  • hylia
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Runaway with Faye by RileyKifer
Runaway with Fayeby Riley Kifer
In a land where magic is illegal, Faye is a homeless half-fairy, roaming the streets of Acren in search of money to steal. Until she comes across a man on the run who ne...
  • shapeshifter
  • diverselit
  • adventure
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Gossip Columns Vol. 1  by oliviaalouise
Gossip Columns Vol. 1 by l i v
baby girl I can read your problems in the back of the gossip columns °2018° •sophomore year
  • lonely
  • gossip
  • drama
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The Rouge of Briwood by Zennya-ann
The Rouge of Briwoodby Zennya-ann
Stealing was the only way for Alexandra to survive after wild ones attacked her home and left her an orphan. But one day she picked the wrong pocket and was sent on a jo...
  • magic
  • adventure
  • forgetfulwizard
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Thunder by mahzebin_ahona
Thunderby mahzebin_ahona
No she is not different.She is normal. But how did it happened? Read and find out.........
  • adventure
  • magic
  • mystery
Chronicles of Primordial Wars by han-amor
Chronicles of Primordial Warsby han-amor
Shao Xuan joins a friend in his expedition to a recently discovered archaeological cave. After he picks up an ordinary looking stone he is teleported to a different worl...
  • supernatural
  • action
  • fantasy
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Forever - Over |JET CREW| by IDontKnowWhoIam00
Forever - Over |JET CREW|by Idontknow whoim
|TAK WIEM PIĘKNA OKŁADKA| Wiktoria, 22-letnia dziewczyna, która chce odmienić trochę swoje życie, wylatuje do Australii. Czekają ją tam niezwykłe przygody, które mogą pr...
  • polska
  • house
  • girl
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Screw You, Jupiter [Boy x Boy] by SugoiPommy
Screw You, Jupiter [Boy x Boy]by Pommy
Why wasn't he surprised that this happened to his best friend? Okay, maybe he was a little surprised by the strangely attractive elf in front of him. A scientist and his...
  • legolas
  • originalcharacter
  • legolasgreenleaf
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Save me      /MyStreet x Reader/ by Oreo_Kookies
Save me /MyStreet x Reader/by Oreo_Kookies
Hi I'm Julia! And my dad is keeping secrets from me about my real family and once I find whole life changes..... ~WATCH APHMAUS MYSTREET EPISODES TO FIND OUT T...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • aphmau
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Fate by Desirable_Star
Fateby Divina♡
Oh! Only if you knew the games that fate plays.... _________________________________________ I thought life was a walking journey. Never knew it was a high speed rollarc...
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • brothers
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Elemental Arts by NekomataXZ
Elemental Artsby Zei
What happens when four schoolgirls get transported into the Multiverse?
  • elementalarts
  • multiverse
  • noncanon
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The Once and Future Presidents by runnolarun
The Once and Future Presidentsby runnolarun
It's the year 2071, and democracy has been reduced to little more than a reality show. Great heroes from the past are being cloned and raised to compete in the entertain...
  • washington
  • king
  • lincoln
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Flame & Moon by Chrysos20
Flame & Moonby Clay The Mudwing
Flame is a female red fox who becomes friends with a male white wolf named Moon. Soon Flame & Moon become more then friends. They fall in love with each other. However...
  • animals
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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The Light and The Darkness keeps the balance to our world. Wothout the light we can't see through the darkness and without the darkness we can't appreciate the light. Th...
  • goddess
  • world
  • power
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The Epic Adventure by Midnight_Disasters
The Epic Adventureby a l e x i a a.
August Brookes was never one for going out to parties or doing anything even remotely rebellious. That is until she meets them.
  • comedy
  • friendship
  • teenromance
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Not All Good Girls Love Bad Boys: (Previously Behind The Mask)  by CosmicKestrel
Not All Good Girls Love Bad Luna
Kestrel Blood, also known as Birdie. She's your average quiet and shy 15 year old girl. She's hated by the whole school, except for her four best friends, Asha, Webs, Du...
  • friendship
  • wingsoffire
  • astralprojection
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Our Lives The Beginning by FantasyCreatorEditor
Our Lives The Beginningby FantasyCreator
Santa's real, and kidnapped by a chaotic man. Without Santa, Christmas will be forever gone. It's up to a group of mostly family members and close friends named The Gang...
  • fantasy
  • santaclaus
  • adventure
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Vampire Masquerade | BTS by MochiLattae95
Vampire Masquerade | BTSby 🥀
❝There is no ending without a beginning.❞
  • wattpad
  • jimin
  • chicklit
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Legendary Godzilla meets Monster Girl Encyclopedia by DraconianLover009
Legendary Godzilla meets Monster DraconianLover009
In this alternate universe, the Mamono Lord of MGE doesn't have a husband. Because of this she has become very depressed and lonely. To fix this problem, her Advisor wen...
  • adventure
  • kaiju
  • godzilla
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