Grazing the Sky by SpeakWhenItRains
Grazing the Skyby Meg Faulkenberry
There are beings living at the center of the Earth. Deep within the molten core - which acts as a barrier to keep away humans - lies Razaleks and Spiros, both at frail p...
  • epicfantasy
  • military
  • music
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The Goonies on holiday by NatashaGreenleaf
The Goonies on holidayby Natasha Greenleaf
The Goonies go on holiday to a tropical island, joined by their friend, Lenora Adams. Being the only girl, she has to keep them all in order, but sometimes they don't ob...
  • action
  • fluff
  • holiday
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reincarnated into the world of books(Includes Percy Jackson, Harry Potter etc.) by lunalove1234567890
reincarnated into the world of Vivian Zhong
I died yep, as you could've guessed, I got hit by a truck- then I died you'll be like, "but hey! you obviously didn't die because then you wouldn't be here telling...
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • adventure
  • percyjackson
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peachy by nataleesue
peachyby rainy.days
In the town of Sunflower Missouri lives two teens. Daniella Stokes (who her friends call Dani) and Zaria Arrow. They have had a plan to leave Missouri for years. The day...
  • dream
  • peachy
  • romance
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The yin and yang twins by zaitheghoul27
The yin and yang twinsby Zarai the demon hedgewolf
This story was writed for my brother well rp brother Burner the Flamehusky we both have alot in common hope you like it and follow me 2 young wolf meet and both lost th...
  • adventure
  • fanfiction
  • siblings
When Spooky Season Spooks Back by IMonkeyAkaTay
When Spooky Season Spooks Backby IMonkeyAkaTay
Halloween has gotten stale, and it'll be these two boy's last holloween before they'll be adults and have to deal with "real life", such a catastrophic event w...
  • horror-thriller
  • horror
  • creepy
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Second Harvest by davidcharder
Second Harvestby David
Second Harvest is a meticulously constructed adventure of hardy men and fearless women set in the hardscrabble frontier of the American Southwest. A 19th-century tale of...
  • western
  • drama
  • adventure
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The 7 sins of Regret by JeremiahGunnett
The 7 sins of Regretby Jeremiah Gunnett
As the characters of this book go on an exciting adventure, they will undergo seven trials to see if they are worthy of fighting the master demon. Satan, they will have...
  • action
  • adventure
  • littleromance
Percy by Rummly
Percyby Rose
The crazy truth about Percy weasely. That he may not look it to his family and most of the wizarding world but he really is a Gryffindor. Sorry for spelling and everythi...
  • muggle
  • harrypotter
  • oliver
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Pandora (English) by galadrielsdream
Pandora (English)by galadrielsdream
There are three things I'm completely sure about: 1) Mi name is Emma Stonem. 2) I would do anything for my brother, Ethan. 3) I'm a theatre actress, one good enough to k...
  • emma
  • romance
  • adventure
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There only stories  by kittengold2737
There only stories by kittengold2737
My dad I could never see his true face only it was soft and kind one day he left and I never saw him again frisk my grandmother takes care of me and tells me amazing sto...
  • adventure
  • love
Season Change  by LimAhcai
Season Change by Lim Ahcai
I might call this poem but I hope you guys can relate the write of the words that play... "the rain make me want to cry but I am crying now I just miss you I lo...
  • rain
  • drama
  • alone
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There's Always Another One~ Avengers Fanfiction by Ireland_221
There's Always Another One~ Ireland_221
One of the Avengers has a long-lost sister they knew nothing about. It's to bad that when she showed up on earth, she lost her memory and has no idea who to trust. After...
  • marvel
  • adventure
  • avenger
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Young, Wild, Free by prxttylao
Young, Wild, Freeby lao x
"What do you want to do when you're done with school?" "You're going to college next year, right?" "Oh Darling, a gap year is a recipe for disas...
  • loss
  • teen
  • selflove
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Vampire Gone Wrong by Tray-CKierra
Vampire Gone Wrongby Tray-C Kierra
"Xander. Please, have pity" she pleaded miserably at my feet. Disgusting. I thought and scowled.... Her pitiful state did nothing to me.Seeing her lying in her...
  • revenge
  • fiction
  • lord
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Haven by redx95
Havenby Thomas
The fence was what kept the remaining humans safe. it was never suppose to shut down or be turned off for that matter. Now, Richard must figure out how to fix a problem...
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • adventure
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Our Souls in our sound minds and bodies at the DWMA - Soul Eater Fanfic  by DestructionGirl1012
Our Souls in our sound minds and Vampire Princess
An ordinary girl who lived in a small town almost all her life, had a big life change. When she figures out that she is a Meister she travels to Death City to live out h...
  • soul
  • adventure
  • dwma
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Tales of tails: The Island (Book 1) by vaneunlee
Tales of tails: The Island (Book 1)by Girlwonderbatgirl 💫
Melody is your ordinary seventeen year old teenage girl. Life on the beach is calm and everyone knows everyone. Every words whispered travels through the wind. You can l...
  • island
  • mermaid
  • ocean
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Nooi in Vegas  by BakaCrazyReader
Nooi in Vegas by Kiara Panda
Karlien's POV I was woken up by a soft snoring. My eyes fluttered open and I found myself looking up at the beautiful stranger I had met last night. I smiled at the cute...
  • ceo
  • vegas
  • truelove
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Finding Gray (Book 1 IN THE GRAY SERIES) by CdogStories13
Finding Gray (Book 1 IN THE GRAY Courtney Leah Torr
[ Book 1 in: "THE GRAY SERIES" ] Keira Blue, was always a fiery, shy girl. Un-important to the social society, well almost the whole social society. Her best f...
  • book1
  • frustration
  • romance
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