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Magical Bear 2 by BibleAnimeGamer
Magical Bear 2by BibleAnimeGamer
Magical Bear soon remembers his real name. It isn't long before he is thrust into a new quest. He has find his allies again with the help of new allies along the way. Ev...
Alchemy Of Abyss by NEidarous
Alchemy Of Abyssby Nouran Eidarous
Two opposite universes, one with human beings born into great destinies filled with magic and supernatural powers and the other with divines; creatures exist only to ser...
Last Hope by VaanMarthell
Last Hopeby Va'an Marthell
Cipher carries the weight of an uncommon disease, a condition that is inextricably linked with an extraordiray power that holds the key to his destiny-a destiny that is...
My Beginning After the End by Slowcky
My Beginning After the Endby Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) At the age of eight Luke was diagnosed with a heart disease. After being se...
The rules of the house by MrCreeps666
The rules of the houseby MrCreeps666
"We Are Trapped In A Haunted House We Made, There Are Rules We Must Follow"
The King's Odyssey: Bastard King by ChristyRowell5
The King's Odyssey: Bastard Kingby ChristyAnn
Samuel born illegitimately to the throne is now King at the age of eighteen. His father's untimely death, and the crown prince's unlikely death has left the country in r...
Echoes of the Nebula by Saif402
Echoes of the Nebulaby Saif Ulla
The year was 2235. In a sprawling metropolis nestled amidst towering skyscrapers and shimmering holographic billboards, Detective Sarah Vaughn found herself embroiled in...
Star Wars : Rogues by SamTheStud
Star Wars : Roguesby Sam
Times have changed, after the Galactic Republic turned into the Empire nothing seems to be the same around throughout the galaxy. Lots have surrendered themselves to thi...
The adventure of Unicorn and Witch by ShadowSenpai01
The adventure of Unicorn and Witchby ShadowSenpai01
Story revolves around A unicorn named "Luna" born on a beautiful starry night...and her partner a witch named "Amara"(nicknamed by world as "Eme...
TBATE-A New Chance  by NjobuKnte
TBATE-A New Chance by Njobu Kánte
In this story, Grey was a genious prodigy from a young age, hailing from a world just like ours, with no supernatural abilities. But some things are not what they seem...
ONE PIECE : Lighthouse Empire Arc by DCLGalloway
ONE PIECE : Lighthouse Empire Arcby Danny Gallows
*Cover is temporary, artwork will be created soon!* Hello, my friends, and welcome to my ONE PIECE fanfiction! The Lighthouse Empire Arc takes place immediately after t...
Edge of Everlasting Life by LennaAbel
Edge of Everlasting Lifeby Lenna Abel
When her friend Dean invites her, Vincent and Claire to volunteer to test a new VR game, Alice can't say no. The game, Edge of Everlasting Life, is being designed for th...
The Forgotten Garden by AnnieMakafui
The Forgotten Gardenby AnnieMakafui
Synopsis: "The Forgotten Garden" "The Forgotten Garden" is a captivating fantasy adventure that follows the journey of young Lily and her grandmother...
World Of Tidiness by YardenTheFat
World Of Tidinessby Yarden but silly
The story follows Lag, a teenager who doesn't give a shot about anything, was a soldier to his dimension's leader. The leader had a base, where he had a portal, they thr...
It had been a year, since they were attacked, since their lives were changed. But now, Ghost face is back, and he's back with hatred and anger for the Kemper sisters, an...
Rise from the ashes (an elemental tale)  by dash2380
Rise from the ashes (an Hadassah Alexander
Imagine a place barren and cold. Empty, devoid of life. Merely existing amongst the many other fragments of life. Sitting idly by, watching the world pass over. Imagine...
Treasure Island by LeilaOS
Treasure Islandby Leila O. S
It is the story of pirates who buried the treasure from ships in the Caribbean These pirates buried the treasure on an island The pirate cruel and violent . They all wa...
COTE x TBATE | A Masterpiece by Reprobate_
COTE x TBATE | A Masterpieceby McWhooper
"You may come to regret trying to manipulate me." "You may have invaded my mind and my body, but if one thing an asura always keeps, is his pri-" &qu...
Monster School side stories  by Rebeccapalmer660000
Monster School side stories by Rebecca Palmer
These could be long of short stories it's 18+ and some language in it. But, their will also be dares or request as well I've been thinking about this for weeks. I'll a...