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Neutral Through Chaos by xSHlNlGAMlx
Neutral Through Chaosby xshinigamix
Y/N knows everything and everyone in the undercity. For a fair price, they'll help anyone in need with their incredible engineering skills, no matter if they're a notor...
Sucker for Pain by Desiresbooks
Sucker for Painby Desire
Jinx brought pain to around her and Lexa was a masochist
Mechanical heart (Viktor x OC) by KamiAmaris
Mechanical heart (Viktor x OC)by KamiAmaris
Elvira Talis had many secrets. Ranging from her magic to her secret visits to Zaun. The only person who knew about her secrets was her cousin Jayce. But when Jayce sudde...
Arcane: Scenarios and Headcanons by horangdandan
Arcane: Scenarios and Headcanonsby organicstrawberries
scenarios/headcanons of the arcane characters in love gender neutral reader i do not own the characters nor plot of arcane, just the scenarios i do not own the pictures!!
Round Two (Vi x Fem!Reader) by cotudelam
Round Two (Vi x Fem!Reader)by Nekdo
You lived with Vander in the Lanes most of your childhood. But in the end have been raised by an Enforcer. How's that possible, you might ask? Well it all begins with o...
Violet by Idfk_asf
Violetby Idfk_asf
I'm like such a slut for Vi, you know? I had a moment, broke down, then decided to get my life together. Also I'm really gay. Whatever. I feel the need...
You and I (Arcane League of Legends Vi x reader) by isthian1
You and I (Arcane League of Lina
"I'll find you again." Was what Vi promised you. Will she keep your promise after 7 years? Or will she leave you for the second time? And if that's not an is...
Arcane: Enter Bane by RayTheRipper
Arcane: Enter Baneby RayTheRipper
Above, the near perfect utopian Piltover. Below, the oppressed underground of Zaun. Home of two iconic League champions. But, it's home to another League champion. One w...
Undercity Lover - Viktor Arcane x Male Reader by ViknotVic
Undercity Lover - Viktor Arcane Viktor J.
Viktor Zaun ( Arcane ) x Male Reader . Warnings before certain scenes! . You and Viktor have been friends ever since you were little, he'd been the only person you coul...
Achlys : Arcane fanfiction {Finished} by BehindtheArcane
Achlys : Arcane fanfiction { JinxedAuthor
As Powder has now become jinx, she has lost everything who mattered to her. Her sister's betrayal and Silco's death have only Made her go even madder but as she reins in...
Get Jinxed (Jinx x female reader) by happyhippo2345
Get Jinxed (Jinx x female reader)by happyhippo2345
○THE COVER IS NOT MINE● Y/n was abandoned in a freezing cold warehouse when she was just an infant by her single mother. The seemingly empty building happened to have th...
•Accept Me• Jinx x Reader by Billie_fan123
•Accept Me• Jinx x Readerby Billie_fan123
"At least someone wants me for the way I am.." Jinx x Reader Gxg #1 Powder #1 Jinx #1 Caitlyn
Crazy Eyes (Arcane x Male reader) (Jinx x Male reader) by VoltzyVoltz
Crazy Eyes (Arcane x Male reader) VoltzyVoltz
Y/N, a boy beaten almost half to death by his parents because of his shark teeth. But after being rescued by Vander, Y/N starts his new life in the underground where he...
Arcane male reader insert by maleman2
Arcane male reader insertby maleman2
In the city of Zaun, the underground, home to three siblings. The older sister, Vi, and the twins, Y/n and Powder. The more they grow up the crazier life gets. Follow th...
Her salvation → Jinx x Fem reader by CARAMXLIZED
Her salvation → Jinx x Fem readerby Jaylaa 🥱🤍
when everyone already thinks the worst of you, the best thing you can do is prove em right. that's how it is for us in the undercity, The topsiders always thought they w...
Fighter spirit (akaza male reader x Vi)  by nightmare783
Fighter spirit (akaza male Alex
(Y/N) a child of Zaun is saved by Vander in the big battle between the lanes and Piltover. ( kinda don't gonna spoil all the fun ) Enjoy! (this is my first story, Engl...
Hollow (Jinx x fem!reader) by ArcanefanJinxstan
Hollow (Jinx x fem!reader)by ArcanefanJinxstan
In which a devestated writer meets an insane nut case---Who may or may not be a fan. Jinx (from arcane) x female writer reader
{No one in this place takes what's mine}  Arcane x mother reader by monicaS2010
{No one in this place takes what' Momica
Being a mother is hard. After your husband died, forced to leave your home, lost your title as a counselor for trying to make magic, instead, it was dark magic, raising...
Silent As A Mouse (Arcane League of Legends Vi X Reader) by writersinco
Silent As A Mouse (Arcane League writersinco
All rights of the characters and plot go to the show Arcane League of Legends and also Riot. I only own Y/n and the few characters that are connected to her that are not...
I dont want to hate you now ~Vi x Reader~ by Visnumber1wifey
I dont want to hate you now ~Vi Springtraps wifey😍
"No, just listen to me Y/n. I love you so, so much so please just listen." ⚠️I do not own any property of Arcane this is just a fanfic⚠️