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The Betrayed Legendary Guardian [Pokémon] by Guardian_Wolf249
The Betrayed Legendary Guardian [ C.T
Description: Ash is heading back to Pallet Town in Kanto after a crushing defeat with the battle with Alain, making him come in second place, he returns home only to get...
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Gold Dragon of Nazarick (Depressed Oc x Overlord Girls) by KaiserGuardian
Gold Dragon of Nazarick ( Kaiser (Kai)
Yuto Satoru the younger brother of Suzuki Satoru otherwise know online as momonga in the online game Yggdrasil didn't have the greatest life. At first it was fine his ol...
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The Chosen One Returns by Dratinievolutions104
The Chosen One Returnsby Dratinievolutions104
After his mother's death Ash is betrayed by those he once called friends. However, not everyone turns on him while some regret what the did. Now he is a proud aura guard...
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Forgotten Champion (REWRITE) by RedJump58
Forgotten Champion (REWRITE)by RedJump58
When Ash finishes 2nd in the Kalos league he finally feels like he should confess his feelings but when he gets rejected because he is weak, he is determined to get stro...
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The Aura Guardian Strikes Back by nethertube
The Aura Guardian Strikes Backby Jesus Himself
Ash had just come Runner-Up in the Lumiose Conference, and decides to head on back to Pallet Town with Pikachu, not realizing for what is in store for him ahead. He fi...
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Ash Betrayed: The Collection by Pokemon_fan_13579
Ash Betrayed: The Collectionby God Himself
A collection of different Ash betrayed stories with different shippings and different stories to tell. I do not own the rights to pokemon and there will be NO lemons, bu...
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Redeeming the Lost (A Comforter's Tale) by CrystalScherer
Redeeming the Lost (A Comforter' Crystal Scherer
Life is always fun when you never get into trouble for causing mischief. Julie is a pro at keeping her packmates on their toes with her innocent fun. It's a perk of bein...
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Lights and Shadows by SunflowerPoppy
Lights and Shadowsby SunflowerPoppy
Aura, the daughter of Hades and Persephone, always hated the underworld and admired the land of the mortals. So, In the year 1998, she was reborn. SHEILD took her in an...
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Safe Haven by willowmoonblood
Safe Havenby Willowmoonblood
Story O'Malley, Nursing Assistant for a local Community Cares Service Program, has returned to her childhood home of St. Joseph, Missouri. She has just been assigned a n...
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RWBY x OC fanfiction: The (not so) lonely boy by kizanashinaki
RWBY x OC fanfiction: The (not so) Kizana Shinaki
It all started on that fateful night. The echos and screams of his family and friends still echo in his ears. But he fights on, living through the pain, pushing all on h...
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OVERLORD MEMES by CedrickNkansah6
As the title says.
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A Villain's heart by AcatalepsyEpiphany
A Villain's heartby Seduced by Wanderlust
When death is end... but it was actually just beginning... A broken heart may mend by time, but memories keep hunting her down. Siera Wiseman was transported to a world...
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Ash the Arcmew: The return of the "Dead" legend (Discontinued)(adopted)  by EonBlue03
Ash the Arcmew: The return of EonBlue
Ash was the son of Mew and Arceus as a new species, the Arcmew. But he was sent down to earth as a human right after he was born to fulfill his duties as the chosen one...
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The serial killer's weakness by SCSAGIVEMEANATAR
The serial killer's weaknessby readingintherain
Her pulse thrummed at the speed of a frightened rabbit, blue veins interlocking like branches on an old tree. Her face was fading to an ice blue and I suddenly found mys...
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Aura Is With Me by CrazyUmbreonGirl
Aura Is With Meby CrazyUmbreonGirl
After Ash loses the Kalos League he returns home. That's when he finds out the truth that Ash's mom is not his real mom. After running away Ash starts a new Pokemon jour...
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Ash's journey- my way  by DaChildOfHades
Ash's journey- my way by Deadass Dead Inside
This is Ash Ketchum's journey how I think it should be. Ash Ketchum, a boy who was abandoned and then raised by Pokémon. But one day the Pokémon get hunted and the one a...
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The Four Guardians of Earth by Aqieane1286
The Four Guardians of Earthby Aqieane1286
Ash Ketchum is a 7 year old kid back then, when a wild Usarang attacked him and Gary. He fought the pokemon and unlocked his aura abilities. And with that, Ash turned ou...
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Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfiction by GlitchOutReal
Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfictionby GlitchOut
The story begins as Ash Ketchum, destined to become a Pokemon master, finishes his third grand trial in Ula'ula in the Alola region. One night, a mysterious Pokemon appe...
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The return of a Champeon after betrayal by Shinyumbreon111
The return of a Champeon after Moonligth101
(This will basicly be a Ash bretrayel story but with some my own twists) Ash one of the few chosen ones on earth has been betrayed by most of the people who he considere...
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the bond never ends Until Betrayal by Celine061906
the bond never ends Until Betrayalby shadowmidnightreads143
When ash won the kalos league he Went back to his hometown, Pallet town with his girlfriend Serena His mom greeted ash and went to Professor oak's lab before he came B...
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