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The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Hi...by the neighborhood vampire
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by most who dipped their toes into the supernatural...be it God, or be it Satan. That's how dangerous the...
Evil Rising: Highschool DxD by starzcycle
Evil Rising: Highschool DxDby starzcycle
Y/n L/n was powerless. As a member of a noble devil family, that made him an outcast. His family mocked him, spat on him, tormented him, all because he couldn't use magi...
HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE!? by LeCruiser_DeGrobe
One of my main OC and the FIRST oc i made, Haru Furenzaki. As he was playing pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald and Psychic Adventure- Excuse me what? How the hell di...
Naruto: Next Chance by Takamiya_Shido
Naruto: Next Chanceby Sagar Kumar
I am intrested in creating a fiction regarding Naruto and Hinata reincarnation in parallel world. But Hinata doesn't remember about her past life while Naruto merged wit...
In DxD but I am Emiya! by Kaizer996
In DxD but I am Emiya!by Kaizer
A guy got a chance to live another life in world of DxD as Shirou Fucking Emiya.
"Me, dead?" "please, i'm god" Male Reader X dxd fanfic by KuhakuAndTheNoNames
"Me, dead?" "please, i'm god" Male...by noname
In the great war between devils, angels and fallens. there was a very important lose for devils and and the angels, that made the two factions retreat from the war, yes...
A Human Among Devils by _Ray_Light_
A Human Among Devilsby Ray Mendez
Devils, Angels, Fallen these are Supernatural beings who are superior to human in almost every way humans can never hope to compete with these powerful beings less they...
Beware of the Storm (DXD x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Beware of the Storm (DXD x male re...by Darrick Derleth
I don't own any character from highschool DXD or Marvel.
Azur Lane's descendant (DXD & azur lane x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Azur Lane's descendant (DXD & azur...by Darrick Derleth
Meet Darrick, he's attending the school called Kuoh Academy. but little does he know that he's descendants one of Azur Lane.
 (Neglected Piece Male Reader x Highschool Dxd) by SystemTo
(Neglected Piece Male Reader x Hi...by SystemTo
I'm one of Rias Gremory's piece..........Former Rook to be exact..........In the peerage I'm always ignored.........I don't know why...........It all started when 𝒉𝒆 c...
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschool DxD X Maliketh reader) by secret_nine10
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschoo...by SomeguythatWrites
"I Malikath am the protector of death I am the Kannushi of Izanami-sama..... .......yet I am alone in this shrine that I protect, alone in my mission, and alone at...
A King of Monsters in DXD by RobertQuasar
A King of Monsters in DXDby RobertQuasar
The supernatural have always disregarded the beings of the natural world, seeing them as powerless and weak. But when an ancient evil is awakened and sets out to destroy...
The Kyuubi Princess, The Hybrid and The Half Blood by Serenity_Fujakante
The Kyuubi Princess, The Hybrid an...by Yasaka's Wife
Yasaka stopped chasing after Issei after she found out that the Princess of the Werewolves was still alive. Remembering the peace treaty she was to marry the Princess. M...
Shadow Light by BlackInfinity1289
Shadow Lightby Henry S
In a world filled with Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils, can a human survive without their knowledge and achieve his goals? Can a human achieve anything...
The minus true demon king by MCPELuisTuican
The minus true demon kingby MCPELuis Tuican
Abnormals. They were an existence who was beyond extraordinar. To be a abnormal you need to be a human. Not many of the supernatural beings knew of their existence. But...
the hydra dragon emporer by B_nation1
the hydra dragon emporerby BHW
The son of Hades has to deal with many things growing up through battles love death and war
The Vampire Princess of DXD by Jedisage
The Vampire Princess of DXDby Jedisage
Since my other fanfictions have male leads might try one using my female Oc. Also she will be Overpowered as hell.
True Longinus  ( Male Reader X High School DxD) {On Hiatus} by Uchiha_itachi_17
True Longinus ( Male Reader X Hig...by Uchiha_itachi17
Y/n was given a second chance to live by the god. He used to live all alone and not wanting to socialize. he was a great fan of Anime and manga. One day when he was goin...
Darrick in DXD world (Highschool DXD x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Darrick in DXD world (Highschool D...by Darrick Derleth
Meet Darrick. He is going to take place as Issei from the show. that means Darrick is going to be the red dragon emperor. that means he'll have to face vali. but there's...
the hypnotic lord by thehypnotizedalter
the hypnotic lordby saber alter
your a knight and you've found a tome that holds many powerfull hypnosis and non hypnosis based spells after being betrayed by your lord youve made it back to your home...