Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1] by ViolaBlack17
Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1]by •°*°•Viola•°*°•
With a drunk mother, an ignorant step brother and mutant powers, Ivee Reeves felt pretty much alone in a world where mutants are hated and hunted. That is until she save...
  • titanium
  • xmen
  • polaris
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Faulty Code ⊗ Loki by Sierra_Laufeyson
Faulty Code ⊗ Lokiby S. R.
"The truth is, every monster you have met or will ever meet, was once a human being with a soul that was as soft as light and silk. Someone stole that silk from the...
  • romance
  • empathy
  • monster
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Incubus *Under Construction* by ChevvyMarie
Incubus *Under Construction*by Chevvy
Luna discovers a power that has ran deep in her family for generations but a responsibility that comes along with her power that could threaten everyone she loves... As...
  • greek
  • witch
  • fighter
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Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr] by ChocoholicMoony
Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr]by Moved
Sometimes feeling isolated is better than actually getting along with other people. At least, that's the view Rory has when it comes to anyone else. It's going to be up...
  • love
  • charles
  • lehnsherr
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Spy Games (ON HOLD) by BarbaraJWebb
Spy Games (ON HOLD)by Barbara J Webb
Ethan Keating never really believed his grandfather would die. Certainly not this soon, leaving Ethan alone with a billion dollar medical empire he doesn't know how to r...
  • featured
  • spy
  • lovetriangle
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Linked by lozzykiwi
Linkedby Lauren Jones
For 17 year old Benna Denman, it's hard enough being the president's daughter. And when she develops a telepathic Link, life gets even worse. Her father isn't impressed...
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86,400 SECONDS by vee_ano
86,400 SECONDSby Viano Oniomoh
[Wattpad Featured Story!] [Winner of Wattpad LGBTQ's Ethereal Valentine Contest] Every year, once a year, for exactly one day only, mermaids have the chance - if they s...
  • romance
  • mythandlegend
  • boyxboy
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The Telepath by WereDuckwolf
The Telepathby WereDuckwolf
Casey was always different. She developed her abilities when she was eight. She hid it for ten years, keeping the secret from the people closest to her. She ran away whe...
  • lornadane
  • reedstrucker
  • johnproudstar
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A Touch Of Lightning by Rahvin
A Touch Of Lightningby Rahvin
Fifteen year old Callin escapes from an underground lab where telepaths and genetic scientists have been experimenting on him. On the run from the enhanced assassins the...
  • wattys2017
  • mutant
  • ninja
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Taken Away by AbigailMartin467
Taken Awayby Abi
*Book 1 of the Alicia Marie Prophecies* Highest ranking: #89 in Vampire Coved made by Me :) Telepaths are supernatural people that can use mind tricks. They can read min...
  • paranormal
  • betrayal
  • magic
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Vespera's Reign by Keeper_of_Keefoster
Vespera's Reignby Keeper_of_Keefoster
Hi! Thanks for clicking on this! i had to delete the last fanfic i did because i rushed it, and I'm still following the same storyline, just better than before. Hope you...
  • vespera
  • keefostermoments
  • gradaline
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Mutants//Peterick and Trohley by AnnCake2003
Mutants//Peterick and Trohleyby Twin Skeleton's
Patrick is a Telepath. Pete has Super-Speed. Andy can control the Weather. Joe can control the Elements. Together, they make Fall Out Boy. This story is kinda cringy and...
  • peterick
  • superspeed
  • weather
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The Children of Time (Wattys Winner Author) by ChaieneS
The Children of Time (Wattys Chaiene Santos
Author of "The Children of Time" Trilogy (Os Filhos do Tempo) # 1 Highest ranking reached in Portuguese - More than One Million and a half readings and 56K fol...
  • extraterrestrial
  • science
  • cyberpunk
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Telepath  by Your_Neesan
Telepath by Neesan
Levihan Fanfic inspired by the song 'Ano Ko Secret' by E ve. Read the note first, okay?? Enjoy!!
  • fanfic
  • telepathy
  • levihan
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Sex & the Law of Attraction by IraMohzen
Sex & the Law of Attractionby Ira Mohzen
I have a theory. The Law of Attraction, Synchronicity, Personal Magnetism and the common Coincidence are just different aspects of the same force. Do you remember when y...
  • tantra
  • prophecy
  • empath
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Keeper of the Lost Cities Next Generation by MarFangirl
Keeper of the Lost Cities Next MarFangirl
Based on a book series, Keeper of the Lost Cities. This story follows the life of Miranda, Sophie and Fitz's daughter. While her and her friends live in the human world...
  • telepath
  • elves
  • sophitz
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Vixen [ X-Men fanfiction] by Simoontjuhx
Vixen [ X-Men fanfiction]by GryffindorxGirl
[SpoilerAlert] [Duh] When Jodie was thirteen-years-old, her father sold her to Cooperation X, a laboratory where people experimented on her. She escaped, and live...
  • wolverine
  • xavier
  • logan
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The Children of Time (Screenplay) by ChaieneS
The Children of Time (Screenplay)by Chaiene Santos
Based on HQ (Comics) Adapted from #TheChildrenOfTime Book - Co-author: @carlosmrocha. A physics student falls in love with an extraterrestrial girl. Together they must s...
  • telekinesis
  • space
  • sci-fi
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