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Claimed by the Sicilian Mafia by jspruill1130
Claimed by the Sicilian Mafiaby jspruill1130
Adalina Romano is tired of being manipulated by the men in her life. First, her greedy uncle drags her half way around the world and forces her smack dab in the middle o...
Exit Only ✔︎ by softsloth
Exit Only ✔︎by softie ❥
"Earth has been different for awhile, but I don't think we've ever had a beautiful, muscular alien dude falling from the sky. It's not really something you see ever...
The Mafia King 1 by M_Chow_xo
The Mafia King 1by 𝓶.𝓬 ♡
M a r c u s K i n g is the most feared mafia leader in the world. He is powerful, arrogant, cold hearted, rich and mouthwatering-ly handsome. Not to mention, he is ver...
Sarafina De Luca by FaiqaM_06
Sarafina De Lucaby F | M_06
Sara also know as Sarafina De Luca was born in the family in the Mafia world. What will happen if the parents give her up at the age of 2 for her own safety? Will she su...
AISLIN by WriterMickeyC
❝You are just a WOMAN. You can't fight in this war, you're weak. It will chew you up and spit you out, you can't keep up with us.❞ The commander scoffed with a low chuck...
Angel In Disguise by sstandsforsoymilk
Angel In Disguiseby ashe
"𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥" Lucero is an illegal fighter. She likes to keep all of her emotions in a corner and never think of them. Although she is confus...
The Elite of the Elite  by crypticsunshine
The Elite of the Elite by ...
Reign Dior Black Axle Christian White Enemies. Almost. Complete opposites. Not really. Put them together. And absolutely everything goes to shit.
La Diavolo's Regina by XxYouShouldBeHerexX
La Diavolo's Reginaby XxYouShouldBeHerexX
"The Devil is scary, but so is his queen." ~Diandra Sicario Diandra has the innocent look of an angel. Her pure facial features made her seem so naive. But she...
Recoil | Bucky Barnes | Marvel Cinematic Universe by Meg95W
Recoil | Bucky Barnes | Marvel Meg Walker
verb. To fall back under pressure. To shrink back physically or emotionally. noun. The kickback of a gun upon firing. • It takes a stubborn mind to cling to their huma...
Temporary Alliance by InvincibleBunny
Temporary Allianceby InvincibleBunny
They used to be inseparable as they grew up together. Now, she doesn't even want to look at his face, much less be in his presence. She had successfully avoided him for...
Two As One - Sano Manjiro X Reader by dhefaran
Two As One - Sano Manjiro X Readerby dhefaran
"Did you just block my kick?" In which Y/n stopped Mikey when he was about to beat up a bad guy, and it startled him. Never once a girl brave herself to blocke...
Dangerous In Black (one) by hals20t
Dangerous In Black (one)by genie in a bottle
Greece was on the run and the man who wanted to find her was onto her and she knew that if she didn't pack up and leave the city soon she knew she would be dead. But whe...
AGENTS OF THE CIA by neonaesthetix
❝And why should I believe you? A total stranger who I've never seen in my entire life.❞ ❝C'mon Puddin, I'm a trustworthy person.❞ ❝I don't think so. Now please, escort y...
Saved By Him  by EliteImagineLife
Saved By Him by EliteImagineLife
Isabella Rose, a fearless girl always on the run. At first she ran away from her toxic home to start a new life in Russia, until she finds her herself forced into a marr...
Alliance [1] ✔️ by lustenvy
Alliance [1] ✔️by bec
"Choose your team carefully, you'll be fighting beside them for the rest of your life." "No." • • • Agent Eleven was the best Agent The Division had...
Anchor by blanchardbooks
Anchorby Nicole Blanchard
Former Marine turned Coast Guard Gabriel Rossi, traded the brutal desert for the unforgiving sea to be closer to his family. When a woman risks her life to save his youn...
When She Remembered |✔️ by hals20t
When She Remembered |✔️by genie in a bottle
Ever had your heart ripped out of your chest and shredded to pieces? Caleb had. Five years ago when the girl he loved, left him with no explanation, no note, no nothing...
SEVERITY, miguel diaz by gubIergram
SEVERITY, miguel diazby ‎
·₊ ˚ ༘ 𝐂𝐎𝐁𝐑𝐀 𝐊𝐀𝐈, 𝐒𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐒 𝐎𝐍𝐄―𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐄 ༄ؘ ˑ ❝ different, but same. ❞ se·ver·i·ty /səˈverədē/ noun the fact or condition of being severe. miguel dia...
နွယ်ရှင်🕸️ႏြယ္႐ွင္{Complete} by Sue_Pann
နွယ်ရှင်🕸️ႏြယ္႐ွင္{Complete}by 🐣M~S🍒
နှစ်လိုဖွယ် ရယ်မောသံတွေ အဆုံး... နှစ်လိုဖွယ် ငိုကြွေးသံတွေ အဆုံး... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ႏွစ္လိုဖြယ္ ရယ္ေမာသံေတြ အဆံုး... ႏွစ္လိုဖြယ္ ငိုေႂကြးသံေတြ အဆံုး.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~...
In the Company of Killers by lonelycorner
In the Company of Killersby Tia Summers
Enzo Corretti runs the most powerful crime family in the world. Being ruthless and unfeeling is in the job description but no where in the handbook did it ever say how t...