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The Lotus Maiden by Mereeples
The Lotus Maidenby Mereeples
"Shhhh, little blossom, I won't hurt you~" Y/N is MK's older sister. She was used to being on the sidelines, not being the whole 'running into the fray' type l...
yandere[sun-wukong] xM<3reader  by hello_matty
yandere[sun-wukong] xM<3reader by Matt
he just wants his peach. and if that means hurting others. he will do it..
A Weird World (LMK Sun Wukong x Reader x Macaque) by Outraged-writer
A Weird World (LMK Sun Wukong x OutragedA
tbh has turned into a sun wukong x reader x macaque What you expected when you laid down with your eyes closed on your bed, snug under the sheet covers, you were expecti...
A Warriors Successor by DhubbleUp
A Warriors Successorby DhubbleUp
A story where Macaque gets a successor to spite Sun Wukong. Things from the show are slightly adjusted and events will be modified. So far this fic has swearing/mention...
Heart of a Warrior by ShiraFangirl
Heart of a Warriorby ShiraFangirl
There is a story about Fa Mulan, who's the hero and the warrior, died tragically from the battle against the Lady Bone Demon that her and her friends manage to defeat. B...
A Son Of Two Dad's by Connor345
A Son Of Two Dad'sby Connor345
MK was orphaned at a young age. He doesn't know why he's never felt normal, doesn't know why he's never fit in and he certainly doesn't know that his actual parents are...
A Mystical Journey (LMK Fanfic) by HarukaHimari
A Mystical Journey (LMK Fanfic)by Angelic_Cloud
Sun Wukong Aka the Monkey King, the 'Great Sage Equal to Heaven', the Monkey that defied the Jade Emperor, the one who threatened Buddha and more! He and his allies have...
A Loud Dance | Macaque ×Reader by MistressLimerence
A Loud Dance | Macaque ×Readerby Miss Limerence
//This IS a Macaque×Reader. It also contain's Sun Wukong×Reader. Not a Sun Wukong×Macaque//. --------------------------- How did every story go for everyone? Perhaps gro...
Monkie kid oneshots by ghostlyprogram
Monkie kid oneshotsby ghostlyprogram
Ok heads up. I'm doing this for fun so please don't expect tons of updates. If you'd like to request I will accept. If I get too many requests I'll let you know. enjoy!
𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚎?  |Monkey king x Reader| by simpin_aint_pimpin
𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 � Simpin’_aint_pimpin’
Y/n loved Wukong and he loved her, but it happend, it lead to Y/n's imprisonment for a thousand years. Of course they love each other but can they recover? Can they ever...
"i only came here for the sweets mk" [LMKxF!reader] by yourefangirl
"i only came here for the sweets The Idiot Clown Clown
[NAME] a goth girl whos been friend with two dorks name mk and mei. she casually has a normal life till mk got a staff from a mountain. will she and her friend find the...
Sun Wukong x Reader by HAHAK80
Sun Wukong x Readerby HAHAK80
This came to me in a dream, but basically the reader is the wife of our beloved Monkey King. The story follows the plot of Monkey King: Hero is Back with a couple additi...
The Peach Garden by ForeveranEnigma
The Peach Gardenby ForeveranEnigma
The same dream visits me each night, the sounds of arguing as thunder crackles in the background and rain soaks my skin. What are they saying? Why are they arguing? Are...
Amnesia Rules Again [Monkie Kid Story] by Obsessedwithalot
Amnesia Rules Again [Monkie Kid Obsessedwithalot
Macaque arrived at Flower Fruit Mountain, requested by Mk. He wasn't exactly sure why he went, curiosity got the best of him. Once he arrived, a wave of disappointment f...
/:/Golden Flower/:/ Lmk Fanfiction by dragonshardtales101
/:/Golden Flower/:/ Lmk Fanfictionby Bodhi-Senpai
Most group of friends have trios, like two boys and one girl. So what if Wukong and Macaque had another friend. Another that just wanted to break the chains from her res...
sun wukong X Reader by ChuamingLo
sun wukong X Readerby love puppet
it's about y/n friends tried to kill her but she safe and meet this special stranger
{She's mine!} sun wukong x reader x macaque by sunwukong_simp
{She's mine!} sun wukong x sweet trap
Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever monkie kid fanfic I hope u guys enjoy it 🖤♡ 🖤♡ 🖤♡ 🖤 you are mk little sister and are both big fan's of the monkey king [...
Her Monkey King and His Lady Grace by NinjaOfTheShade
Her Monkey King and His Lady Graceby NinjaOfTheShade
Davari wasn't Sun's only friend at the palace of the Gods. Who do you think gave him the name Monkey?
The monkey King: The Hero is back x reader by wolfmut01
The monkey King: The Hero is wolfmut01
Join Kishimo on a journey to help Liuer, and Sun Wukong save the stolen children from the trolls.
Journey to Somewhere New (Sun Wukong x reader) by ghsjixv
Journey to Somewhere New (Sun Emma
[A kinda-sequel to Journey to the West while also being based on the Journey to the West] All her life, she's been hearing about the tales of the Great Sage Equal to Hea...