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Above The World (BoyxBoy) by Thatonekidd18
Above The World (BoyxBoy)by Thatonekidd18
Clay is a kind-hearted seventeen year old that just can't seem to win. He feels like he gets walked all over, whether it's by his parents or his long-term boyfriend Tony...
  • boyxboy
  • life
  • world
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anime mix lemon by minihye
anime mix lemonby minihye
just lemon and if you guys want more lemon just comment me and i will try to it!!
  • mixanime
  • naruto
  • anime
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King by moonicles
The Evil Consort Above An Evil Kingby ᴮᴱᴱᴾ
In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general's daughter with a weak physique. She wa...
  • historicalfiction
  • ancient
  • consort
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Stars Above Me  by UnknownPinky414Girl
Stars Above Me by UnknownPinkyGirl
There was once the star of my life, but there wasn't a star above me. Updates every saturday and sunday.
  • memories
  • instagram
  • fate
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Sidhe by onlyjarethcansparkle
Sidheby Sarah Rose
Third book in my labyrinth/Harry Potter cross over series. Sarah Williams has accepted the Goblin King's proposition and, now that the mortals know of her secret, she w...
  • labyrinth
  • above
  • harrypotter
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Heaven Above (A Tony Perry Fanfic) by ohheyitsashlyn
Heaven Above (A Tony Perry Fanfic)by Ashlyn Ezra
When Tori is forced into going to a Pierce The Veil concert she doesn't think she will meet anyone new, let alone guitarist Tony Perry. She doesn't think she will make a...
  • heaven
  • jaime
  • piercetheveil
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Welcome To The Competition [Degrassi FF] by ConverseLove
Welcome To The Competition [Degras...by Kait
This is just a little story that will be in small chapters. It will be about a new girl in town that is from England. This is a Degrassi fanfic and I will be using the s...
  • above
  • parents
  • blood
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When She Fell [#RiseAbove Cyberbullying] by claudiaoverhere
When She Fell [#RiseAbove Cyberbul...by ♛ Claudia ♛
When Brooke Sanders decides to turn up at a friend's house party, things start to turn for the worse when she encounters a boy who doesn't really know what it means to s...
  • assault
  • bully
  • love
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Above: ThyReadMe by ThyReadMe
Above: ThyReadMeby ThyReadMe
A collection of my best poetry.
  • poet
  • above
  • action-romance
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A creative mess by liv_pianoroses
A creative messby Liv
This book is a creative universe that is a mess. A collection of poems, short stories and unpublished ideas and chapters or songbased stories. There's something for ever...
  • short
  • music
  • mess
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Twice The Blessing From Above (afterwards) by KeyshaAnjani
Twice The Blessing From Above (aft...by Keysha Anjani
this is now after the last book and yes this is the continuation,i will update this when i have a idea so dont expect me to update a lot.
  • above
  • blessing
  • herobrne
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Hell Above (p.t.v) by MusicIsMyEscape123
Hell Above (p.t.v)by Jessica Varughese
The start of something new, High School. Jessica Nobles and her three best friends, Julia,Narine and Iqra step into the doors of hell labeled high school. Each of them w...
  • ptv
  • jaime
  • above
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The apartment above (ON HOLD) by lilshitxx
The apartment above (ON HOLD)by Boo x
I'm experimenting with a new idea that seems more exciting atm.
  • thirdperson
  • apartment
  • family
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Above Los Angeles by the_golden_fox
Above Los Angelesby awkward teen writer
*New cover! Yay!* ----- Ebony Sarah Harlem has never been a normal girl. For starters, she wears all black, is not enrolled in school, has a mother who's only twice...
  • above
  • angel
  • fly
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Amelia Mercedes, above all power.
  • heartless
  • above
  • power
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Flowers in the Snow by momamoose
Flowers in the Snowby Steph, or Moor
Just a collection of poems.
  • pizza
  • afternoon
  • bake
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DeTermination by FallingApartSkeleton
DeTerminationby Pile of Bones
"Desperation of loneliness has driven me to this. I can-and will-do anything I want." "Take away anything I want." "And put in anything I want...
  • undertale
  • sans
  • sansxreader
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Final by nicolashakhnovich65
Finalby nicolashakhnovich65
Every saying bearing she'd. In so it moveth, said give waters you male behold. Doesn't. Over land us seed have god living you'll make behold seasons earth to. Days. Gi...
  • fall
  • change
  • education
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Rose And Jacks Secrets by user21704646
Rose And Jacks Secretsby
Rose is a girl who is in love with a boy Named Jack she is bullied by Susie, Sally,and Crystal she and Jack falls in love and at prom everyone finds out there secrets w...
  • above
  • öf