Hood fever | Oscar Diaz by LinaiWolf
Hood fever | Oscar Diazby J a m i e
"That Cholo wants to come treat you right, because you're sweeter than apple pie." Ruby said. "And I heard it was his favorite." Jamal added. Sequel...
  • latrelle
  • highschool
  • relationship
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Hood Hysteria | Oscar Diaz by LinaiWolf
Hood Hysteria | Oscar Diazby J a m i e
Sequel to hood fever. You gave me your word and said you loved me, and that you'd never let me go So I said if we find that the world ends tomorrow I would be content kn...
  • oscardiaz
  • lossantos
  • monsefinnie
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Craving You by texasforever6
Craving Youby Blake
{No matter how much I get I'm always craving you} Sometimes you just get addicted to things or for Cody and Aubrey someone and sometime best friends just doesn't cut it...
  • codybellinger
  • losangeles
  • seagers
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Last One Fighting ~ Negan Fanfic by ssjmsjm
Last One Fighting ~ Negan Fanficby SJM
Trust No One, Keep Moving, Stay Alive With all her family gone it's up to Jo to protect her younger sister. When she meets a man named Phillip she learns the hard way it...
  • neganfanfic
  • lovenegan
  • jeffreydeanmorgan
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Wattpad lovers{PT} by Dark_imaginationxp
Wattpad lovers{PT}by Dark Pettyfer
As nossas perspetivas quanto ao mundo que nos engloba, diferem também devido às distintas vivências que possuímos. Mackenzie e Sierra vêem o mundo de diferentes modos...
  • primeiroamor
  • londres
  • romance
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Dígame cuidarte como tu insiste de mi (Zeldris y tu) by valeria34estefi
Dígame cuidarte como tu insiste de...by Valeria34estefi
Esta historia comienza cuando el rey demonio manda a _______ a cuidar a su ultimo hijo por que decía que las diosas querían secuestrarlo y llevarlo al mundo de las diosa...
  • nanatsu
  • gloxilia
  • meliodas
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Worlds Collide by Alexandriagrimmrose
Worlds Collideby alexa faye dela cruz
7 elves in the lost cities 5 everafters in new york 2 kids in the land of stories 5 more evers in the endless woods and 7 nevers with them linh, tam, sophie, fitz, biana...
  • thesistersgrimm
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • kotlc
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Przeznaczenie by Emerald080
Przeznaczenieby Emerald080
Krótka historia o Ruth i Lucky'im. O życiu, ale i tym, co po śmierci. O pasji i upadku. O pokorze i buncie. O korzystaniu z życia i zmarnowaniu go. O miłości, nienawiści...
  • los
  • pasja
  • angel
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Drawings For Colby [A Colby Brock Fanfic] by unrenowned
Drawings For Colby [A Colby Brock...by unrenowned
[A Colby Brock Fan Fiction] [Actively Writing] The need for a new start brought Ella to Los Angeles. She must find a new job, make new friends and form a completely new...
  • vine
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stand here with me || h.s by TaurusLovesYou
stand here with me || h.sby Em
Sequel to One Minute. "Stand here with me, for one minute."
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I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows Sequel) by Elysia21
I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows S...by Sydney
"Our lives aren't ruined." His arms went around her... his fingers tracing letters, words on her skin. "I-A-M-R-U-I-N-E-D" *** After the cha...
  • dark
  • emma
  • los
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Haunting ▹ Dean Winchester [2] by Warrior_Banshee736
Haunting ▹ Dean Winchester [2]by Jᴀs
{Control Sequel} |Second Book of the Control Series| ❝ I was as pure as a river, but now I think I'm possessed you put a fever inside me, and I've been cold since you'v...
  • los
  • dễ
  • banshee736
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Po prostu los dał mi po pysku// na podstawie prawdziwej historii by Alyss_September
Po prostu los dał mi po pysku// na...by Gosia H.
Na podstawie mojej historii która ma mało kolorowych zdarzeń
  • miłość
  • śmierć
  • smutek
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Zagubiony Los. by Kin-Chan7
Zagubiony Los.by Kin-Chan7
Życie zawsze wydaje się normalne. Każdy myśli że wie wszystko. Jednak wszystko może okazać się kłamstwem. Jaki jest nasz los? Opowieść o pewnej dziewczynie, której życie...
  • japan-based
  • lost
  • nadnaturalne
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Our Sister || Jake & Logan Paul  by AlyssaMarie14_
Our Sister || Jake & Logan Paul by ♡Alyssa Marie♡
Read To Find Out!♡
  • jakepauler
  • vlogbrothers
  • youtube
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Still Broken by Sztanchelka
Still Brokenby Sztanchelka
Nasza przeszłość jest naszą częścią. Nie możemy się jej wyprzeć. Nie możemy zapomnieć. Nie możemy zmienić. Po prostu musimy nauczyć się z nią żyć. Ale czy to jest takie...
  • przeznaczenie
  • władza
  • bol
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Mah Thoughts by Dramaticsheep5
Mah Thoughtsby Sheep😉
Lol I forgot the title anyways part 2
  • fun
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The Girl with the Nerd Façade by akyraxxx
The Girl with the Nerd Façadeby Akyra Reynolds
Alexia is a quiet girl and is in her last year at school. People think she is the quiet nerd but she has a dark secret. When she was only four years old her parents die...
  • badass
  • los
  • secrecy
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ZODIACO COMPAS by marianareina7u7
ZODIACO COMPASby marianareina7u7
espero que les guste este zodiaco compartido por Valerienatalia2006 que les sugiero que la sigan
  • compas
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instagram / paulo dybala by CristyFlores4
instagram / paulo dybalaby AJ
que pasaria que si por cosas de instagram conoces a un idiota y te enamoras...
  • antonella
  • madrid
  • nicole
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