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I Promise You'll Get Better by Candy_Anderson
I Promise You'll Get Betterby Candy
Dashi and Shellington have always been close friends, right from the start of the Octonauts. So when Dashi is attacked by cone snails and is hit by the horrible after-ef...
The Octonauts #1 | How we got here by Snowball_Maltese
The Octonauts #1 | How we got hereby Snowball_Maltese
The Octonauts reminisce about their first day on the job. This is old, and cringe... CONTAINS MILD KWASO, DASHNACLES, AND SHELLINGTWEAK. And potentially BARNSO; it was n...
The Octonauts and the Astronomer by LunaGirl196
The Octonauts and the Astronomerby LunaGirl196
What happens when the crew saves a rare creature? A lot more than they ever thought. Read and find out! Warning for mild gore as an injury occurs and the word dam. That'...
The secrets he's keeping(Peso x Barnacles) by kindfuldeku2
The secrets he's keeping(Peso x Kindfuldeku2
Show:Octonauts AU NOT CANON Barnacles x Peso Hate it,don't read it Hope everyone enjoy reading this story! After many weeks filled with missions,Barnacles decided to...
Eh it's just a phase [The Story Of Kwaso] by Bbykwaso
Eh it's just a phase [The Story Bbykwaso
So this is my first ever fan fic so please give me some tips :3 I know it's cringy and I'm so sorry about that. I ship kwazii and peso so much so why not make a fan fic...
Growing Up in the Snow Can Be Ticklish by Uniquedoll602
Growing Up in the Snow Can Be Uniquedoll602
Still a teenager, Peso can get a little moody. But, when he's surrounded by caring, patient friends, it's a little easier to grow. Now, if only Kwazii would stop teasin...
The Unexpected Hero by magicdragon08
The Unexpected Heroby magicdragon08
Peso the penguin was never considered to be one of the bravest of the Octonauts. What happens when this friendly penguin is put to the test?
Peso's Surprise Birthday Party gone wrong by DeathlyHallows2021
Peso's Surprise Birthday Party GlossyOceans
The Octonauts want to throw Peso a surprise party, but while setting it up, they run into spots of trouble here and there.
octonauts peso stories by Burritogirlboss
octonauts peso storiesby Burritogirlboss
this is my first fanfiction so sorry if there is any spelling or autocorrect mistakes To summarise the story up its basically going through pesos journey of being an oct...
Don't get caught under them, please (Kwaso) by Tweakjafolfwriting
Don't get caught under them, A demon doggo
Kwazii and Peso have been the best of friends for a long time ever since they've been part of the octonauts. But they question if they are more then just friends and co...
The Octonauts - How it All Began by SoicySandwich
The Octonauts - How it All Beganby Sandwich :D
My take on how the Octonauts, well, became the Octonauts. I've always wondered how they have become since I was young and would watch the series with my younger sibling...
Octonauts: Fact No Cap by ImTheKinderSurprise
Octonauts: Fact No Capby Alien the ENFP
The best, most cutest and binge worthy octonauts One-shots! I also have a few headcanons and a bunch of other random ideas and stories I have about the Octonauts charact...
Octonauts oneshots by Orian_End
Octonauts oneshotsby 🌼🌾Orian_End🌾🌼
someone remind me of why I'm doing this again? request are open I guess..
Best Mateys (Peso x Kwazii) by SomeIrrelevantGayGuy
Best Mateys (Peso x Kwazii)by ❀𝕒𝕒𝕣𝕠𝕟❀
Just a cute little love story about Peso and Kwazii from the kids show, Octonauts, by meomi. A confusing journey though self discovery and relationship (man that sounds...
Octonauts Texting by DolphinGirl123456
Octonauts Textingby Zoe
Inspired by @isobeljones2000 OctoTexting, here is my own version. Tweak makes phones for all the Octonauts (even though they are on the same ship.) This will have absolu...
Octonauts QnA+Dares by thethirdweasleytwin
Octonauts QnA+Daresby thethirdweasleytwin
Based off of @isobeljones2000's story, so I don't own anything except my OC. Will be taking story requests.
The Odd Sister Out by thethirdweasleytwin
The Odd Sister Outby thethirdweasleytwin
"The middle child has it worse" Janine Margot Doxter knows that this is a lie. Being the younger sister of Dashi and Koshi, who were known as inseparable, myst...
Octonauts and Paw patrol save each other (crossover fanfiction) by Tweakjafolfwriting
Octonauts and Paw patrol save A demon doggo
When the Octonauts first encountered the Paw patrol, both teams immediately befriended each other. But when half of the octonauts members and half of the paw patrol memb...