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Within You by eevee300
Within Youby Eevee
Y/n was just a babysitter for the Williams but is kidnapped when Sarah wishes her away along with her brother to the Goblin King. Jareth does gives Sarah the chances to...
The Unfair Labyrinth- Jareth X fem!Reader by Abigail914895
The Unfair Labyrinth- Jareth X fem...by Abigail914895
Y/n and Sarah are step sisters. They both had to take care of their baby brother Toby. Sarah wishes away Toby and now they both have to save him. What if the goblin king...
As the World Falls Down by KryptoOmicron
As the World Falls Downby KryptoOmicron
Savannah is watching over her brother and sister while her parents take her sick grandmother to the doctor. Little does she know that she is being watched by the broken...
The Goblin Prince.  by Irisofthewaters
The Goblin Prince. by Irisofthewaters
Lily Potter was a seer, and a powerful one at that. Although her death was certain, the future of her child wasn't set in stone. After all, what is a man playing god co...
Magic Dance (Jareth x Reader) by Somber_Wishes
Magic Dance (Jareth x Reader)by Alien Sex Messiah
Thirty-one years after his defeat and rejection by Sarah, Jareth's heart and kingdom are still in thousands of pieces. He thought that he could love no more, that is unt...
The King's and Their Fae by Mrsfaustus13
The King's and Their Faeby Mrsfaustus13
rewrite of pheonix All rights reserved I do not give permission for this story to be anywhere but Wattpad.
A bunch of random tv shows/movies Imagines by idjitlili
A bunch of random tv shows/movies...by Lili 🌿🌱🍃
These are just dreams I have I guess , they help me fall asleep. I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS NOR MOVIES OR BOOKS THEY ORIGINATE FROM. Imagines for: -lord of the rings ...
Labyrinth smut by fandomslicer
Labyrinth smutby Kipp
I couldn't find any Jareth Smuts so I made my own ( requests are open )
Daughter of the labyrinth by melissavampslave2208
Daughter of the labyrinthby T.L. Williams
WRITER'S NOTE: Hi, I just wanted to notify you really quickly that I'm actually rewriting this ENTIRE series, considering I was twelve when I started it and I was fourte...
Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanfic [UPDATED VERSION] by SinnerOwl
Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanf...by Sinner
[COMPLETED] This is an UPDATED version of the first original book under the same title. Same story, better writing! August 26th, 2018 this book became #1 in Bowie! ~~~ J...
Wishful Thinking by Weezie_24
Wishful Thinkingby weezerz2490
It's the 80s, the time of myths and legends is long past. There's no way a creature from a fairy tale could be real, right? Wrong. Very wrong, as Sarah and Stephanie Wil...
Labyrinth 2- Return of The Queen by CharlotteBlack312
Labyrinth 2- Return of The Queenby Charlotte Blacker
This is the next part in Jareth and Sarah's tale. I hope you like it and I would suggest watching the 1986 (i think:s) film Labyrinth before reading this as it will make...
Jareth The Goblin King Smut by catboybowie
Jareth The Goblin King Smutby mae/ziggy
ok so basically to keep it short. i mainly made this for practicing my smut writing skills. idrc if u like it or not, pls just know, its practice :-)
Cruel Winter: A Labyrinth Fanfiction by AnnibelLovely
Cruel Winter: A Labyrinth Fanficti...by 🎀 annibel 🎀
Sarah believes her trials in the labyrinth were a dream, but the Goblin King knows the truth, and he has until the clock strikes thirteen to convince her to make a terri...
Wasn't Too Much Fun at All (Jareth x reader) by CrabbyGoblin23
Wasn't Too Much Fun at All (Jareth...by Crabby
An adventurous young girl, holding a book in her hand about a labyrinth, given by her close friend. One day, an owl is spotted in the park, badly injured. The girl takes...
It's Only Forever (a labyrinth fanfic) by SvenAnderson
It's Only Forever (a labyrinth fan...by SvenAnderson
Oh dear, the impossible has happened. I, the incredibly level headed ruler of darkness, have written a fanfic. Oh no. The world that you thought you knew was all a lie...
Labyrinth Pt. II by toribookworm1
Labyrinth Pt. IIby Victoria Kelsey
8 years after being forced to galavant through the Labyrinth, Sarah has made a life for herself and moved on. What happens when there's trouble in the Goblin Kingdom and...
Labyrinth 2 by BusyScott
Labyrinth 2by Bella Scott
7 years on after Sarah defeated Jareth the Goblin King, she still has unanswered questions. Did the Goblin King 'really' want her to love him? Did she want to stay in th...
Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King (complete)(Editing) by JaideDWaters
Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin...by Jaide.D Waters
(Under editing. Came to my attention, some of my chapters are no longer here, so I apologize if this book is confusing!) I created this idea around a young age when I fi...
Mornings of Gold (a Jareth and Sarah fanfiction) by glitterjareth
Mornings of Gold (a Jareth and Sar...by thin white luke
Jareth is done with his job. What's the point in being Goblin King if the aforementioned goblins do what they like anyway? So he decides to abandon the Underground and s...