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El extraño sonido Bruno madrigal x reader  by Amaya_Tsuyu
El extraño sonido Bruno madrigal Amaya_Tsuyu
He runs into the forest having another bad day crying. Then he hears a sound and meets a mysterious stranger. [[A heads up! There is going to be a lot of angst in here...
Charm by Midnight-life
Charmby Midnight-life
Encanto is an amazing place where people are sweet and kind (well most of them) the place where you can live without worries. In Encanto there is a familia known as the...
A Long Lost Friend | Bruno Madrigal x reader (with Smut) by ficcharactersgirl
A Long Lost Friend | Bruno <3
Y/N is a girl from the encanto village. Her mother owned a flowershop. Her father died when she was five years old. Her favorite spot in the village was the river that f...
Gift Swap by PanFluidMe
Gift Swapby Skyler Solomon
What if la familia Madrigal's powers got swapped for a day? What would they do? How would they react? This book is made with @Camp_Gravity
WHEN WILL MY LIFE BEGIN// Encanto Various! x fem! OC (HIATUS) by Phoenix02057
Flower, gleam and glow Let your power shine Make the clock reverse Bring back what once was mine Heal what has been hurt Change the Fate's design Save what has been lost...
Bruno's Trans Son by MarvelFanfiction3000
Bruno's Trans Sonby MarvelFanfiction3000
After being abandoned by his papa, Mateo grows up being the family burden. Being seen as dangerous to the entire town. But as the magic of the miracle falls, it's up t...
Jade Eyes || Bruno Madrigal by Artsy_Jayy
Jade Eyes || Bruno Madrigalby AJ
"Don't shoot the messenger." Has no one in the town ever heard of that saying? Have they never once thought that he was not bad luck or a dark omen but just a...
Adopted by Bruno (Encanto x y/n) by i_heart_keychains
Adopted by Bruno (Encanto x y/n)by Keychains Rock 🤫
"No one will hurt you now, mi cosa linda." Whispered Bruno while cradling the baby in his arms ----------------------- Y/n was abandoned by her birth parents a...
bruno X y/n (encanto)  by just_a_dumass
bruno X y/n (encanto) by just a dumass
Y/n is a year younger then pepa and is her bff. Y/n is in love whith bruno but after leaving for her music career 15 years ago her has no idea what happened to them
Love's Premonition (Bruno Madrigal x Fem Reader) by NemesisHCofCHB
Love's Premonition (Bruno Simp for Fiction
In this story, Y/n is the same age as Bruno. This is before the events of the movie in the beginning, but will lead into them and past them as the story progresses. Ther...
Mi Cielo (A Bruno Madrigal X Fem!OC) - Complete by JoeSnappe
Mi Cielo (A Bruno Madrigal X Fem! Joe Snappe
Mariposa Dulce, a girl with one foot, has know the Madrigal triplets since they were little. Now she's fallen in love with the youngest triplet, Bruno. Will their story...
Bruno madrigal gets fucked by casita by Bitch_SandWitch
Bruno madrigal gets fucked by Bitch_SandWitch
entirely not serious lol •Big smut🔞 •blood as lube 🥲 •splinters 😏 •keeping as quiet as possible so Delores doesn't hear 😃 •rape ig 🍆 if you know me you don...
Frozen heart - Encanto by BenFletcher5
Frozen heart - Encantoby Dobby
Elena Madrigal daughter of Pepa and Felix Madrigal, twin to Camilo younger sister of Dolores and older sister of Antonio Madrigal. When she revived her gift of ice and...
Bruno madrigal x reader by snakesnakeSNAKE101
Bruno madrigal x readerby snaketheauthor
You and your sick mother have lived in the town for a while, but nobody really noticed your presence.Though, one day your mother fell very ill, and you have heard of a h...
Blind Sights [Encanto OC FF] by JHStories101
Blind Sights [Encanto OC FF]by Jenna is Writing
Aletia saw the world differently than others. Everything had an aura, a lifeforce, a will. Through her blind eyes, that was what she could see. Because of this, however...
Dejado Atrás... ~Bruno Madrigal by SarahCandy1
Dejado Atrás... ~Bruno Madrigalby Zay
In Encanto, Colombia there was a family that was grant paradise by a miracle. Everything seemed fine until one day Bruno Madrigal disappeared leaving his wife and unknow...
Our love? by Chris5336
Our love?by Chris5336
A story where Abuela talks Y/N's Mom into arraging something for his son, as Abuela's 2 daughter are already married and pregnant, She is worried about his Son's future.
Can We Fix Bruno? by SpiceyDinoNuggy
Can We Fix Bruno?by Joeseph
Bruno was finally out of the walls of the Casita, but after ten years, would the amount of emotional and physical trauma he succumbed himself to be irreversible? TW: me...
Bruno Madrigal x fem reader by salty-monkey
Bruno Madrigal x fem readerby marcellaaa
FOR ALL MY BRUNO LADIES OUT THERE💪😻💢smut, and fluff ofc
Mi Estrellita - Bruno's Daughter by 0hoodiewriter7
Mi Estrellita - Bruno's Daughterby Chloe The Cheezit👌✨
"I heard you crying for at least an hour last night. You really miss him, huh?" Dolores sat down. I put my knees to my chest. "I know he will come back on...