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make me by lostmyself999
make meby love is lost
Bee is a human who lives in a vampire ruled world, but when she gets sold on a slave market her whole life changes. She meets her owner and can't stop thinking there's m...
Beast To Prince by PupPupPop
Beast To Princeby PupPupPop
Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to hi...
Ross and m'lady (Yourpalross x Reader) by greystxr
Ross and m'lady (Yourpalross x Rea...by Frankenstein
This is my first Ross x Reader so please no hate! You moved to Seattle Washington, it's been a year since you've moved there and then your friend Jin finds out so he de...
Oh no, Neko! by tieRD7
Oh no, Neko!by Heya
Shoto Todoroki was pretty young when he got hit by a neko quirk. It's stuck with him his whole life, basically turning him into a human cat. He does a lot of cat things...
~• Trained To Worship Him •~ by however_you_like_me
~• Trained To Worship Him •~by incarceration
My name's SB0462 and I live in a world were being a slave is a normal everyday thing...You could walk down the street and within 5-10 minutes see dozens of men and women...
Perfect (Rewrite) by chanceisawriter
Perfect (Rewrite)by Northe
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Marino Story by HP4lyfe2020
Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Mar...by Ashleigh Yates
Meet Penelope Marino. At 26 years old, she's the youngest CFO in the history of the company; She's also the daughter of the CEO and owner. There's more to her than being...
The idol's hybrids  by hope1299
The idol's hybrids by kk.slays
Jimin tries to take of horny bunny hybrid and kinky tiger hybrid while trying balance his career as a idol. (5/12/20)#9 in vminkook
Notice Me ~ Mithross [COMPLETED] by gotstray6
Notice Me ~ Mithross [COMPLETED]by <3
"I hate him." "Well now we know the feelings mutual." Where Ross and Max hate each other and tries to ignore each other as best as possible but...
Night Changes h.s. au by Harrys_Hoodlum
Night Changes h.s. auby Valerie Lovelace
Highest Ranking: #1 in fan fiction When Mia Colorlodge waits for her mom to pick her up after voice lessons, she does not expect a curly haired stranger to turn up and t...
One Last Wish  by Dia1902
One Last Wish by Dia D
Samaya Raichand jumps on a plane , off to London to visit her mother's home town and the place her parents fell in love, With one last wish to complete things she hasn't...
Mistress Mine  by Lina_sindinaver
Mistress Mine by Lina Sindinaver
CHAPTER FIVE IS PRIVATE. You'll have to follow me to be able to read it. #3 in fxm #1 in owner Suzanna Cruz is gifted with a slave boy she hasn't asked for, nor wanted. ...
SOPE FANART by cassieza
SOPE FANARTby Sopeforwin
sope fanart photo is not mine credits to the owner credits to the owner of the fan art On hold
Arya's Pleasure  by Sarahopstan
Arya's Pleasure by Sarahopstan
#6 in owner In a world where the Enlightened had taken over, where humans are no more than commodities to be sold and bought, Isaac is used goods. A human that is no lo...
The red dress by Toreli22
The red dressby Toreli22
Ariana Barnes was never a girl that would dress up or wear makeup, in fact she's always been a tom boy. Her life changes when her dad hands over the Barnes fashion comp...
Jikook ↦ little kitty by Makuzno
Jikook ↦ little kittyby 🖤
Jungkook found a small, clumsy and short cat on the pet shop. He was a hybrid and his name was Park Jimin. Park Jimin is a clumsy, soft and sensitive cat. Jungkook regre...
"sunshine and puppy kisses" - [bts x male!hybrid!reader] by uhnamjoon
"sunshine and puppy kisses" - [bts...by jin
Y/N is a hybrid, a samoyed hybrid to be specific. He was depressed, self-conscious, and thought he was going to live his whole life in a hybrid shelter until he met the...
The Mad One (Max X Reader) by aroundsound87
The Mad One (Max X Reader)by they / them
You are ross' best friend from high school. When he takes you to work in the offices you meet Max, the editor..
🐾 Hybrids Live With Me?! 🐾[ON HOLD] by E_unbi_N
🐾 Hybrids Live With Me?! 🐾[ON HO...by EunBin
Cat ears and tails?! Weird boys came to my life and change my future. Read more in the introduction to find out more 😉😉 Start: 13-10-2017
MithRoss by Random_Shipper_
MithRossby Dead
This is a MithRoss story. And, if you're wondering, no, Ross isn't depressed. No, nobody in the offices are crazy. I'm not cliché. Boom, description.