Naya Rivera : Oblivious

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I am on the Glee set today in my Cheerios uniform talking with Dianna who is my best friend on set. 

"So are you excited for your kissing scene with Naya?" She asks me making me blush. 

"Maybe...." I say making her laugh. 

"Why don't you admit that you like her?" She asks me. 

"I've tried dropping her hints but she just laughs! She's so oblivious sometimes." I say shaking my head and smile as I see Naya come into the room. 

"Yeah she's oblivious." I hear Dianna say quietly making me look at her weird but disregard it as Naya sits down next to us. 

"Hey guys! What you talking about?" She asks and puts her arm around me causing me to blush. 

We chat for a bit before filming starts. 

In this scene Santana is singing to me confessing her feelings and she pulls me to dance with her and at the end she kisses me. 

In the scene

"This song is an expression of all my feelings I have for a certain person." Santana says standing in the middle of the room. 

*Cheerleader by Omi starts playing*

She grabs my hand and starts dancing with me. I have a blushing face and a genuine smile on my face. 

As the song finishes she pulls me in by my waist and kisses me so I wrap my arms around her neck. 

"AND CUT!" The director yells. 

I pull away a little light headed from that kiss. Naya takes her arms away from my and goes to her trailer. 

Did she not like the kiss? 

Well now I know how she feels about it. I grab Diana's hand pulling her to my trailer. 

"I need your help." I say to her. 

"Um with?" She asks. 

"I wanna make Naya jealous. I want her to know that the only time she can kiss me is on set. She just fuckin walks away after our kiss. Like it was nothing to her. So ya know what?! I'm gonna make her know that she let all this go!" I said kind of aggressively. 

"Uh are you sure? Maybe you should ta-" She says but I cut her off. 

"Yes. Are you gonna help me or not?" I ask making her nod. "Good now let's go fake girlfriend" I say sweetly. 

I grab her hand and go to the food room for lunch and sit at a table with Naya, Heather, and Harry. I sit down and Dianna gives me a kiss on the cheek and goes to get both of us some food. 

I see Naya looking at us weirdly. 

"You good Naya?" I ask acting innocent. 

"Yup." She says and goes back to eating. 

Dianna comes back with her food and my food and sits down next to me. 

"Thanks babe." I say and start eating my food. 

"Are you two together?" Heather asks. 

"Not yet." Dianna says and puts her arm around me. 

I see Naya gripping her fork kinda hard which makes me confused. She's the one who didn't like the kiss and went away. 

We finish eating and I go back to my trailer for a quick nap when I am pushed inside and I hear the door slam and lock. 

I turn around to see Naya. 

"Uh hi?" I say not really knowing what to say.

"What's going on with you and Dianna?" She asks putting her hands on her hips. 

"Why do you care?" I ask. 

"Because I'm your friend?!" She says like it's the most obvious thing in the world. 

"We're having fun." I lied. 

"I thought you, never mind forget it." She says turning to leave my trailer but I grab her arm. 

"Wait what?" I ask but she snatches her arm away. 

"Nothing." She said and leaves the trailer. 

I just roll my eyes and go to my couch and take a nap. 

I wake up to many knocks on my trailer. I get up and open it. 

"Wh-" I say before I'm cut off. 

"Naya's not leaving her trailer." Dianna says and I leave my trailer going to Naya's. 

I knock on the door. 

"Naya come on open the door." I say and we hear no reply. "Come on at least let me talk with you." 

There's a silence before we hear her reply. 

"Fine but only Y/N can come in." She says and the door unlocks. I enter the room and lock it behind me as Naya goes back to her spot on her couch wrapped up in a blanket. 

"Naya what's wrong?" I ask and I guess this makes her explode because she shoves the blanket down aggressively. 

"You! I drop hints every time I see you! We have a fuckin kiss today and you didn't even react! And then when we're eating suddenly your and Dianna are having 'fun'?! What the Hell is that about?!" She exclaims. 

"What are you talking about? I thought you didn't like the kiss cause your went away? I flirt with you all the time or at least I think I flirt with you." I say making her look at me confused. 

"Wait you like me?" She asks. 

"Um yeah. Who wouldn't." I say looking down. 

"But why didn't you react to the kiss and why are you with Dianna?" She asks. 

"I was in a daze because I loved the kiss and I only said I got with Dianna was because I wanted to make you jealous. I wanted to show you want you lost. I thought you didn't like me." I said making her stand up and cup my cheeks with her hands. 

"Are you kidding me? I loved the kiss as well and I I flirt with you too but I guess we were both oblivious." She says chuckling a bit. 

I furry my eyebrows, "Wait so you like me too?" I ask. 

She smiles and nods. 

"Can I kiss you now? For real?" She asks. 

I bite my lip and nod. 

We both lean in for the kiss. 

It was just as magical as the first one. We pull away and look into each others eyes. 

"So what now?" I ask. 

"Well I'm hoping to take you on a date what do ya say?" She asks. 

"Hmmm of course." I say making her smile and we kiss again. 

We exit the trailer hand in hand to Dianna and Heather waiting outside. 

"Well it seems you two finally decided to open your eyes." Heather says. 

"Finally!" Dianna says making me laugh. 

"Also don't come near my girl like that again Agron." Naya says causing Dianna to put her hands up in surrender. 

"No problem." She says. 

A/N: Let me know if you guys want the Y/N to be in caps or y/n in lowercase or if it don't matter. 

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