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My Possessive Alpha. (ON HOLD) by mayamoox
My Possessive Alpha. (ON HOLD)by M
Nova was a normal girl. Wrong. She was the girl who didn't shift at 12 or 13 or 14. She shifted at 18. She had been beaten by her family, her pack, her own twin. Once sh...
  • abuse
  • wolf
  • justwriteit
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Max McCarthy (McCarthy, #3) by KatHolland17
Max McCarthy (McCarthy, #3)by Kat
BOOK 3 IN MCCARTHY SERIES [FEATURED #997] Life was like a fairytale for Max McCarthy. Married to her husband, Jeremy Johnson, the love of her life. Together they had a s...
  • featured
  • maxccarthy
  • brokenhero
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Loving Miss Love by MissMAGM
Loving Miss Loveby MissMAGM
I pressed my body against hers and I felt her heart speed up. She's so cute when she's nervous. "Miss Love we can't" her voice trembled as I started leaning in...
  • love
  • crazyex
  • teacherxstudent
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Bringing Hell by crazy_lady2511
Bringing Hellby Star
Previously known as 'Rejected Hell's Daughter ' "I Ashton henry Clark, Alpha of the crimson pack, reject you Savannah Rose Mercer as my mate and Luna of the blood...
  • firststory
  • love
  • alphaking
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Beyond ▹ Billy Hargrove by wavyonce
Beyond ▹ Billy Hargroveby ㅤ
❝where are you from?❞ ❝the great beyond.❞ [season 2-???]
  • lucas
  • hargrove
  • meganfox
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A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl) by RanielleTJ
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl)by Renny
TeacherxStudent Two girls who fall for each other the moment they saw each other but they try to control there feeling. The Sexual Tension and all the confusions betwee...
  • lesbianstory
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
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dusk till dawn • dean ambrose [✔] by foosfighters
dusk till dawn • dean ambrose [✔]by j ✧・゚: *✧
' when I say I love you more, I don't mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will...
  • meganfox
  • random
  • wwe
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Redress (gxg) by maryrobins
Redress (gxg)by Mary Robins
After she witnessed her father's murder, and escaped the hands of death, Alexandra King vowed to get revenge on Cliff Coldwell, the man who took everything away from her...
  • murder
  • gxg
  • lesbian
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TOXIC · Justin Foley by JJLovesWeirdShit
TOXIC · Justin Foleyby JJ.
❝Baby, can't you see I'm calling? A guy like you should wear a warning. It's dangerous, I'm falling. There's no escape. I can't wait, I need a hi...
  • zayn
  • humor
  • zaynmalik
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Engaged (GirlxGirl) by AlyDen_1302
Engaged (GirlxGirl)by Abril
Just read it, I guess?
  • lgbtq
  • romance
  • hot
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❝you know I've never met an angel before❞ ❝you still haven't❞ | I DO NOT OWN SUICIDE SQUAD | I OWN AZRAEL/THE ANGLE OF DEATH
  • suicidesquad
  • meganfox
  • joker
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The Gang Leader's Kidnapped Princesse [#Kidnapped 1] by smilyviolet19
The Gang Leader's Kidnapped Violet
Highest ranking [ #23 love at first sight - #83 kidnapping ] I was only 16 when I got kidnapped... Before that happens I was a normal innocent girl from a religi...
  • woodsawards
  • iansomerhalder
  • princess
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Always here (L.M.J/Fem You)  by AndreaAndAmy
Always here (L.M.J/Fem You) by AndreaPlayz Playz
Y/n Y/l/n, new girl in college. Everyone is intrigued by her... until she plays truth or dare, she meets one green eyed girl that may change her life forever. Lauren Ja...
  • meganfox
  • collegestories
  • lauren
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wrong number | lucky blue smith by all1von
wrong number | lucky blue smithby you are loved.
"i wish i was never put into this mess! i wish i never met you!" i yell, allowing rage to get the better of me. his face instantly hardened, his eyes flashed...
  • text
  • megan
  • socialmedia
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Heartless (GirlXGirl) by useralix
Heartless (GirlXGirl)by alix
Between her unaccepting parents, abuse boyfriend, sick ex and painful past the last thing Madison Johnson needs is falling in love with her new English teacher, Megan Co...
  • lesbian
  • madisonbeer
  • hayleykiyoko
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The Starkling | S.Wilson by thespiderling
The Starkling | S.Wilsonby Emily Faith
"I Am Iron Man" -Tony Stark © thespiderling | Sam Wilson The Starkling Book 1
  • tonystarksdaughter
  • tonystark
  • ironman
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What's Happening?! (TVD/The Vampire Diaries FANFICTION) Book 1/3-2 by THE0riginalGroupie
What's Happening?! (TVD/The ❤️
Angel somehow ends up in her dream world. Will it be the best time of her life, or will everything she loves come crashing down around her. ...
  • fan
  • klausmikaelson
  • monsters
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Bad Guy • Nolan Holloway  by whydontweal
Bad Guy • Nolan Holloway by Ve
Nolan and Vivian were always on opposite teams but that didn't matter to them, they couldn't stay away from each other
  • billieeilish
  • coreybryant
  • nolanholloway
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good for you • TMNT by radicalrampage
good for you • TMNTby radicalrampage
"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Raph." Leo growled at me. I let out a snarl at him as my fists clenched. I felt my heart start to race just at the m...
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • tmntfanfic
  • fanfic
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instagram; Ariana Grande y tú by ssweet-disspositionn
instagram; Ariana Grande y túby sk8er girl
@arianagrande followed you @arianagrande comment your photo portada por bossofmymind
  • camila
  • cabello
  • saharluna
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