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3rd Person POV ( At this point, will I ever use another POV?)

Perhaps something Naruto never took into account when receiving his Genin Ranking, was how disappointing the missions were going to be. Perhaps it has something to do with this intelligence, or maybe Tsunade was being paranoid. Or maybe the villagers harassing him the entire time while completing the missions... Who knows?

"Absolutely not, Naruto-kun. While I agree that you are strong and smart, not to mention cunning, you're not ready for anything higher than D-Rank missions. Hell, because you're a medic nin, you're still not cleared to go on higher ranking missions." Tsunade argued with Naruto

"But Kaa-san..." he whined

"Sorry, but no, Naruto. Until you get a team of your own, you're not allowed to go to higher ranking missions. You've only been a Genin for a year! You have two more years to hone your skills a little further so you're more prepared for future missions. Hell, you could help Sasuke or Shikamaru with their skills. I have seen Sasuke look at you with curiosity in his eyes along with Shikamaru while you're training, and Kami knows Sasuke is too prideful to approach you himself, and Shikamaru is too lazy to do so. Take some initiative and get some experience for when you become Chuunin and have to lead teams." Tsunade suggested as Naruto pouted. 

"Alright..." he relented.

With that, Medic Naruto Senju-Uzumaki was forced to take a break.

For the past year, Naruto has been working nonstop at the hospital, and taking countless missions in hopes that he could convince Tsunade to let him go on, at least, a C-Rank Mission. Until now, he has had no luck whatsoever.

"Good morning, Naruto-san! What can I help you with today?" a buff man behind a counter welcomed Naruto as he walked into a Supply Store.

"Hello, Higurashi-san. I'm here to pick up my order." Naruto said as he pulled out the order certificate from his medic pouch.

"Ahh, of course, let me go get it." and with that, the man entered the backroom.

That was another small change in Naruto's life. Ever since he became a medic, his reputation has slowly, but surely, been improving with the village. Some of the more stubborn villagers now chose to keep their distance, while some of those he healed began to spread the word about his talent for healing, leading to part of the village to give him a chance. It's not much, but it is something in his book. 

"Here it is!" Higurashi exclaimed as he lifted a beautiful long ivory box onto the counter, knocking Naruto out of his musings.

"Please, go ahead and open it and see if it's up to your standards." Higurashi said with a smug smile, knowing his work never disappointed.

With a chuckle, Naruto proceeded to open the box, showcasing his new additions to his weaponry. 

Inside the box, laid a wakizashi with a black handle wrapped in red threads and a white blade streaked in red.

"Wow. It's amazing, Higurashi-san! You went above and beyond with my specifications." Naruto marveled at the weapons.

"Hey, it's not everyday someone comes and asks for a masterpiece, and pays in full the very day. I had to make a great impression as well." Said Higurashi with a smile. 

"Thank you, Higurashi-san. I promise to make this sword known throughout the Elemental Nations." Naruto declared as he sealed the box inside a seal on this inner wrist.

" I look forward to it, Naruto-san." Higurashi declared as he re-entered the backroom.

With that Naruto left to find Sasuke and Shikamaru.

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