The Truth Hurts

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3rd Person POV

If there was one word that described Mikoto Uchiha's mind state at the moment, it would be: disaster.

Shattered pieces of her psyche were floating around an endless sea of black.

'Damn it... This energy is very suffocating.' Naruto thought as he travelled around looking for Mikoto's conscious representation.

"Do you think this will take much energy, Kurama?" Naruto asked as Kurama gathered chakra to refill Naruto's reserves.

"That depends on many factors, Naruto. First and foremost, we need to be cautious to not damage more of her mind. Second, she needs to want help, otherwise there will be nothing we can do." Kurama explained.

"I see... I wonder what might've caused this though..." Naruto pondered 

"That would be the greed of the Uchiha Clan, Naruto-san." Came a voice from behind Naruto, causing him to take a defensive stance, only to have his eyes widen at the sight of one Mikoto Uchiha.

"Mikoto-san!" Naruto said

"Sorry for startling you... I can see the damage done to my mind. To be quite honest, I don't think I can recover from this..." Mikoto lamented as she looked around.

"Why would you say that, Mikoto-san?! Your clan is in need of you at the moment!" Naruto said as Mikoto looked at him with dead eyes.

"What does it matter, Naruto-san? Most of my clan, my closest family, have all been killed. All for the greed and curse of hatred of this clan. I lost my nieces, my nephews, uncles, aunts, my husband, and my children... All because of my own husband who, regardless of his actions, I still love and miss. What do I have to live for?" Mikoto said as tears began to drip from her eyes.

"That is where you're wrong, Mikoto." Naruto began, dropping the -san.

"Your youngest son is in need of you, as well as your remaining nephews and nieces. Are they not worth it?" Naruto asked forcefully, not forgetting to categorize most of what she said for later, and causing Mikoto's eyes to widen and recover some of her shine as some of her psyche pieces began to budge.

"You don't get it, Naruto-san! My child was forced to stain his hands with the blood of his brethren! He was forced to kill his own father! How can I go on knowing what this village has done!" Mikoto began to retaliate in despair.

"What is it that you're talking about, Mikoto? You're not making any sense!" Naruto yelled out of frustration.

"This village is corrupted, Naruto-san! They prefer to go through options that benefit the higher-ups! The Uchiha Massacre is but one of those situations that the higher-ups have been waiting for! And who do they choose to do their dirty work? The one that will suffer the most!" Mikoto vented, causing some of the pieces to crack even further, something Naruto took notice of.

"I don't know the full story, Mikoto, but to allow those who are innocent to suffer is despicable!" Naruto unconsciously vented as well, something that made Mikoto's eyes widen.

"I don't know what happened to the Uchiha Clan, but I know a thing for sure with the information you're given me. If Itachi decided to go through with this, then there was nothing else that could be done!" Naruto said as his eyes began glowing the very electric blue that shook anyone who gazed upon them.

"Itachi was a pacifist at heart, and he was meticulous in anything he did! You and those 13 children are alive because Itachi wants the Uchiha Clan to rise from all of this!" Naruto said as he remembered all those times he spent with Itachi and Kakashi.

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