Do I Deserve This?

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3rd Person POV

*5 years later*

"Menma! Come back here!" Was the only thing being heard at 6:45 in the morning.

Uzumaki-Namikaze Menma could be seen running around his home in only boxer briefs. Why was he running, you might ask? Because he was being forced to start his shinobi training in 15 minutes. The problem being, he did not want to shower.

"No! You're going to force me to shower!" Menma responded to a red-haired woman with her hair divided in nine portions as her killing intent rose to astronomical levels.

"If you don't come here right now, I will hide all of the ramen in this household and I'll allow your father to cook for a month!" Kushina threatened Menma in an attempt to have him give up.

Upon those words from his mother, Menma froze as tears welled in his eyes from the thought of not eating ramen. Having his father cook was almost as bad as not having any ramen, so he knew what he had to do.

Unknown to the both of them, Naruto was seating on the roof of their compound listening to the ruckus being caused by his brother... Unlike Menma, Naruto was mature, calm, and collected. A genius with unparalleled talent and learning skills with the drive to become the best he can be. After all, he has been labeled by those who care for him, those being Asuma, Itachi, Sasuke, the Ichiraku Ramen stand owners, Tsunade, and Shizune, as the improved version of his father, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, while Menma was a literally new version of their mother, Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Death of Konoha, just as loud and brash, but that's besides the point. 

At the moment, Naruto was waiting for his father to come home to ask for training. He wasn't dumb, he knew why they were going to train Menma before him. They did not believe him capable of holding Kyuubi in. After all, they believe only an Uzumaki is capable of holding such power in. Which made Minato regret his decision of sealing the beast into Naruto, because Naruto was a copy of Minato while Menma was a copy of Kushina, but male. He believed that Naruto did not have the Uzumaki genetics to calm the beast's chakra, which couldn't be further from the truth. Naruto's Uzumaki blood was just as strong as Menma's, however, he took on Minato's features because the Namikaze blood was just as strong, if not stronger, than the Uzumaki blood, something neither Minato nor Kushina knew.

Naruto was taken out of his thoughts as he felt a burst of chakra inside the compound, letting him know that Minato was home. 

Naruto hurried to the living room where Minato sat drinking tea, waiting for Menma and Kushina to finish cleaning Menma. 

"Tou-sama, may I ask you for a favor?" Naruto asked as politely as he could, making Minato smile sadly, getting an idea of what Naruto wanted.

"Sure, what do you need?" Minato asked 

"W-will you train me?!" Naruto finished nervously, only adding to Minato's ache, knowing what his answer had to be.

"Im sorry, Naruto, but I can't. Your mother and I have to focus on training Menma in case of an... emergency." Minato struggled to find a reasoning without revealing the Kyuubi. Naruto only felt disappointment as his father proved him right... They didn't trust him... However, that did not stop Naruto, so he kept prying.

"But tou-sama! What will I do if there is an emergency and neither of you three are around to help? How will I defend myself?" Naruto asked again.

"You will learn at the academy. You only need one more year to enroll!" Minato faked excitement as best as he could, not knowing it was useless.

"But tou-sama-"

"No, Naruto, I told you already."

"Tou-sama, pleas-"

"Enough, Naruto..."

"But tou-sama-"



Both Minato and Naruto had surprised expressions as Naruto's left cheek began to redden and swell, while Minato's hand began to burn.

"N-Naruto! I-I'm so sor-" Minato was cut off as Naruto ran away from Minato in fright and pain.

At that moment, Minato's eyes began to water. He had slapped his own son because he asked for help. HELP! He felt guilty, heartbroken, and disappointed in himself, but he knew it was for the best.

(With Naruto)

As Naruto ran, he couldn't help but feel devastated at what had just happened. His father had slapped him, just because he asked for help

Naruto kept asking himself if there was something wrong with him. 

Was he inadequate?

Was he a nuisance?

Did he deserve this?

Was he useless?

At that moment, something snapped within Naruto. Something stirred at the thought of what had just happened. 

Willing himself unconsciously to be on top of the 2nd Hokage's head, he barely processed the fact that he did not move a muscle to get here. To those around where he was standing seconds ago could only gape at what had just happened. A flash of red, and then, nothing.

Little did Naruto know, he had awoken one of his bloodlines.

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