Realizations, Realizations...

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After what had happened with Minato and Naruto, Naruto had tried so relentlessly to avoid his father, who he now was afraid of. And of course, neither Tsunade nor Itachi could blame him. How do they know? Let me catch you up then.

After accidentally flashing to the top of Tobirama Senju's head, Naruto couldn't help but feel refreshed. Unaware of what he had just done, rather how he had done it, Naruto set himself to attempt it once more. He tried to do the same thing he had done before. He visualized himself inside Baachan's office, trying to recreate the click he felt before. And just like that... he was standing in front of a stunned Tsunade with a kunai in her hand, grasped to attack whoever attempted to attack her, only to falter as Naruto came across her sight.

"N-Naruto? H-how?!" Tsunade stuttered.

"I don't know. I need your help to understand this." Naruto informed her just as stunned as her. He did not expect it to work that easily.

"Naruto... I mean 'how' in a rhetorical way. What you just did has only been done by one other person before, and I am related to that person." Tsunade said

"W-who had this?! And how are you related to them?! And most importantly, how and why do I have it?!" Asked a panicked Naruto.

"Naruto..." Tsunade started in a serious tone, letting Naruto know this was serious.

"The only other person to do this, was my granduncle, Tobirama Senju. And that was only because, contrary to popular belief, this was his bloodline limit. The Senju blood is so unstable it can create more from itself, an example would be my grandfather Hashirama's Wood Release, and my Uncle's Hiraishin... To be honest, the other person to use this, your father, should by no means be able to use it, even if it is with kunai, because there's no way he's related to..." Tsunade began to quiet down as her eyes widened in shock at the revelation she had just had. Naruto began to grasp the idea as his eyes widened as well.

"D-Does that mean that-"

"It could be... but, there is no one I can think of that could've been with Uncle Tobirama..." Tsunade uttered.

"I mean, now that you mention it, there are some similarities between tou-sama- I mean Minato-sama and Tobirama-sama..." Naruto said in thought, acting as if he hadn't corrected himself while mentioning Minato, something Tsunade categorized it for later. 

"However, there is still the possibility... The resemblance is still there, something that cannot be ignored now that it was seen... And adding to the fact that you are able to use it, increased those chances... However, as I told you, Senju blood is unstable, so the odds of you acquiring a bloodline someone already had is nigh impossib-" Tsunade stopped herself in thought going through various emotions in five seconds:






As she settled for amazement, her eyes shined with curiosity as she gazed upon Naruto, as he were a test subject. 

"So, that's how you did it, Naruto."

"What do you mean, baa-chan?" Naruto asked

"Your blood. Let me give you a little history lesson. You're aware of the history of the Senju Clan, right?" Naruto nodded

"Well, this is something not many know, but the Uzumaki were at some point, part of the Senju Clan." Tsunade dropped the bomb as Naruto's eyes began to widen in realization as well.

"So, my Uzumaki blood, if I were really Tobirama Senju's descendant, is stabilizing my Senju blood in order to bring out what already exists in there, rather than create a new bloodline?" Naruto asked as Tsunade looked amazed at Naruto for deciphering her theory in a matter of seconds, adding to the fact that this child is only 5 years old.

"Exactly, with a greater amount of Senju DNA within you, would mean that your DNA somehow was able to categorize it correctly... But how is the ques-"

"The Kyuubi!"Naruto gasped in another realization.

At that, Tsunade's eyes widened at what Naruto had just said, for two reasons.

A) He was right


B) He knew... he knew

"N-Naruto. H-how did-"

"I've known for a while now... I also know that is the reason why Menma is getting trained before me... They don't think I'm a-adequate to d-do this..." Naruto began to cry and stutter, causing Tsunade's heart to break right then and there.

"Well, let me tell you what... What do you say if I train you?" asked Tsunade with a small smile, knowing just what the answer would be, if the ever growing smile on Naruto's face was anything to go by.

As such, Tsunade knew she was going to be part of something extraordinary... she just didn't exactly what... yet.

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