The Blood Moon

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3rd Person POV

Disaster and Chaos.

Those two words accurately describe the current situation of the Konoha General Hospital.

The reason, you may ask?

It is what the villagers are calling the Uchiha Massacre.

Uchiha Itachi singlehandedly massacred the entirety of his clan: the Uchiha Clan.

Or so he thinks. 

From the 538 Uchihas living in Konoha, 13 children and 1 adult were saved, but at the moment, were still in critical condition, among those, Uchiha, Sasuke and Uchiha, Mikoto.

Their savior? None other than Medic Naruto Uzumaki-Senju (yes, I like typing it.)

For the first time in his year and a half of working at the hospital, Naruto had to implement his Cell Regeneration Palm, labelled by Tsunade herself. The effect of this technique is, borderline, the same as Tsunade's Sozo Saisei. The healing palm drastically increased cell regeneration in whatever wound patients had acquired, while maintaining their hearts constantly beating through manual chakra manipulation, something that usually took multiple medics to do. Granted though, it still sacrificed some years from the patient. For Naruto though, it took about 1/10th of his chakra, considering how dense it was, and that was without the other medics keeping the patients stable.

At the moment, Naruto was nearing his limit. Thankfully though, he was on his final patient: Sasuke Uchiha. 

Sasuke, however, was far worse than anyone Naruto had to heal tonight. From what he could see, Sasuke had gone through intense trauma, nearly shattering his psych. From Naruto's analysis, it seems Sasuke had been placed through a terrifying genjutsu. The type that was used during torture and interrogation sessions. The worse part, at least for Naruto, is that he's the last standing medic in the hospital, as Tsunade was held up with healing Mikoto in a separate room.

As Naruto continued to work on Sasuke, he couldn't help but ponder on the situation. It seems this was what Itachi was stressing about. But for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what was happening. Of course, Itachi had been quite tense for the past weeks, something Naruto knew from the time Itachi snapped at him for his problems with Fugaku-

'That must be it!' Naruto thought as his eyes widened. Whatever Fugaku was doing must not have sat well with Itachi, perhaps that is why he snapped. But the question now is: what was the problem between them?

Perhaps it was something worth looking into. However, for all he knew, it was better left as it was, for those who search, at some point will find what they're looking for, and maybe this was something deeper.

'Better keep a look out in case of anything' and with that, Naruto ended his Cell Regeneration Palm, noticing Sasuke begin to stir.

'Better be prepared...' Naruto thought as he prepared a Calming Palm, a technique taught to all Medic Ninjas in case they ever had to subdue a rampaging patient.

"How are you feeling, Sasuke?" Naruto quietly asked as Sasuke's eyes began to open.

Before Sasuke could focus his sight, his mind snapped, being bombarded with memories of tonight.

"NO! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! PLEASE! DON'T DO IT!" Sasuke yelled as he began to thrash around the bed.

"Shit." Naruto muttered as he quickly rushed over to Sasuke's side, increasing his chakra input to calm Sasuke as quickly as possible before he hurt himself, flinching as he felt his chakra nearing its limit.

"NO! PLEase! don't do it..." and with that Sasuke fell asleep.

'Better make sure to inform the other medics to strap him in case he does it again' Naruto thought as he collapsed onto the floor, panting.

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