Registered Medic Ninja, Naruto... what?!

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"You know, you have proven yourself quite capable of being a medic, Naruto." Kakashi praised Naruto as they walked through Konoha. 

"You have worked so hard and rigorously to get to your goal, and if this is the ambition you have, then I cannot wait to work alongside you when you graduate." Kakashi continued as Naruto blushed a deep shade of red.

"W-Well... I had to. I want to protect my village. Even though they're not fond of me, I know that deep down, the village cares for itself, so I understand their fear and hatred towards me. It proves that, despite it being dim, the Will of Fire is still there. I don't want it to extinguish. I want this village to be safe and a fun place for my siblings, and my family. That is why I want to be a Kage. To be able to protect my family, my home, and my pride, even if it is not in Konoha." Naruto finished with a fire in his eyes never seen in anyone near his age. At the statement, Kakashi's eye widened as a silhouette of who he used to call sensei appeared behind Naruto.

'You died that day, Minato-sensei...' Kakashi thought sadly, an image of a father figure,  being replaced by the shadow of an evil smirk.

"I aim to correct what Minato-sama ruined. Where his eyes were blinded by the delusions of a prophecy... and yes, I know of the prophecy. I heard Kaa-san and Jiraiya arguing about it once, and I must say, Jiraiya is the biggest idiot alive if he believes the prophecy would remain the same if he intervened in it. As far as we know, that prophecy could be all but nonexistent as of now. But that is what I will fix. That is why I work so hard, to prove that with enough determination, amazing things can be achieved, prophecy be damned." Naruto spoke with further determination, his eyes shifting from a calm ocean blue to a glowing electric blue. 

"Perhaps, you may be the one to put an end to all wars, Naruto..." Kakashi muttered, only to be stopped from Naruto's sad head shake.

"That is a fool's dream, Kaka-nii..." Naruto muttered sadly.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asked in silent astonishment.

"Nii-san... This world, is controlled by hatred. People hate and fear what they don't understand, and there are many things we do not understand from being humans ourselves. Let's not go too far: the Kyuubi Attack, labeled by the civilians. They hate me and treat me like garbage because they do not understand what I am: a jail. If I were another person, I probably would have snapped and killed those who wronged me... And then, I would have their descendants trying to kill me for generations, the status probably being passed to my descendants. It wouldn't stop, if even for the sake of tradition. It is simply not possible. Maybe stability can exist for a century or so, but that would be asking for too much. We are cursed to live in this unstable world with never-ending chaos, and only when humans cease to exist, will there be true peace. And we know, humanity is still as strong as ever." Naruto finished his speech, leaving Kakashi pondering on what he said.

'Perhaps, today you see it as impossible, but deep down, I know you're thinking of ways to bring some of that peace to reality. You only do not want to get anyone's hopes up... I know how you work, because that was how Minato-sensei used to...' Kakashi thought sadly in pride.

"Your words have merit, Naru... And while you may be right, losing faith now, would only cause your hard work to be useless. But I know, if there is anyone out there that can bring an era of peace... that would be you, Naruto." they heard a voice say behind them, turning to see Tsunade walking towards them with a thin box. 

"That is a bold statement, Kaa-san. But if there is such a thing as peace, I will do anything in my power to seize it." Naruto said, his electric blue eyes intensifying in color. 

"That is all I ask, Naru-chan. Anywho, moving on from that subject, there is something we must do, and it is of utmost importance." Tsunade said with a serious expression, causing Naruto to subconsciously straighten and his eyes to become cold.

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