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3rd Person POV

"G-Guh... What hit me?" was the very first sounds early in the morning inside the Senju-Uzumaki Household. 

"Don't you remember, baka? You nearly died yesterday from chakra exhaustion." was the response Naruto received.

"Oh... That's true... *yawn*" was Naruto's response as his hand neared his head for a traditional morning head scratch... Until he felt something hairy... but no contact from his hand to his head.

"Huh? What the hell is this?" Naruto muttered as he pulled at whatever was on his head.

A dangerous move.


"GAAAAAHHH!" resounded through Konoha as many of its citizens opened their eyes in alarm.

"How dare you yank at my tail, you mongrel!" said a surprisingly refined voice.

"Huh?! What the hell?! I think I might be going crazy, Kurama..." Naruto said as he looked directly at what, or rather who bit his hand.

"You're not going crazy. That is a fox summon from the realm of that stuck up bastard Inari." Kurama grumbled as he looked at what was happening outside from Naruto's mindscape. 

"A fox summons?" Naruto asked out loud.

"Huh... I knew you had communication with that disgraceful yoko... I didn't know you were in good terms with him though." Said the fox.

"Hey! What's the big idea calling him disgraceful!? Isn't he the same species as you?" Naruto asked a little irritated.

"Don't you dare compare us to that mongrel!/Don't you dare compare me to those bastards!" was the synchronous response Naruto received.

"Hmph. You see, Naruto-sama, I am Daisuke of the Kitsune Realm, of Inari-sama's realm to be more exact. We are of holy descent. We all have been blessed with Inari-sama's grace, whereas those of the Yoko Realm, are those who denied Inari-sama's holy grace and strayed from the light. The one you hold, being the one who has caused the most trouble for Inari-sama, making it a personal mission of destroying whatever Inari-sama blessed." Daisuke explained as he groomed his tail where Naruto had pulled.

"Hmph. It is not my fault that wherever I had my fun, Inari's work was in the way..." Kurama grumbled as Naruto sweatdropped. 

"I see... It doesn't explain much, but it explains who you are... Now, for the next question, what do you need from me?" Naruto asked

"Well, I am here to deliver you Inari-sama's message and offer." Daisuke said as a scroll poofed into existence, floating towards Naruto's lap.

"Okayyyy... Let's see what this is." Naruto mumbled as he opened the scroll.

'To Naruto,

Greetings, Naruto. I hope this letter finds you well. As Daisuke might have already informed you, I am Inari, the God of Fertility and Patron of Swordsmiths. This message is to inform you of an alliance between those of your clan and those of the Kitsune Realm. I'm afraid you may have some difficult challenges ahead of you, and you will need all the help you can obtain. As such, it is with great pleasure that we extend our help to you.


"Well, that was as straightforward as it gets..." Naruto sweatdropped, but couldn't help but feel intrigued at the contents of the scroll. 

Under the body of the message, was what appeared to be a storage seal in the form of a fox. As Naruto's hand approached the seal, he was stopped.

"Don't do it Naruto!" Kurama yelled.

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