Healing Palms

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Going back to Naruto going through Tsunades documents, Naruto was currently reading reports on successful and failed stabilizations. As far as he knew, being a medic nin was stressful, because the ratio of yin to yang chakra had to be precise and accurate, lest the medic wanted the patient to die quicker. As Naruto read, Tsunade couldn't help but feel pride at Naruto. Despite many adversities, Naruto proved to be a resilient force to be reckoned with, adding to the fact that he had Kurama, as she learned to call him, to help him in case of extreme emergencies. 

Furthermore, as for the Uzumaki-Namikaze family, none of them even remembered Naruto existed...

It got to the point that once Naruto moved to the Senju Compound out of fear for both his parents, Minato and Kushina "found" an empty room right next to Menma, and decided to use it for the upcoming babies... Yes, Kushina was pregnant once more, twins again, but a boy and a girl this time. Naruto did not know how to feel about the entire ordeal. He was happy because he would have more siblings, however, sadness settled in when he realized they wouldn't even be aware of his existence. He could only hope they would get the same attention Menma did. However, that's besides the point. The fact is that Naruto considers Tsunade more of a mother than he ever did to Kushina. And Tsunade couldn't be happier, considering she had always wanted to have children, but Dan died before they could try and Jiraiya wanted Tsunade to use her Birth Control Seal every time she relented, something that would break her heart every single time, which, if she were quite honest, was the reason she never took Jiraiya's dating proposals seriously. But once more, that's besides the point.

The point is that Naruto is a GENIUS in every way possible. He was hard working, dedicated, and strong willed. She could even see Naruto as Hokage, if Minato fixed his ways, of course. And as such, Naruto's progress was quick. He was now in the process of learning the Healing Palm Technique, something that takes Medic Nin years to accomplish. If anything, it's proving the be the toughest step for Naruto, and that is because, of course, Naruto has wayyyyyy too much chakra. The fact that the jutsu is even functional in the first place, astounds Tsunade to no end. It makes her think that he could be her legacy. Someone who she can finally teach the Sozo Saisei too. Perhaps, with Kurama's healing factor added with the Uzumaki longevity, he could counter the shortened life span side effect. But, all in due time.

"So... did you find any irregularities?" Tsunade asked.

"To be quite honest, the failures are all the same reason, 'Chakra Output Misinterpretation'. And the successful ones is the medic just doing the job correctly... In other words, this is not helping me since my Chakra Output is going to be extremely different to everyone else's..." Naruto said with a sigh..

"I guess having a great amount of chakra is useful but a curse when trying to master controlled techniques..." Tsunade muttered.

"Ain't that the truth..." Naruto agreed.

"However, I think I might've figured my output out. According to many of the reports, the chakra output is standardly, around 4:2 yang to yin, and that is what typically most of the medics, due to the small amount of chakra they have so they have more control over it. Me, however, since my chakra is more dense and vast, my ratio could be somewhere between 12:6, the problem with that though, would be rather than accelerating the white blood cells, I would be accelerating cellular regeneration, shortening life span for the patient... The only solution I can think of is a limiter of sorts..." Naruto concluded. 

"What do you mean, limiter?" Asked Tsunade.

"Yeah. Like a seal that would regulate my Chakra Output Ratio to that of a healing palm, rather than a cell regeneration process, as morbid as that sounds. If anything, I believe using my estimated regular chakra ratio could help when a patient loses a limb and blood loss is a risk. Perhaps only in desperate situations." Naruto determined.

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