03 || For the First Time in Forever...

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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." -Carl Jung


THE STRANGER GAVE me a scowl and stepped forward, "Thanks for gracing me with you presence, princess. Now, step aside before I-"

"Before you what, moron?"

He opened his mouth to shoot another offensive comment before someone's laugh cut him off, "Are you-you guys f-fighting?" said none other than Elliot in between laughs. Yeah, this dreamy grey-eyed idiot crashed into me with his skateboard, I thought.

The stranger smacked the back of Elliot's head. "It's not funny! I was skateboarding to my room and she just... appeared out of nowhere!"

"I 'appeared out of nowhere'? What am I, Casper?"

"Yeah, Casper the Unfriendly Fucking Ghost." My jaw dropped at that comment, but loyal old Elliot burst into yet another fit of laughter.

"Thanks for backing me up, Elliot," I said sarcastically before I turned my head to Whatsizname. "I didn't appear from nowhere, I was on my way to my suite, and you crashed into me!"

"I told you to look out!"

"You could have turned left or right! So, you're telling me you didn't even see me heading towards the room? And you just decided to warn me when you were two feet away from me, instead of-"

"Shut... up!" Elliot's sudden outburst silences us both, making us stare at him. "It's our first day here, and you two have already started fighting!"

"Who cares if this cactus and I don't get along?" I asked, and I didn't even have to look at Whatzhisname to know he sent me a glare. "I'm just saying that maybe he should've-"

"Willa, before we went to this trip, a certain friend of mine didn't have anywhere to go for the summer. I asked my mom if he could come, and she said it was fine. In fact-"

"Your friend? The heck does that have to do with anything?"

"You know, for a girl, you sure do swear a lot," said Whatsizname, and I rolled my eyes.

Not that I denied it.

"As I was saying... Mom said it was fine to invite him over. I mean, sure, sometimes he can be reckless, and rude, and a pathetic-" He didn't get to finish his sentence until Whatsizname elbowed him in the chest, but Elliot only grinned. "My point is, a friend of mine came to Orlando with us."

"So... where is he?" Elliot groaned and Whatsizname chuckled.

"It's him, woman! He shares the same suite as us!"

There is a camera recording us, right?
This situation would be much rectified if it was some Roman Atwood prank.

"What do you mean 'us'? You said we both would share a suite together with your sister, no 'us,'" he told him, rotating his hand around us three.

"We're also sharing with two other guys and girls. Willa, Aaron Harrison. Aaron, Willa Hunter," he said, gesturing his hands back and forth between the two of us.

Aaron Harrison... Aaron Harrison? I'm sure a small part of my brain still has information because of the vague feeling of remembrance I'm having after hearing his name. It's like as if I'm trying to reach something on a shelf, but it's too far away.

But then it hit me.

And I swear I could hear a record screeching somewhere...

"Elliot! No, no, no!" I exclaimed quickly, pushing Elliot away. He moved away to Alabama after our third year in kindergarten, and I didn't think I'd ever see him again, let alone my cousin becoming friends with him.


"How do you think I feel, Wilma? You punched me when-"

"And I'll do it again just like I did in kindergarten if you ever call me that! You know what surprises me? I was only a few years old, and even then I could give you a black eye. You just ran away."

Elliot snorted. "That's not what I heard. He told me he walked away, and it was because he felt bad for making you cry." He turned his head to Aaron. "I thought that was made up. You didn't even mention a name."

"I don't have superhuman memory," Aaron turned towards me. "And I'm glad I didn't remember your name. Who punches a guy who kisses you?"

How about when you kiss them in kindergarten-a time where absolutely no one is into the opposite gender-especially when your lips were chapped as fuck with your arms abruptly tugging me forward?

And even though it's been years, every sentence he says still sounds like an echo, driving me mad and making my blood boil.

"Who skates near a pool area?" Bad comeback, but I'm sticking with it.

"Who knows, maybe even someday we'll look back at this and laugh," Elliot said as he pushed us both towards the suite suite hardly. I hope we won't even see each other after the trip. I can't believe I use to think he was 'charming.' He's equivalent to a raging infection. Is developing a crush and ending it in thirty seconds possible?

After he inserted the key card on the slot, it turned green and the door clicked. "Alissa, are you in here?"

"Haven't I told you not to mention You-Know-Who when she's not here?" I joked.

Huh, the suite doesn't even look that bad. It's not exactly 'fancy', but it has a unique, fun look to it. We're in the living room, where in front of us is a sliding door-probably leading to the bedroom-and on the left is a flat-screen TV hanging on the wall. On the left is a blue sofa, in front of it a round big, small, and miniature table (have I mentioned this hotel has a 60's theme?). The carpet is blue and rough, and the walls are white.

Aaron (is it just me, or does his name sound evil?) opened his mouth until a girly voice cut him off, "Elliot, I know we're only going to a pizzeria, but which dress-" She entered the room, but stopped in her tracks, her wedges no longer making a clanking sound when she walks.

She then jogged gleefully towards Aaron, and I couldn't help but feel nauseous. "I've been looking all over for you."

I want to wipe off that smile so bad...

I glared at Elliot. "So, you told her and not me?"

"Didn't have to tell her. She was with me the first time we met Aar-"

I cut him off, the sound of his name like a blade slitting my throat. "But why not me?"

He merely shrugged. "Uh, slipped my mind?"

"If you have one," said Aaron.

Elliot rolled his eyes. "Wait, you wanted to ask me something, right?" he asked Alissa.

"Hm? Oh... Nevermind. I'll just wear the short dress." She walked to the direction of the bedroom, her waves slightly bouncing and the scent of her perfume slowly fading away, and shut the bedroom's  sliding door.

I turn to the source of the loud thud and see Aaron lounging on the sofa like some sort of Greek God, "You know, maybe sharing a suite won't be so bad after all. I mean, look," he said jokingly as he gestured to the bedroom. Elliot groaned in disgust and flipped him off the sofa, making all of us laugh.


So, you might think "wow, these people are so immature" and if you think about it, about 70% of teenagers act like this. It's not like one of John Green's books where people are 16 or 17 years old but speak like they're in their late twenties (besides, doesn't everyone like a little humor here and there?).


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