16 || In My Stomach and the Sky

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"Baby, you're a firework

Come on, let your colors burst!" -Katy Perry


HE'S PATHETIC, DECEITFUL, stupid, arrogant, obliv-

"Sheesh, not so hard," said Alissa. And I'll admit, I have been throwing the pebbles in the water a little too hard. I had claimed I was trying to make them bounce on the water, but it just looks like as if I'm trying to attack it, throwing one rock per insult.

A few hours had passed, and a prank was pulled since I yelled at that douche. And guess what will make this all better?

The fireworks show. The fireworks show. I, once again, can't do anything about it. I would tell the host (I think it's best not to mention his name), but I hate him, and he's not very sympathetic.

I'm right outside the beach house-where tables and snacks are put up-and everyone is gathered together talking or swimming in the pool or drinking or flirting - whatever. And I couldn't help but notice how Ben (Prince Charming) has such shiny, raven hair in the little bit of sunlight coming from the sunset. He's chatting with a group of friends-including Moirai-and after Cindy said something, everyone laughed. But his particular laugh sounded the best in my opinion.

"Willa... Earth to Willa," cooed Alissa, waving a hand in front of me to gain my attention.

"Willa's right here, Earth," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Really? Because it seems to me that you're eye-raping someone over there."


She face-palmed herself. "I'm trying to say that your staring at Ben! And you're the one who invented the term 'eye-raping', stupid."

"I just met him, it's not like I have as big of a crush on him like yours on Aaron." She slapped my arm, and I giggled at he blushing.

But you know, what I told her really was a lie.

"Then I guess you still like Aaron-"

"Shut up! I don't like Aaron as much as you do. He fucking crashed on me with his skateboard when I was right in the middle of entering our suite for the first time. You're just another version of-" I couldn't speak anymore because of something inside my mouth, juicy but I'm not very fond of the taste.

"What da buck iz diz?" I asked with the... fruit inside of my mouth. Instead of waiting for her to respond, I quickly take it out of my mouth. Once I do, the piece of avocado now has teeth marks.

"I wanted to put a mango in your mouth, but you're allergic and they don't have any," Alissa said. She had stuffed in the avocado inside my mouth to make me shut up.

"Gee, thanks," I said sarcastically. "I'm going to have to wash the disgusting taste out of my mouth, now." Instead of handing her the avocado, I quickly push it on her chest, and she flinches and grabs it.

What a horrible fruit. I never quite understood why people liked them. But what I really don't get is the reason I just had to be allergic to a fruit I really love. I once ate a mango when I was five, and I would've told my mother that I loved them at the moment, but my throat was hurting too much (I'm sure anyone could tell why).

I didn't even come close to dying, but it was the second most pain I had ever encountered (other than the pain in my ears when a plane lands).

I slowly open the beach house's door, hoping that-Yes! No one's inside!

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