28 || Where There's Lightning There's Thunder

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"If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane." -John Greene, Looking for Alaska


GROGGILY AND LAZILY, I sit up on my bed and look around the room.

We, at first, were going to go canoeing on a lake a few meters away. The twins, who had now gotten used to the open waters, were more than thrilled to go (I felt terrified after Elliot told me Florida has many alligators. I don't even care if he was teasing, I don't feel like going at all).

If I try hard enough, I can remember how Tyler shook me to wake me up ("Come on, lazy ass. We're all going to the diner, now."), but I hate waking up in the morning. Especially when we're going canoeing!

I turned around to my sides and groaned enough to shoo him away, but it's hard to tell exactly how long they've been gone.

Calm down, I think, there's no way they would leave without saying anything.

Slowly in a zombie-like fashion, I got up from my bed and shuffle towards the bathroom door.


I clicked my tongue in frustration and turned around to shuffle toward the sliding door, opening it to reveal the living room. The big glass window is visible after I rubbed my eyes, rain constantly pouring out of dark grey clouds.

This was a reminder that no matter how many times you hear about Florida's beautiful sunny days, the weather acts really moody. One minute it's hot and bright, the next it's dark and rainy.

"Yes!" I whisper-shouted to myself as I walk closer to the window, wearing a triumphant smile. "No more canoe-"

A sudden boom of thunder interrupted me. My eyesight and thoughts were now much clearer, and even though I just woke up, I already felt wide awake. Right before my eyes, I could see lightning strike out of the dark, thick clouds and last for a second. The rain carelessly splattered down, pelting whatever it touched.

The sound of the thunder was almost deafening. For a second, I thought I imagined the sound, but was proven wrong after it sounded a second time, consuming my thoughts. I didn't hate heavy rain, but where there's lightning, there's thunder.

It sounded a third time, the noise so much more surprising and louder than the first two times that I let out a yelp as I automatically covered my ears with my hands, closing my eyes tightly.

I heard another cracking noise, but it wasn't thunder.

The bathroom. I can hide there.

Quickly turning on my heel, I jogged toward the bathroom door, all the while keeping my eyes closed and hands on my ears.

"Whoa, whoa," said a deep voice as I gently bumped into them. I don't care whoever the hell you they were, I just wanted them to get out of my-

There it was again. I jumped, the sound sending a slithering feeling in my body, and I held my eyes even tighter. I could have sworn it was getting closer. My first instinct was to hide and run to the bathroom, but someone was in my way.

"Move!" I said rudely as I tried to push past the person in front of me.

"Just calm-ow!" exclaimed the other voice.

I kept smacking with my hands over and over, wanting to quickly hide in the bathroom before the thunder erupted again. "Please, please, I just want to go!"

"Just-just..." they stammered, finally stopping me from smacking them and grabbing hold of my wrists. "Open your eyes, Hunter!"

Opening my eyes, I found Aaron standing in front me, our gazes locked. His eyes, filled with flecks of blues and greys that were so focused on me made it hard to look away.

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